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10 Silly Ice Breakers for Effective Communication with Kids

Getting to know someone can make us all feel uncomfortable.

Kids feel nervous too when meeting some like a new baby sitter. No Non-cents Nanna shares 10 silly icebreakers to help you make kids feel more comfortable.

Effective communication with kids can be fun! 10 silly icebreakers from No Non-cents Nanna Love it when you share-Go directly to post to pin and leave a comment for persimssion. Copy right Malika Bourne


Feel free to share more silly phrases.

I love it when you share but, don’t be a silly goose: Let the copy right owner know first.

When we set effective boundaries those around us know what is expected of us.

My rule about social sharing to to always follow the copyright laws by getting persmission from the copyright owner and always crediting the source.

The pharases I shared above have been around quite awhile with no known copyright owner. I created the image on My ScrapNook , so please be respectful fo the copright by giving credit to this source.


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