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Kids Can Explore Dinosaurs with Affordable Dinosaur Collection at Heart Felt Play Store

What do you do with blue Pterodactyl wings? Wear ’em just for fun. Heart Felt Play Store #pterodactylwings #pterodactylwings

The dinosaur collection is GROWING BIGGER and BIGGER at Heart Felt Play Store!

You don’t have to be an archeologists to want to explore Heart Felt Play Store’s  affordable collecton of dinosaur products in one shop and sold in smaller quantiities.

What’s new in Dinosaurs and Dragons?

Pterodactyl wings and Dragon Wings flew in to Heart Felt Play Store in October.

The No Non-cents Nanna knows that parents and teachers are always searching for the cheap learning opportunities that will capture attention  and continue to encourage thier children’s/ students love of learning. READ MORE


Update out of Denver on Healthcare Bill: BETRAYAL!

I hope you care about that healthcare bill in question as much as I do. Any bill that influences access to healthcare is a significant concern for ALL Americans whether you need Medicaid today or not.

Below I quote an email out of Denver from Julie Reiskin that I recieved today. I added bullet points for easier reading. I have permission to quote and encourage everyone to share.

I know that Colorado has no reserve funds for its most medically needy. I am not up to date on the reserve funds in other states. I highly suggest everyone stay up to date on what their Senators are doing in regards to this healthcare change. READ MORE


The Senate Made a Very Disappointing Choice Today!

I don’t know about you, but, I am afraid, very afraid for the most vulnerable citizens in the United States. The Sentate voted today, Tuesday July 25, 2017, to move forward the preceedure regarding the “Affordable Health Act”. I say that bill is full of balony, in my opinon as a former RN, written by people who have no idea what the needs are of our most vulnerable citizens: the disabled and the elderly. READ MORE