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Hunt Dinosaurs of the Fun Kind

Older kids still love Easter Eggs Hunts. But they may not go for the fluffy chicks and bunnies any more. But they will love to hunt for dinosaurs!

We parents may not want to give the kids candy. Let the kids hunt for DINOSAURS of the FUN KIND!

Dinosaurs are not only fun but EDUCATIONAL.

Dinosaur Facts Book Marks

Dinosaur Facts book marks -see post for where tor dino-dig them

We can fix this OOPS! All of our Dinosaur Book Marks are buried in our local Pop Up Shop traveling boxes.-Feel free to reach out by Email. We can set up a special temporary page on our catalog for you to purchase you choice of book marks- provided supply is available at the time. We will mail them in an envelop with a fun stamp on Nanna  I mean the envelop. ( Don’t worry we do NOT sell email addresses to anyone.

Have you explored our new Heart Felt Play Store home?

Note: sorry for the inconvenience- No Non-cents Nanna has been dragging her ole dinosaur tail on getting all store url’s updated on this old blog. If you see a post then click on a bad link- please use this link instead


Mini Dinosaur Busy Boxes are perfect for a party favor or to stash in mom’s purse for those time when the kids need something to quietly keep occupied.

  • Simple Jurassic dinosaur party favors, small gift for clam down activities children love.

This set includes:

  • plastic 3 1/4″. case with ferocious dinosaur picture
  • 12 stickers
  • notepad
  • three assorted crayons. Safe and non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.


Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
FREE shipping on order of $39 or more.

Dinosaur claw Excavation Kit

Dinosaur Claw Excavation Kit

Our Dinosaur claw excavation kit is perfect for elementary science classroom; dinosaur birthday party.
The Jurassic party souvenir is suggested for children age 8 and over.

Excavate a buried dinosaur claw.

Each 3″ x2′ x 2 1/4′ boxed kit Includes:

  • 1 earthen block with a plastic dinosaur claw buried somewhere inside.
  • 1 dusting brush
  • 1 digging tool
  • 1 information sheet
  • After the dinosaur discovery, save the tools for another dino dig.

Perfect for elementary science classroom; dinosaur birthday party.
The Jurassic party souvenir is suggested for children age 8 and over.

Warning NOT for children under age 3.

Explore Heart Felt Play Store for more dinosaurs!

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Free shipping on orders over $39

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Dinosaur Plastic Skeleton Bones Set

Dinosaur Plastic Skeleton Bones SetGreat Jurassic Party Keepsake that will survive kids play for years to come.
Set of 6 different 5 1/2″ dinosaurs skeletons right down to their plastic bare bones.

  • Party favor or stocking stuffers.
  • Pre-historic theme birthday cake-topper
  • Paleontology play: bury in the clean sand to excavate this 6 piece set.
  • These washable dinosaurs love bubble baths too.

Free shipping on orders over $39.Usually Ships in 24 Hours

The above image is a set of 6 different 5 1/2″ dinosaurs skeletons right down to the bare bones. To view in Heart Felt Play Store Catalog click HERE 

Explore the store: Heart Felt Play Store Collections then SHOP!

Do the Dinosaur Thing with the Kids:

Dinosaur themes are fascinating for pre-K children and elementary school ages to study.

  • Earn a dinosaur as a reward:

What kid would not want to collect a whole bag of dino bones as a reward for a job well done? ( Keep is mall – only one at a time.)

  • Give plastic dinosaurs as a Party Favor. They last longer than a piece of cake.
  • Paleontology play: freeze in ice for a frozen Tundra; bury in clean sand or potting soil to excavate this 6 piece set.
  • Cake decoration
  • Comparisons: compare to see what is different about each of the 6 dinosaur skeletons.
  • Identify the skeletons with pictures of the “Big Lizards” with their skin on.
  • Make a mobile for room decor.


Easter Egg Hunt of the Dinosaur Kind:

Older kids still love the Easter Egg Hunt Events, but have outgrown the warm and fuzzy chick or cotton bunny.

Give ’em dinosaurs in some eggs and they spell the names quicker can you spell Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Wikipedia definition, too.

How is that for getting excited about learning?


For more dinosaur inspiration see post:

Felt Dinosuars are Alive and Well: Finger Plays and Games 

Are you following No Non-cents Nanna ‘Heart Felt Play Store on Pinterest, yet? I have a Pinteresting collection of dinosaur fun.

 Dinosaur Dig on Pinterest. Check out what’s new! Click HERE! over 1,400 pins

Dinosaur Sensory Play Box from Heart Felt Play Store

The End 

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New items are added weekly.

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Amber Service-Dog-in-Training age 9 weeks

We have had Amber Service-Dog-in-Training in our for 2 weeks now.

Amber is such a smart pooch that she is begining to read “little words like ‘if and it”  ( according to Dr Suess). this post is now updated below.

Update: Amber Service-Dog-In-Training is no longer 9 weeks old, but 9 months old. Read below about Amber new skills.


OUR PUP Amber-Service-Dog-in-Training is so smart she is learning to read. April Fools!

Ha! Ha! April Fools!

Training a puppy to be service dog is not that famous nor glamorous. It is a huge responcibility to be a the person who trains a dog to work for some one who needs assistance.

Amber is like every other puppy her age, except, I am watching her like a hawk so I don’t have to get her to unlearn things.

House breaking was going well…until…

..the 9 week old puppy in a small apartment with a long, long, long hallway got diarrea…then ate *#it. E-w-w-w!

“I eat poop! Nanna is not happy with me.

I don’t exactly mind cleaning up poop.  S*it happens.

In fact poop was my life. ( I was a newborn and Pediatric RN and early chidlhood educator. Pooh is part of the job. So was managing behavior liek I now do with training the puppy.

But when a kid or a dog eats poop I can’t move fast enough to stop it. It turns my stomach. YUCK!

In the image above you see Amber waiting to be weighed so the vet could prescribe the correct dosage of medicine.

Amber now weighs 15 pounds and growing!

Hug the dog is a sign at our Vet wher my all my grand-doggers go for medical care.


As I finish this update on Amber’s progress Amber did something for the first time…

I had dropped an old credit card on the floor and decided to leave it. I wanted to see if she could figure out how to pick it up and hand it to me.And why not?

If my so son his cards on the floor Amber will have to help him in the future…

Amber DID IT ..she picked up a credit card and gave it to me when I told her to do so.

OK it was a coincidence, but I made a big deal about it. TOO bad the camera was not turned on so I could share the proud look on her face and mine.


Update on Amber Service-Dog-in-Training:

Amber service dog in training will train fro another 18 to 24 months before she is a full service dog. At 8 months she is comforatable around her mans’ wheelchair as it is an extention of the disabled man she is training to assist.

Wow! Time seems to have flown by. Amber Service-Dog-in-Training is now 9 months old.

  • Amber has another year and a half to complete her training and basically grow out each developmental stage of puppy-hood. We can’t expect her to be anything other than puppy for now. We try very hard to not allow any bad habits to start that we will have to “fix” later.
  • Amber got spayed last month.  The spaying calmed down some of her natural born female puppy hormones that are just a part of life.
  • Amber Service-Dog-in-Training now weighs over 70 pounds.

What are the tasks the service-dog-in-training can now do?

I’m so glad you asked abotu the tasks Amber Service-Dog-in-Training can do for her disabled owner? ( Note: you can only as what tasks the dog does for the owner, not about what the owner’s disability is.)

  1. Puppy manners basics: sit; stay; come;
  2. Pick up many objects then hand then over to her owner. objects like quarters, credit cards  and cigarette lighters take very careful training so she doesn’t try to swallow them. We allow her to pick up trash on command  ( or leave it) when we walk around the apartment complex where we live.,then, she puts the trash in the dumpster.
  3. Amber, takes select laundry out of the clothes dryer. Amber prefers to pick through the dryer to remove only HER toys. then, she looks at me ready tp head back to our apartment. Too funny!
  4. Amber can open the patio door...for now we make sure to keep it locked. She has a  pull rope to help her owner close the front door. We need to work more on this.
  5. Amber alerts her owner that the room is getting hot with a distinctive bark. This is extremely valuable as people with MS do not tolerate heaet. Temperatures above 70 degrees will make Ambe’rs owner have increased painful spasms Getting heads up that we need to get things cool down before the spasm begin has saved a great deal of pain.
  6. You have to hear this to believe it: Amber Service-Dog-in-Training “speaks”.  Mind you we  have always used consisitent words naming most eveything. Amber barks the rhythms of words: OUT-SIDE; POOP; YES; Now we can ask the 9 month old, What do need?’ She will respond in barking rythims that we understand. “Do you need to go POTTY?” “yes”.
  7. Amber can put dirty dishes in the sink..but she prefers to take them out more often to lick them clean. ( I have a wild story about the dog doing dishes for another day.)
  8. Coke from the frig. This task is running joke in our home. We scoff at the people who claim to have service dog who task is to fetch a can of beer or a bottle of coke. We are reluctant to teach Amber to open the refrigerator at this time. Amber does know the difference between a COKE bottle, mustard and ketch-up. She evens know the diffence between Pepsi, water, oj and COKE at Walgreens. The other day, just for fun of it, (training should be fun for all) I opened the frig and told Amber, “Take Daddy a bottle of COKE.” She did! She also shook it up reall good! ( No lectures, please! We know COKE is so bad for us.)

Disclaimer: we are training my son’s 2nd service dog ourselves with some professional training support. There are pros and cons of training your own service dog…but don;t ask me, I’m not the expert on your dog, only my son’s service dog to be.

  • If you have a disability and are considering getting a service dog to perform tasks as an extention, please explore every option you have available to you.

Training a service dog is a tremendously time consuming responcibility.

If you never owned a dog before I would urge you to NOT try to train a dog yourself. Go through a repuatable agency.for a service dog. Have you list of tasks that you feel a sercvice dog could help you with. Talk to other service dog owners.

Owning a service dog will change you life in many ways. That is another blog post.

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Watch Amber Grow: diary of a service-dog-in-training

Our first week with the new puppy, Amber, has flown by so fast.

She eats, drinks, pees, poops, sits, takes toys to her kennel, rolls over to get her belly rubbed, pees, poops, picks up shoes, pees, meets well behaved neighbor dogs, pees, poops, sits, walks herself to our door, gives us her toys, knows the sound of the door…and GROWS!

Amber shows us her belly. Ok this cute pose will not be a service-dog task, but it is so stinkin cute. baby belly isn’t it?

Big Puppy:

Yesterday Amber got her puppy shots. She was so very good.

I knew she had grown. But I was surprised that she weighed in a 13.5 pounds at less than 8 weeks of age.


Amber service-dog-in-training on March 9


Amber service-dog-in training March 14, 2017 She is on the same pillow.

I took pictures on Amber on the smae pillow so we may compare how she grows.

Why would I give her a pillow? 

I actually have a number of other inviting things on the floor for Amber to lie on that are a safe distance away from where David sits in his wheelchair to work. David needs to be mobile in our home without fear of running over the puppy. We want Amber to get used to being close by David, yet stay safe while she is so small. Therefore I have boundaries laid out for her on the floor.

Of course, David is very aware of where Amber is at all times. If he can’t see her little black fur body, he asks for my assistances to verify that the puppy is out of the way.

We have every confidence that when Amber is more mature she will hear the sound of the wheelchair turn-on to cue her thqt David is on the move. David’s late service dog, Tacks, picked up that wheelchair cue right away, but he was quite grown up.

When I am tied up for some reason, Amber is shut in her kennel.  We call it her ‘room’. that is her happy place all her own.



One Smart Puppy:

I’ve measured her food by guessing her weight. Now I know her wieght…for today anyway…No wonder she tell me to fill her dish! She is a growing puppy.

I allow her to go to the kitchen by herself to get her drink. She can’t get into puppy trouble there. (We watch her like a hawk for learning postive cues.)

Amber quickly learned where I keep her food. When she wants more food she touches a wind chime I have on food  cupboard with her paw.

When she wants more water she tips over the empty bowl. It makes a loud clank sound.

(I did not teach Amber any of this.)

Today, David and I heard the loud clanking of the water dish…. Whooosh! Amber had quickly carried her empty dish to her “room”. I hate to disappointment her, but we don’t serve breakfast in bed.


This is No Non-cents Nanna’s blog page diary for Amber the service-dog-in-training march 2017. this is not a training post

With much gratitude to Becoming The Trainer with Dana L. Ortiz, ABCDT for hand picking Amber for David. Until we start our puppy classes in April with Dana, we get to bond and appropripriate respond to puppy cues. I am hoping to get a video showing how amazing Amber is with stting and few more pet etiqute things Amber knows already.

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3 Things Puppies and Toddlers Have in Common: Service-dog-in-training diary

This post  will compare the toddlers in my life and own new puppy, a future service dog.

As I write  I am reminding myself  that puppies and toddlers have more than 3 things in common that we need to be aware of with our new service-dog-in-training.

1) All babies leak.  2) Don’t understand English 3) Eat and try to explore everything with the mouth


Toddlers and puppies have a lot of things in common. -see post for 4 things about puppies and babies. Sophi-Do-It is the toddler in the above image.No at age 6 Sophie-do-it can fill the same dog dish with water.

2 more bonus points to remember about toddlers and puppies; 

4.Need for a loving grown up’s  time and energy to keep them safe while learning how to “make good choices.” .



…The Short Version of the Story….

My No Non-cents Nanna followers have watched my youngest grand daughter grow from infancy to starting kindergarten. Now, you may follow along with our newest family member, Amber while we bond these first few weeks.

Amber was born in January. Now at 8 weeks old she has joined our family. We are all in training to be a service dog.

Amber Service-dog -in-training is still a puppy


  • Just when we could stop baby-proofing our apartment for when Sophie-Do-It came to visit, my son and I are now blessed with a puppy named Amber.
  • Now we have to puppy-proof our small apartment for Amber’s safety until Amber learns to know better.

Please welcome, Amber, our new puppy. She is not just any puppy to house break, let chew up shoes, pee on the carpet nor slap a service vest on to avoid paying a pet deposit. She is an loving investment in time to train for 2 years to eventually assist my son, who has MS..

David Ellinger bonds with his puppy, Amber for the first time. Over the next 2 years Amber will be a service dog in training for David. Follow along as we a learn how to train Amber for her ‘job’.

  • Amber  was hand picked by Dana Ortiz Becoming the Trainer  to be a service dog in training for the next 2 years before she is a full service dog for my adult son.. I will explain the ‘service dog in training’ in a later blog post.
  • For now, we have a very special canine baby in our home who will go through similar issues my children and grand children have that I have written about in my old blog posts about behvaior management and safety.
  • We will train Amber, over the next 2 years to be a full service dog.

    Just like any species of baby, this puppy has stages of growth and developmental milestones to go through. This puppy has to be trained from normal puppyhood before her service dog training begins. We want to start every habit off on the right paw so we won’t have to undo any bad habit not becoming of a service animal later on.

    As I’ve been reading tips from Dana Ortiz of Becoming the Trainer, whom will be training  us to train Amber, and watching the videos she has recommended I am reminded that I myself had extensive training and work with Behavoir Management of children during my career as  Registered Nurse.

    WOW! I can apply my expertiese with children as I get my thumbs or toes nibbleled at and wipe up puppy puddles of pee.

    1. Potty training: all babies leak waste. Their spinall cord nerves are not developed well enough to be able to control their muscles, yet.
    2. Cue words in English: All babies need time and repeition to learn to understand the sounds they hear in the language spoken. For our we are focussing on: puppy-potty, drink, hungry, off, sit, down, room (kennel), OUCH! Amber…
    3. EVERYTHING GOES INTO THE MOUTH! When any baby is born it has a natural instict to ‘root’ for mommys milk. The primary need is to suck to EAT and EAT some more. Vision is not the most important need.  They can’t  comprehend any visual object, yet.  They must explore their immedicate world with their mouth in order to survive.
    4. Boundaries: For our puppy, Amber, we have to block off under the hospital bed. She crawled under to chew on electric wire to the remote control on the bed once. We had to stop that behavior. Then twice she crawled under to poop in private instead of the puddle pad. We had just gone outdside, but ‘went’ again under the bed. (I was not happy!)
  • Even now, we will be re-directing away from shoes and toes towards what we do want Amber to chew on like a bone or a rope. Eventually, my son David will want Amber to pick up his shoes or a dropped cell phone. Amber will learn waht a shoe or a shrt is..but not allowed to chew on them while she is in the puppy chewing stage.

    Note: this is a puppy observation diary, not a puppy training blog.

The End of the Short Story

No Non-cents Nanna writes MORE Nanna Details, of course:

Let’s explore the idea that all Toddlers and Puppies do have at least 3 basic things in common.


1. Babies and Puppies LEAK!..a lot!

All infants needs time to develpe the muscle skill to control bowls adn bladder befroe attempting to potty train.

  • All Toddlers and Puppies have to be potty trained when their spinal cord and muscles is developed suffciently enough..not before.
  • Yes, Amber misses the puddle pad by 2 or 3 inches. ( She is still a baby. We have had her for almost 5 days as I type this.)
  • Yes, Amber LEAKS! She does not make it all the way out side before she leaks.
  • Yes! I am disappointed and some what minor horror at ahving to clean up poop when Amber misses the mark. But that is life. We keep going towards the goal without fan fare.
  • In the time it took me to write this post Amber has pooped outside 3 times and once on the puddle pad; pee’d outside 6 times and still managed to make a puddle in the hall and once in the kitchen. And on her 3rd cat nap. That means I have stopped my writing this blog many times to attend to priorities for training this puppy.
  • When Amber potties outside she gets reinforced by a big cheer / happy potty dance from Big Nanna




2. English Spoken Here: learning to communicate in the same language.

Communication in the same language is the key to getting children or puppies to behae in the way we wnat them to. Third oldest grand child at age 2.

Just like our human babies, puppies don’t understand a word we say until we learn the same language. Both infants and puppies will learn what ever language when we speak consisitent words from shear repitition within the context of behavior.

  • I watch for cues to use the specifc words the puppy needs to know. An example would be to say POTTY when we see her squat and pee.. When she does her business outside I do the happy potty dance. ( No, I don’t care what the neighbors think. I’m training the dog!)
  • When I put the lease on to walk the dog and she hears the sounds of the door ,eventually she will associate that I am taking her POTTY. I avoid getting excited about using the word POTTY (sh-h-hh-) until we get to the grassy area where I want her “go”.
  • We have a HUGE challenge. The hallway in our building to get outside is oer 130 of my steps. Therefore, we use a few puddle pads inside. I really watch Amber’s cues, but I’v old. I move pretty slow. When I see her start to squat, I teach her the cue POTTY. I get up to re-direct her to her PUDDLE PAD. “POTTY. Potty on the PUDDLE PAD.”
  • When Amber is able to control her muscles well she will have already learned the cue for POTTY.

Potty training toddlers or puppies takes firm consistency on the grown-ups part.


  • It is my job to teach Amber to understand cues in English. Because she is chosen to be a service-dog, eventually. We want to not mess up early on having to undo bad habits.. My focus, for now is training Amber consitently. She is my priority.

I had relevant flashback to when I taught 3 to 5 year old foreign students to understand English at a Korean Baptist day care.The first 2 days on the job I kept trying to get twelve 3 and 4 year old non-English speaking students to be quiet by saying SH-h-h-h!

 Everytime I said Sh-h-h-h 8 littlle boys weere wetting their pants as they made a mad sash off to the bathroom.


These 3 year old’s understood NOT a word in English. These children had litterally gotten off the airplanes from Korea, China, Japan and India.. They had not heard English spoken before.

On the 3rd day, the manager of the day care, a Korean woman, told me that when oriental mothers are potty training the boys they will say S-h-h-h-h to cue the boys to aim and pee in the toilet.

Uh-oh! My bad communication! 

It  was I who made them pee on demand. I was mis-communicating something i had not intended..

As smart as our new family member, Amber is, she is a dog who does not speak English. I have to teach her the words or postive sounds  I want her to respond to. She does not understand my Engolish, yet.

  • My point is to be selective about the cue words and responsive sounds we use when house breaking puppies and kids. They have to learn to  speak our English.
  • Now, I want switch directly to the more grown up point. Avoid responding to a puppy mistakes with inappropriate POTTY-MOUTH -you know what I mean. Getting upset will not help the puppy to do what we want it to when when nor where we want to have it done. Chill out then aim for success next time…beside potty mouth words may have a future that is not so helpful…

Think about this:

In the near future Amber will be taken on the city bus as service-dog-in-training. ( My son and I use public transportaion.) Now and then a fellow bus riders use POTTY MOUTH LANGUAGE with emphasis!!!! We don’t want our service-dog-in-training to “go” on a wrong cue, now, do we?


3. Toddlers and Puppies Explore with Their Mouths

All babies put things in their mouth. sophi-Do-it as a baby loved to tate new fruits.


  • We must change our habits, now to avoid allowing a service-dog-in-training to accidentally eat something they picked up off the sidewalk or the floor would be harmful.
  • We start by carefuly watching and training at a very early age of the pup. Just like we would protect our baby or toddler from tasting the wrong things or chewing on electrical cords.
  • When Amber starts her training to ride the city bus she can NOT lick up food off the floor nor accept “treats” from stranger EVER!

This was another service dog my son and his service dog met while riding the city bus.


Stop leaving purses and bags on the floor that might have dangerous objects to chew on: batteries; medicine; scissors; crayons, markers. ( I took this image when Sophi-Do-It was a baby a number of years ago for an old safety awareness post on No Non-cents Nanna.) Later on a full service dog will have learned not to touch without being told.

When toddlers begin to climb or puppy dog legs grown enough to get things off of the kitchen counters or tables we must re-think our patterns of putting things away. From experience I know that big puppies will snarf up a bowl of fruit or a bottle of Tums from the far back of the kitchen counter when left alone…Our pup in training is NOT left unattended like most pets are. We use a kennel when we need personal space and can not watch her.

Later on, when our pup is mature she will have been taught what she is supposed to be doing, “Working” attentively to my sons’ needs does not include geting into trouble.

Baby-proof or puppy proof theses kinds of things. If you carry things like this in your gym bag or purse don’t leave your bag on the floor where baby or puppy can get into it.


I’m a craft-maker who has to make changes:

I drop tiny objects like straight pins and scraps of felt on the floor. That is not about to cahnge, so I moved my crafts out of the living room.

When our Sophi-Do-It was a toddler she loved my pin cushion. It was the “Holy Graile” of treasures to her for a while. ( You may reconize this image from an article I wrote in ELT a few years back.)

Now, Sophie-Do-It is learning to sew. I gave her a pink pin cushion of her own.

When my grand daughter Sophi-Do-It was a toddler she had a passion to get into my sewing box to see my pin cushion. Nw she has her own pin cussion as she learsn to sew. Our new puppy will love that pin cussion, too. Now I keep my crafting supplies closed in my room.


Set boundaries by puttin gup barriers. Neither babies nor pauppies can rad in any language.

  • Now with the puppy, Amber, I chose to move all of my craft-making into the bedroom,  so, I can close the puppy out from any dangers.

I’m sure Amber the puppy would  sink her tiny teeth into into my pin cussion, or lick up a straight pin off the floor.. I won’t take a chance, EVER.

Now it is your, really. What are your thoughts on toddlers and puppies?

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Making a Paper Bag Monster Video at Heart Felt Play Store

One day last year, when Sophi-do-It was 5, she made a paper bag monster.

We caught the art work on camera at Heart Felt Play Store.

Today I, No Non-cents Nanna relived the fun of watching her expressions by making the images into a video.

Our little Sophie Do-It is, now 6 years old, is growing up, as children tend to do.

But thanks to the magic of videos we can watch the Making of a MONSTER!

Enjoy the simplicity of childhood with your children and grandchildren. Just for fun try making your own fun vidoes with yoru children, too.

The End

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