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20 Ideas for Kid’s Tee-Shirts to Accessorize for Make and Take Arts and Crafts

Teachers, birthday party planning parents and small children’s theater costume coordinators at some time have experienced the frustration of gathering all the pieces parts for a particular party theme and still be budget friendly DIY kid friendly arts and crafts or accessories inspirations that they can use/wear over and over again.


Heart Felt Play Store Kids love the Fun Collection. Moms and teachers love the affordable prices for conviently gathered collection of kids favorite theme

I know I really do not like running all over town nor do I enjoy mix and matching craft items from 3 or 4 on-line stores.

No Non-cents Nanna has finally come to the rescue on a selection of tee-shirt craft that will last far longer than the birthday cake those annoying paper party blowers. This post will show you how to mix and match a tee-shirt with kids’ favorite accessories.

This post is a shameless self promotion for No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store. We are back from a long “vacation,” and will contineu to up date catalog pages thorugh out the month of April….watch for discount codes to “bribe” you to bear with the No Non-cents Nanna as she updates the on-line shoppe for fun kids stuff. Everything should be completely in place in the catalog by May 1, 2018. Sorry for the delay inconveneience.

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No Non-cents Nanna’s  Heart Felt Play Store new Tee-shirt Collection is a work in progress over the next few weeks. My dear readers, get a sneak peak before the catalog pages are photographed and published on Heart Felt Play Store. Check out and book mark the Tee-Shirt DIY Party Pack Collection Page.

Idea #1

Cut off neck line and hems with sewing shears. Cut jagged edges to look tattered for  Peter Pan of shipped wrecked pirate tee-shirt.

Pirate costume a plenty created for Heart Felt Play Store: Shipped wrecked sailer shirts are only one example of a kids party craft activty. parents should cut ragged edges with sewing sheaers-not the kids. See post for more inexpensive Tee-shirt craft ideas with add on ears; tails; fabric markers and more ideas you can use.

Click HERE to watch the new line magically appear.

Every One Can Purchase a Tee-shirt Locally, but….

Sure, there are plenty of party sections at your local discount store or party shop, but…you need affordable materials that are unique are your birthday boy or girl or a little Sunday School skit.

My favorite place for Shipped Wrecked sailor shirts is Dollar Tree for a $1.. But, alas, when I need  7 or 8 size 6 to 8 hunter green shirts they are all sold out at Dollar Tree. You get what you get! But, can you quickly find the size and color you need?

I wanted to make my own animal/ dinosaur Tee-Shirt line for Heart Felt Play Store. But, the cost effectiveness did not meet my criteria. Besides, No Non-cents Nanna is all about allowing the kids to do-it-themselves. Currently we have 8 differnt colors kids size 6 to 8 only, in stock to mix and match with our best sellers.

Prepare to Be Inspired…

OK, I admit to cheating with my old images and being too cheap to make samples for my model Sophie-Do-it to wear.

I would love to see images on what you came up with on No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store Facebook page.

Are you following my Pinterests boards such as Tee-shirts Tails and Other Accessories? click HERE to view.

No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store Re-Opened On-line

Idea #2 Cookie cutters

Cookie cutters make wonderful stencils for outline to color in iwth fabric makers or fabric paint. I usually trace the shape on cardboard from an empty cereal box. Then use my large sewing shears to cut out the shapes for tracing patterns for the kids.

( I do have a large collection of cookie cutters. Feel free to use the Heart Felt Play Store Contact Form if you may want to purchase a few.)

Cookie cutters for play dough shapes or tracing template patterns


Start Creating with a Basic Tee-shirt

Apple Green Tee-shirt

Get inspired for kids party make and take craft with this light green basic tee-shirt. Create a dinos Tee-shirt; bug T-shirt and more just by adding a few acessories like fabric markers; dinosaur tails’ butterly wings or masks from Heart Fel Play Store. 20 ideas in post


    Idea #2 Turtle shirt with fabric glue or sewn on felt front and shell.

Easy DIY turtle T-shirt. DIY idea or custom from Heart Felt Play Store


      Idea #3

Add Wings to a basic color co-ordinated tee-shirt. Buy a pair of pterodactly wings from Heart Felt Play Store or use: tissue paper; felt; cardboard’ or brown paper bag to make wings.


Pterodactly wings yellow/ green have just flown into Heart Felt Ply Store. Add a color co-ordinated t-shirt, temporary tattoos, and a few dinosaur eggs to hunt and you have a party for dinosaur loving kids. See post for more than 20 make and take craft ideas with t-shirts


          Idea #4

Add a mask or tail as in dinosuar maks and tail too abasic tee-shirt. The kids can add their own spots to their Tee-shirt with fabric paint or fabric markers.

  •  For fun add a dino dig kit.
  • For dinosaur drawing inspiration check out the Shine and Reveal book Who;s Bones are Those?


Green dinosaur tail; dinosaur mask; excavation kit and interactive dinosaur book all in one package…
Dinosaur Tails are Stuffed and Green
Dinosaur Shine & Reveal interactive spiral activity book
Dinosaur Discovery Excavation Kit for Kids For children age 7 and up
One foam dinosaur mask in coordinating green and orange color.


Idea #5

Make DIY bug masks from a paper plate or purchase foam bug mask kits from Heart Felt Play Store when in stock. ( Feel free to request via our CONTACT form on any Heart Felt Play Store Catalo page.

Allow the party guest or class mates to decorate their own basic tee-shirt in coordinating colors.

Heart Felt Play Store will have small sets of Fabric Markers published and ready for sale by April 27th, 2018. Reserve yours today by using the CONTACT FORM on any Heaert Felt Play Store catalog page.

Just for fun add bug temporary tattoos or stickers.

DIY self adhesive foam bug masks. Get all 6 of ’em in a fun set from Heart Felt Play Store/ Select from 8 colors of basic tee-shirts then let the kids decorate their bug bodies with fabric markers or fabric paint.

RUST Tee-Shirt

3 ways to turn a basic rust colored tee-shirt into an affordable craft for a kids party. See post for shopping link to mix and match t-shirts and craft accesories conveniently from Heart Felt Play Store.

Idea #6

Parents/ teachers can use large shears to cut fringe on leather or buck skin colors of tee-shirts.

Sew or hot glue leaves to look like a tree or plant.


Woodsman shirts or fringed tee-shirt with the buck skin look No Non-cents Nanna Heart Felt Play store. Sew or glue on felt leaves or parent/ teacher can sut off neck binding then cut long fringe.


          Idea #7

Our rust colord tee-shirt at Heart Felt Play Store will co-ordinate with our rubber dog nose ( latex elastic string).

Add paw print temporary tattoos  to inspire paw print design on a tee-shirt.

For the full dog look at dog ears and dog collar (wrist bracelt- do NOT try to wear on neck.)

6 piece Doggy Bag
This cello doggy bag is full of fun stuff kids will love this unique pupy collection as a party favor or stocking stuffer.
Cello Doggy Bag ( Not sold on anyother page)
Dog Nose only ( See catalog page for Short pointed Dog Ears and Nose set )
Puppy Note Pad (Colors vary) Also sold in sets of 4 on another catalog page
Dog Collar Bracelet (Colors vay) Also sold on another catalog page
Paw Print Tattoo (View tattoo collections sets HERE )
Bone shapped Eraser Perfect for dog games.
Add a rust colored tee-shirt and dog ears to be a hound dog..


Idea #7 1/2 

Dog ears and nose added to a rust colored shirt.

Click HERE to purchase dog ears and nose set from Heart Felt Play Store. (Stock is limited.)

Dog short ears and nose set. Add to a basic rust colored Tee-shirt for an easy pointed ear dog costume from Heart Felt Play Store. See post for more T-shirt make and take ideas.


           Idea #8

The Rust Tee-shirt co-ordinates with the horse bandana for a simpe costume.

Horse Bandanas can make a fun and cheap Halloween costume or easy dramatic play derss-up box cothes. Heart Felt Play Store. Add a rust colored T-shirt and yarn horse tail

  Idea # 9

Are you Chicken?    well, not exactly. This is a DIY ROOSTER Mask Kit that will co-ordinate with the rust Tee-shirt as well. If you are feeling bold and beautiful, hot glue the Rust colored Tee-shirt with feathers….a-a-a-a-CHOO!

Yes, this mask is in stock, but, may not be update to publish in Heart Felt Play Store’s Catalog.   Feel free to request information by using the CONTACT From on Heart Felt Play Store.

Make your own ROOSTER mask. You could make be a turkey too. Add a rust colored shirt witha a detachable feather collar.


RED Basic Tee-shirt

How many diy crafts activities can a kid party guest create from theri own basic RED tee-shirt if you can buy a pre-packed kit of accessories; fabric markers, tails, ears and more from Heart Felt Play Store? See post of 20 idea with 8 colors of T-shirts and accessories ideas.


      Idea #10

Add dinosaur wings, dinosaur gloves to a red tee-shirt.

Dragon parts for sale. Red dragon wings, red, dragon tail, red dragon gloves. free masks for a limited time. Also availble in purple and green Add a red tee-shirt. Use fabric markers to personally spot the dinosaur.

Idea #11

Be a valentine / lady bug by adding a pair of wings and antanea.

You can also use cardboard or felt for wings. Use fabric paint or fabric markers to spot the lady bug.

Surprise your little lady bug with this Red and black heart lady bug wing set for Valentine’s Day. Add wings to a red or black tee-shirt. or Spot a red tee-shirt with black fabric markers or fabric paint See post.


 BLACK Tee-shirt

take a Basic BLACK Tee-shirt; fabric markers; animal ears or tails the watch the kids crate theri our unique craft to wear. See post for more than 20 make and take craft ideas fro chldren ages 5 to 10 enjoy when added to ears, tails and more.


    Idea #12

Add a bandana to a white or black tee-shirt. Wear around the neck or pull over over you face. You can use fabric paint or glue on irregular shapes to look like cow markings.

Cow banda to carry in your pocket when you feel like dressing-up like a cow or need to desperately need a hand kerchief to blow your nose… Wear a basic black Or white Tee-shirt. Use fabric marker or fabric paint to add the finishing touches to your cow.
or would you rather be a pig? Are pig ear and and pink tee shirt with a pig bandnad. Explore Heart Felt Play Store for more silly animal costume pieces parts

 Purple Tee-shirt

Give a kid a basic purple tee-shirt and some diy make and take package of decorating suppies adn what do you get? Something unique that a kids age 5 to 10 can wear. See post for 20 ideas for your child’s next bithday party

Idea #13

Who loves that Purple Dinosaur on the kid’s show? Well, here is basic purple tee-shirt for starters.

Idea #14

Be a talking flower. Wear a head band with your t-shirt. Decorate your shirt with leaves or addiitonal flowers. You may come up smelling like a rose.

Get inspired with No Non-cents Nanna’s purple talking flower headband. ( I do have a few left in a box in the closet. Feel free to use the Catalog CONTACT FORM to start a conversation if you are too busy to create your own headband.)

One-of-a-kind purple rose MadHatter inspired headband. Similar will be available before Mad Hatter Day Wear a purple tee-shirt. hot glue green leaves onto shirt. then wear a diy flower headband just for fun. For more t-shirt accesorizing ideas see post


Bonus idea

Add a purple dinosaur tail to a purple tee-shirt. Green spots optional.

Stuffed dinosaurs tails to belt on then drag behind the kid’s behind for a dinosaur party; dress-up or school play. Add a basic purple or green tee-shirt. Use fabric markers of fabric paint to spot your own diy dinosaur shirt.
The Purple dinosaur tail with green dots is sold on this page.. The No Non-cents Nanna had to seperate the red dinosaur tail and green dinosaur tail then send them to their own pages.

Idea #15

Add balloons to a basic Tee-shirt.

Pastels on a light colored T can like like a bubble bath.

Purple balloons on a basic purple Tee-shirt can make you look like a bunch of grapes.

Use ballons to trun a basic tee-shirt into a bubble bath or a bunch of grapes


Basic Pink Tee-shirt

One pretty pink basic tee-shirt can become almost anythinga girl age 5 to 10 can imagine when they have a pre-selected kit of make and take supplies. See post for 20 ideas a kid can make with little prepration on the parent’s or teachers part. See post for 20 ideas and where to buy

Idea #16

Wearing a basic pink, beige or chocolate Tee-shirt will be a good start for a hulu skirt or a banana leaf skirt.

Wear a bikini top over the tee-shirt. Or do some art work with fabri markers, fabric paint or cut out bra shpaed felt sewn or glued on.

In this image Sophie-Do-It models one of my old felt creations, the bnana leaf skirt made from felt plus trim. ( I still have a few tucked away. But no longer am able to craft.)

Sophie-Do-It does her version of a Hawiian hula in her tropical leaf hula inspired apron skirt. Hand-crafted from felt and tulle in small sizes only. Hand crafted  for girls who love to watch Disney Moana movie over and over and dramatic play the tropical theme. Heart Felt Play Store. Add a pink t-shirt to wear under a biki swim suit top. Or parents can draw a bikini top on the T-shirt. then let the girls color the bra top any way they like.


Idea #17

Pink is the perfect color for a piglet.

Heart Felt Play Store has pig bandanas in stock that can pair up with a basic pink Tee-shirt

Note: at this time we only carry the child size 6 to 8.

Pig bandana for the times in your life when you want to be a pig. Add a basic pink tee-shirt from Heart Felt Play Store . See post for 20 ideas on how to accessorize a basic tee-shirt for a costume or craft activity are a barn yard birthday party for the kids


Idea #17 1/2

Add a pig snout and a headband pair of ears.

Would you rather be a pig?
2 piece Pig Costume Set.
Two piece set includes pig ears on plastic headband and latex pig snout/ nose. OINK! OINK! ADd a [ig tee=shirt adn a curly yarn tail to these pig accessories.

Idea #18

Yes you CAN allow your daughter to wear a tutu and pair of fairy wings with a basic Tee-shirt.

No need to decorate. But you can with washable dots glitter glue,

Now we have the wings and co-ordinating tulle skirts to dress like the fairy we girls have always imagined in this 6 piece set. 3 colors to choose from Heart Felt Play Store. Add a basic pink, blue or light green tee-shirt. And glitter glue and fabric paint designs.( Stock is limited.)

Basic Light Blue Tee-shirt

What can your child and a few birthday party guests do with a light blue tee-shirt and a budget freindly pre-packeged kit? See post for 20 ideas on how a basic tee-shirt can make your child next birthday party memorable with little mess.


Idea # 19

Add tiara to a basic tee-shirt and you will make almost any little princess wanna so very happy.

If you are not into handing over a bottle of washable glitter glue or fabric paint- in case you child wants to the the tee-shirt for 5 days in row, No Non-cents Nanna has an alternate idea…Check out the temporary washing star or heart tattoos in the Heart Felt Play Store catalog. ( Please bear with me as I edit the catalog and create new money saving add-on packages for the basic tee-shirt line. If you are ready to purcashe but don;t see an item, feel free to adk by using the CONTACT Form n ay Heart Felt Play Store Catalog page. I sleep-sometimes- so allow up to 24 to 38 for a personal reply. If you leave your phone # I will call you back personally from a 719 ara code #).)


2 piece Princess in Blue
Little girls will love to decorate their very own blue princess tiara to wear with this adorable light blue tulle skirt. Add a bas tice-shirt. Allow the girls to use fabric markers to drawn on their own jewels. Add glitter clue to make the jewelry on the shirt sparkle
Tulle skirt ties on at the waist with two 13 1/2 ” ties to accomodate 24″ to 36″ waist lines. Fits most child sizes. ( Add a 2nd tutu skirt for us Big Girls like mom and grandma who still play dress-up with the grandkids.)
The tulle skirt is 17 1/4″ long
This foam crown has pre-cut design ready to punch out then decorate. We suggest small stick-on jewels; glue and glitter; markers.


Idea #20

Use fabric marders or fabric paint for the older kids to color in fish shapes on an ocean blue tee-shirt.

Plastic fish are perfect for learning math concepts. Kids can pretend to fish on a their own tropical island adventure. ” encourages Heart Felt Play Store founder.
Add a light blue tee-shirt then allow the party guests to use fabric makers to color in their own fishes in the sea.


Basic Orange Tee-shirt

Idea #20

Add a pumpkin beanie to be a pumpkin. Or use yellow fabric paint to create a pumpkin face.

How many costume or party theme ideas can you use a basic orange for? See post for 20 ideas on how to use a basic T-shirt for a budget friendly craft activity for kids ages 5 to 10.

Idea #21

Make a safety vest by adding bright yellow duct tape.

Idea #22

Giraffe visor will top off a decrated tee-shirt. Just add giraffe spot iwth fabric marker or fabric paint. Parents may choose to hot glue on felt shapes for the long neck giraffee look on the basic tee-shirt.

Giraffe visor Haert Felt Play Store ZOO Animal Visor Giraffe. Add a yellow or orange tee-shirt. Use brwon fabric markers to mark griaffe marks on the tee-shirt. See post for more 20 tee-shirt acessorie ideas.

Diea #22 1/2

Tiger beanie for the tiger head. Use black fabric markers to draw on tiger stripes an orange tee-shirt.

Tiger Beanie from Heart Felt Play Store. Add an orange tee-shirt . Allow the children to use black fabric markers to draw on the tiger strips.


Basic Grey Tee-shirt

A basic grey/ gray Tee-shirt is perfect for a grey cat body. Just add cat ears and eye brow pencil whiskers. But wait…there are 19 more basci T-shirt make and take craft ideas for kids ages 5 to 10 See post for over 20 ideas to create with re-packaged kits from Heart Felt Play Store


Idea #23

Grey is great for elephant. Add an elephant maks and baggy grey leggings.

Add a basic grey tee-shirt to elephant mask and baggy leggings. Elephant masks and grey leggings to
Heart Felt Play Store


Idea #24

You CHEETAH! Almost every girl wants to be a cat.

Heart Felt Play Store has a few cheetah sock in stock and some ahdn crafted ears. You can paint on cheetah spot to a basic tee-shirt.

Just for fun check out all the jungle animal ears and tails at Heart Felt Play Store.

Add-on washable temporay tattoos or stickers. (Current stock is in the process of editing for moving saving add-on bargain when  you purchase our basic tee-shirts. Please bear wih me, Malika Bourne, the No Non-cents Nanna as I work on updating Heart Felt Play Store. If you need something you do not see on the catalog please use the CONTACT FORM n any Heart Felt Play Store Catalog page. If you leave yoru phone # I will personally call you back with in 24 hours frma 719 phone phone area code.)


Novelty socks with coordinating head bands with animal ears to accessorie a basci grey t-shirt. Allow the kids to use fabric paint or fabric markers to added their own jungle animal spots.


Idea #24 1/2

Cat ears compliment a grey tee-shirt. Click HERE to purchase from Heart Felt Play store catalog.

Fuzzy grey car ears headbands compliment a basic grey tee-shirt for #girlsfashion statement

Basic Navy Blue Tee-shirt

No ide or funds to get a t-shirt printed for a good cause? Accessorize a kids basic t-shirt with a bandana for a good cause. See post for image of Autism Awareness bandanas

Idea # 25

Accessorize with a For a Good Bandana like this Autism Awareness Bandanda.

Autism Awarness Bandanna
Colorful Autism Awareness Bandanna The 20″ square poyester bandanna folds very nicley into a triangle bandanna to wear around the neck. Interlocking puzzle piece design in red, blue and yellow puzzle peices help raise awareness of autism. This awarness bandanna…


Check our our no budget quick video #1 over-view of Heart Felt Play Store products demonstrated by our own Sophie-Do-It in the post right below..

A Dozen Ideas to Make A Tee-shirt into An Animal and More

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