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No Non-cents Nanna Share 10 plus Uses for Mason Jars

I do love to put things in clear jar with lids. Mason jars are the best, though, I will wash and sterilize any emptied jar I have on hand.

  1. I mix two quarts of powdered milk a day. (We never run out of milk.)
  2. I make oatmeal over night in the frig by combining the oatmeal with yogurt and fruit.
  3. Do-dads like pencils or loose beads fit nicely in a mason jar.
  4. I sprout seeds every few days.
  5. I am planting herbs in in a jar.
  6. For holiday gifts I will be layering dry cookie ingredients in a jar that I will try a red ribbon around.
  7. Jars make wonderful vases and the price is right.
  8. I can pack up a layered salad in a glass jar avoiding plastic containers.
  9. Homemade jelly.
  10. Shake cream to make butter.

Why reinvent the wheel? I will be happy to refer you to the source.

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Sudden Infant Death Awareness Month

 October is Sudden Infant Death Awarness Month.

Putting your sweet baby to bed you expect them to wake up smiling or crying loudly in need of a diaper change or to be feed. 

But, when a baby unexpectedly passes away in their sleep it is devasting to families. Most often the diagnoisis is Sudden Infant Death, SIDS.

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