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Tax on Disability – Update

As a member of CCD in Colorado I recieve upates on concerns for people with disabilites. I have been following the proposed Healthcare bills via emails from Julie Reiskin in Colorado.

Below I copy and pasted the latest  urgent email concerning #TaxOnDisability. I hope will will social share then take appropriate action to voice your concerns as to what you bleive is just and right for America. READ MORE


More than 5 Things to Do NOT to Your Sick Kids

Cold and flu season are here once again. Parents want to help their children feel better fast …and get some rest themselves. It is all too easy to grap a bottle of fun colored liquid to sooth a sick child with out reading directions…I want to get parents to THINK TWICE before medicating a sick child.

This post will attempt to pull together safety precautions when caring for ailing little ones. This is NOT intended to be medical advice, but to alert grown ups on stuff that you really should read directions before using OTC and herbal remedies. Not meant to be medical advice. READ MORE


10 Things You Need to Prepare BEFORE You Build a Website

So you want to build a website to promote your book, product or business.

This post will give you a few ideas on what to think about when begining to think of your own website.

I have friends who have great ideas who are thinking of starting a new business. They have heard that they need a website, but they are not very tech savy. They ask, “Where do you begin to open a website? READ MORE