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Pirate Costumes and Real People with Disabilites

Pirate cosutume aplenty creted for Heart Felt Play Store: Springs Spree and Creative Expression Colorado Springs Colorado. Post discusses debilitates versus hooks and peg leg.

Pirate costume aplenty created for Heart Felt Play Store:

As, I am finishing up dramatic play pirate costumes, I am very hesitant about missing sales over the pirate hooks and peg legs we tend to associate with the pirate party themes.

Why? Because the lose of limb is not fun. I never want children to get the wrong ideas about disabilities.

Dramatic play and dress up or playing the part of a character are different matters from real life where our love ones may have lots an arm, a leg or an eye. We want to be sensitive to their needs and feelings.



Christmas in July at Craft Boutique in Colorado Springs

We are taking a few minutes for the toy shop to announce Christmas in July Sale at Creative Expressions, 411 Lakewood Circle (Satellite Hotel) in Colorado Springs Colorado for big pre-season savings.

It is time to start planning ahead to upcoming holidays. Take advantage of discounts starting at 10% off and more.

See previous posts for some ideas of recent craft stock by 20 creative crafters at Creative Expressions. Keep in mind taht many creations are one of a kind. Other craft items may be special orders with a minimum deposit.



Sneak Peak at Colorado Springs Crafters Boutique

Have you been a  local craft show or 2 where you fell in love with a craft items. Then later you can’t remember how to find the crafter?

Creative Expressions is a retail store with a team of popular crafters from the the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.

I’m proud to say that I am a part of that team of creative crafters at Creative Expressions, 411 Lakewood Circle,Suite A101 in the Satellite Hotel.   Creative Expressions OCC has moved to historic Old Colorado City: 2501 west Colorado ave, Colorado Springs Colorado 80904