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What Happens When a Man’s Wheelchair is One Wheel Short?

Can you see what is missing in this photo? It is the back of a 10 year old wheelchair that had been hit by ahis writ taxi over 4 years ago It tipped over with my son in it. copy right Mlaika Bourne see post.

What Happens When a Man’s Wheelchair is One Wheel Short?

He wobbles and tips over with him in it is what  happens. Then he is stuck in bed for days and day sand days…and the No Non-cents Nanna disapears on-line for awhile.

The alert system person responded, but called me FIRST?WHY would me first. I was 30 minutes away.. I could never pick up by myself a 350 pound chair and a 150 pound man- who can’t stand. READ MORE


Rules 9 thru 15 to Help Us All Feel Happy and Safe

As your family prepares to go back to school in a few weeks, now is a good time to sit and to not only talk about house rules that keep every one safe, but, to write them on paper to post. Feel free to print on my rules.

With a new schedule and family routine  a new baby sitter may come on board. He/ he will need to have rules written out on paper as well. If you happen to be that new baby sitter, now is the time to make up your rules similar to mine. Keep reading No Non-cents Nanna has to say about discipline and baby sitters.

Rules 9 through 15 are repurposed from one of my archived blogs. READ MORE


The Key Smooth Baby Sitting Transitions shared by No Non-cents Nanna

The secret key to undesrstanding misbehavio rin chidlren is to hold the key to smooth transitioning from one activity to another. Image copy right 2014 Malika Bourne all rights reserved.

Summer vacation is almost over for school age children. Transitioning from summer time play to getting up for school in the morning may be a challenge in some families.

Whether you are a baby-sitter; older sibling; parent; or teacher No Non-cents Nanna has a secret key that will help you.

The key is to understand  that transitioning from one activity to another is hard for some kids, but disaterously worse for others.

Yes, you can nip a big problem behavior in the bud while keeping the kids safe when you are in charge.

Remember, when you are in charge you are not the “friend”. But, that does not mean you can’t be pleasant as you expect cooperation.. so, be pleasant!

Children and grown ups alike all appreciate knowing what is expected of them. So, use your words to tell the kids what you expect before you transition to another activity or task. READ MORE