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Heart Felt Play Store Back to Business With July 4th Firecrackers

Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify is the new place for go to for kids imagination. Grow with us on Shopify.
This Heart Felt Play Store ad appeared in in Let’s Be Local Colorado. Re-location re-opening July 4th

This No Non-cents Nanna is excited to announce that her on-line Heart Felt Play Store will finally re-opened online for July 4th with a BIG BANG  during all the fireworks displays of the 4th of JULY!

Heart Felt Play Store is NOW re-opened. Money saving discount codes for Heart Felt Play Store revealed below.

Malika Bourne’s home is private with a small in one-grand- mother operated home office. That keeps the costs down for everyone. READ MORE


Who Really is Speaking for Medical Care for Our Most Vulnerable in This Secret Health Care Bill?

You may or may not be aware of the fact that the Affordable Medical Care Act in the United States will be changing. Will it be for better or worse? No one seems to know for sure leaving us family members of our most vulnerable loved ones with special needs feeling afraid. I wonder if any one will speaking for the real needs of those who have significant enough disabilites to those secret meetings of the 13 senators working on health care reform. READ MORE


Introducing the Man in the Wheelchair to the New Neighborhood

My son, the service-dog-in-training and I moved last Sunday to an amazing new neighborhood.  We have a sliding door with a  little patio that opens up to fresh air and a world of friendly neighbor kids. It is time to meet the neighbor and with all of their questions about David’s wheelchair and his dog. All children have innocent curriosity that deserve honest answers along with boundary setting for the dog and the kids. READ MORE