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Not So Creepy Pirate Dress-up Clothes

Perfect for a pirate party for the kids: a Treasue map; gold coins, the skull and cross bone plastic priate flag, jewels and more… May be sold in money saving collection or in bundles..or may be sold out.Heart Felt Play Store owner, Mlaika Bourne what treasure ye seek.

Learning about pirates can be a fun way to learn. Pirate costumes for Halloween don’t have to be creepy. Heart Felt Play Store inventory is growing fall of 2017. Pirate treaures are being updated soon…

Playing pirate does not have to be creeepy nor cut some one with sword. Pirate parties can be fun.

Kids can count fake gold coins: walk the plank ( a balance beam): or go on a treasure hunt for fun party favors.

Check out my Pirates ARG! Pinterest board for swashbuckling ideas for the kids. READ MORE


Dress-up Clothes: Kids Mermaid Tail Aprons and Tropical Island Skirts

There be mermaids at sea! Mermaid aprons, so the kids can walk, yet still pretend to be mermaids. New styles and fabric coming soon

Girls and boys alike love watching the trending kids movies then dressing up like the characters.

A number of those popular movies have Mermaids and Mermen. Of course the kids want to act out swimming like fish. I wonder what will be the trending Halloween costumes for kids this years

Swimming with a mermaid tail currently on the market comes with risks needing a certain level of swimming profeciency. In reality many kids only want to pretend. That is why Heart Felt Play Store makes mermaid aprons READ MORE


Not So Creepy Savings on Dress-Up Clothes for Kids

This is the No Non-cents Nanna with an announcement about my Heart Felt Play Store dress-up clothes for kids including DINOSAUR parts  and DRAGON wings!

Last day to order to Halloween is Monday October 23, 2017 by 2pm. so we can have Dinosaur tail; Pterodactyl wings; Tiger ears and tails; farm animal hooded capes and zoo animal hooded. We still have a few costumes parts in stock at the moment. First come first served. READ MORE