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Rent a “Body Part” Prop from No Non-cents Nanna at Craft Show.

Are you not wanting to buy a Halloween costume but still want to LOOK like you dressed up as your alter ego?

I know many people are flying into Colorado Springs air port in October then stay at the Hilton Garden Inn- without a halloween costume!

So, I got the crazy idea to be renting out “body part” costume props for 10 minutes @ the rate of 50 cents per person at an up coming The Day of the Dead craft show on October 31 at the Hilton Garden Inn.  ( I will sell for full price, too, staring at 25 cents up to $3.00) READ MORE


Fun Felt and Fleece Kids Crafts for Sale Colorado Springs

Soft and squishy mini bug pillows in colors kids love. (Not of children under age 3.)

Soft and squishy mini bug pillows in colors kids love. (Not of children under age 3.)

Did you know that the No Non-cents Nanna makes fun stuff for Kids? See my  preview of soft, squishy and colorful mini pillows and draw strings bags; felt dolls with clothes and more I made wen I first decided to open a little store. Pre-school teachers will want to connect for theri calss room needs.

Wow! No Non-cents Nanna’s crafting has come a long way from this now updated post. (5/15/17) Is this post ever out of date! A short time after this post announcing my apearance at a local event I started my on-line store on Shopify. READ MORE


More Good Reasons to Do Finger Plays with Kids

Finger Plays, Nursery Rhymes and songs may seen silly to some, but they are really great teaching tools for young children. By the way, college students use silly songs to help them memorize for tests.

This post will share 3 more good reasons WHY early childhood educators teach rhyming songs and fingerplays to young children; 3 more fingerplays; and links to 5 more of the Best finger play PINs on Pinterest; 4 links to kids favorite theme finger puppets. READ MORE