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Visit Colorado this Summer Where the Beauttiful View is a FREE Photographic Event

The natural beauty I see in #ColoradoSprings never ceases to amaze me. Visit #Colorado Where the air is clear. Image copy right2015 #Malika Bourne

 This old No Non-cents Nanna enjoys the beautiful view at the most any time or any where in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Really, who would think going to a doctor’s appointment could into a photographic mini-vacation event?


For those of us who live in the Colorado Springs area or are just visiting and love photography you will want to keep you camera by your side to capture once in a life time scenic moments. And, this is well inside the city. READ MORE


One BERRY Happy Baby!

This one BERRY happy baby! Image copyright Malika Bourne 2011

No Non-cents Nanna’s youngest grandchild is cute as a bug eating berries, don’t you know! (Wearing the berries,too!)

Babies explore their world by putting everything in their mouths. It is a healthy and natural part of growth and development all babies/children need to enjoy…

…so, lighten up, folks. Just hose ’em off at the sink! All kids can be washed up with water a a wash clothe. READ MORE


Colorado Springs Beauty Photographed by Malika Bourne

a picturesyas a 100 words! Malika bourne capture thisbeuty photo near Academy and Carefreein ColoradoSprings

 They say a picuture says a 1,000 words. All this old No Non-cents Nanna could say was…


Then I shot a photo.

Copyright image by Malika Bourne taken April 13, 2015 near Carefree/Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

There are so many naturally beautiful sites to see in Colorado Springs Colorado.

Come visit our city at over 6,000 feet high where the air is clear. Take walk enjoy the view:It’s FREE! READ MORE