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A Dozen Ideas to Make A Tee-shirt into An Animal and More

Do you need a cheap dress-up costume for a school skit or a birthday party activity that the kids will remember and wear long after the gift wrapping paper is thrown away? this post will get you started thinking of ideas that you can make with what you have in the house and a few little extra costumes parts.

Tee-shirt costumes I made that were on display. Peter Pan Tee, Dinosaur Spine Tee-shirt.


Watch this short video below for some inspiring ways to use basic TEE-shirts a pair of animal ears a tail or maybe a visor with a cute animal face.

To Explore Heart Felt Play Store Click HERE to begin discovery all the fun stuff for kids you can’t find just anywhere or all in one place.

Click HERE to view current Tee-shirt and animal costume accessories.

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Cheap Cow Costume

You can so do this yourself.

  • tee-shirt
  • Cut felt pieces into irregular shapes
  • Use fabric glue or hand sew onto tee-shirt
  • Tail is made from a long scrap of cow pattern fleece. Cut the end for fringe. Use a safety pinned to the back
  • Cow Visor is manufactured. ( No Non’cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store did have these adorable cow face visors in the catalog. They only fit small child heads…unless you want to cut the elastic in the back. Replace it with a long piece of elastic or a string. I do have a few to take to a local Pop up Shop at Tantrums Resale. in Colorado Springs,CO. Feel free to email me to work out a deal if you find these too irresistible. Include your phone #  and best time to call you back.

Diy cheap cow costume. Manufacture visor


Kids can be the tiger they always wanted to be.
Tiger and cat ears are extremely popular currently with the little girls You can buy this tiger ears and tee shirt package online Click HERE


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Give a big ROAR for Dinosaurs!

Add a back bone spine to your dinosuar costume

Here is a fun Dinosaur Party activity for the birthday boy and 2 guests.

Wear plain or add dino-spots. Top your head with a molded dinosaur hat.


   Dinosaur Party of 3 with Tees-shirt and molded dinosaur hats. Click HERE.


Use a paper plate as a template, cookie cutters or stencils to decorate a Tee-shirt.

Need someone to Brain-Storm with about decorating Tee-shirt?

Email, No Non-cents Nanna at Replies within in 24 to 48 hours.

Dinosaur stencils

20 Ideas for Kid’s Tee-Shirts to Accessorize for Make and Take Arts and Crafts

3 Easy Peasy DIY Costume

Does everyone really want to be a cat?

  • Tee-shirt
  • Cat ears Headband
  • Use eye liner to draw on whiskers
  • If you want you can paint your face more elaborately with face paint…it’s you choice just for the fun of it.


Tee-shirt Set: Old Grey Cat Ears sold on-line Heart Felt Play Store for a cheap and easy costume for kids’ play or Halloween.


Giraffe Beanie with Child's Tee-shirt



Giraffe Beanie with Child’s Tee-shirt Click HERE


Construction Mini Mosaic Puzzle Set


Construction Hat with Child’s Tee-shirt Set for 3 Click HERE

Use fluorescent duct tape from Dollar Tree to add safety stripes to the shirts and hats.

Below is the beginning of a construction workers shirt. I constructed real fast for an out door event. When I complete the project I will cut down the middle , add more duct tape and have a vest.

When I get this completed I will update.




When your kids act like monkeys let them dress the part with:

I would use an old brown sock. Cut it in half  keeping the heel so the tail curls a bit. then sew up so it is skinnier like a monkey tail. Stuff it. Safety pin it to the rear end.

Monkey Visor with Child’s Tee-shirt Click HERE


Monkey Visor with Child's Tee-shirt


Another idea for a tail for a monkey, a cat, a dog etc is to roll up a sock. Then wrap duct tape around it for a tail.


Really Cheap Monkey Costume

  • Tee shirt
  • Cut the corners to round of the corners of a light colored piece of felt or scrap of fabric form what ever you have that you don’t care if you cut up. Maybe an old tee-shirt.This will be the belly. For older monkeys, (not kids) you may want to use a magic marker to draw on a six pack and nipples.
  • Use fabric glue or hand sew on the front of tee-shirt.
  • Cut brown and pink ears out. I used brown and pink felt. You can use a brown paper bag for ears.. Fold the material in half. before you cut. Leave the fold
  • un-cut.
  • Use any headband you have in the house. I get headbands at Dollar Tree. Fold front and back of the ears over the head band . Glue or hand stitch the front and back together.
  • Use an old panty hose leg or brown sock  to stuff for the tail.

Really cheap monkey costume



Let’s Give a big ROAR for Dinosaurs!

Kids love dinosaurs every day of the year. Not just for Halloween costumes

How to Give Your Dinosaur Some Back Bone

The mask color did not come out too well in editing the tee-shirt. You can buy Foam Dinosaur Masks in sets of 6 from my Hear Felt Play Store Click HERE

For those who only want one mask…how can you chose? They are so cute. I sell them for $3 each at local Pop Up Shop currently at Tantrums Resale in Colorado Springs, CO. For those of you who really really want just one mask, fell free to start the conversation by emailing Feel free to ask for more ideas on putting together a Dinosaur Dig.

Minimum postage starts at $3. That’s not my idea but the US Postal System’s idea


How to give your dinosaur some back bone . Cheap costume kids want to wear every day


You have been waiting patiently to learn how to add the spine on this dinosaur shirt here goes my secret.

  • Fold the shirt in half with the back side facing up.
  • Mark a strait line down the back starting 1/2′ to 2″ below the neck line binding. Draw the line down to about 1′ or 2 ”  above the hem.  You can use chalk or a marker/
  • CUT with scissors on the line. Sewing shear will work best. Yep, I know it feels scary the first time. But if you use a Dollar Tree Tee-shirt, It’s only $1
  • Have your pre-cut felt spine stripe about 3-4 ” wide. the bumpy part of the spine can be rounded off or in triangle points.
  • Fold the strip in !.2 long ways.  ONLY cut one side of the felt strip in about 1/2 the way. It is too much work to cut single pieces.
  • Turn  tee-shirt inside out.
  • The  flat side will go right  side to right side of the tee shirt. The un-cut straight edge will line up with the straight edge of the tee-shirt back. The points will be inside for now. It may not seem right until you turn the shirt right side out.
  • Pin the seam together.
  • Sew by machine or by hand about 3/4 ‘  depending on how wide you cut the long strip.
  • Turn your shirt around.
  • Tah -DaH. A Dinosaur with back bone!

Free hand drawing of a dinosaur on a tee-shirt. The boy who designed this used fabric markers

Don’t you just Dinosaur Dig this example of how to craft a tee-shirt? Our 8-year-old neighbor boy designed this Tee-shirt.

Plain Apple Green Tee-shirt click HERE


We used a paper plate template to trace the shape of a heart on a tee-shirt.

Own very own Sophie-Do-It used a heart shape paper plate template to start her bug/ butterfly body.

We put a sheet of paper between the Tee-shirt layers to avoid possible ‘bleeding”.

Miss Piggy Wanna-be

Being a pig is all about the snout..oink…oink! And ear headbands help to pull it off.

No Nn-cents Nanna just happen to have the nose and ears in the Heart Felt Play Store catalog. Click HERE

Three Little Pig’s Noses HERE for set of 3 pig snout oinkers.  For just one nose email us to request jut one little pig nose at $2 each. I must warn you tat when mailed all by it’s lonesome the postage will start at $3.00. the postal zones away from Denver may add to the postage fee of up to $4.00

Pretty in pInk tee-shirt ( size 6-8 only ) Ping nose and pig ears. Click HERE


Pink Pig Snout with ears and pink Tee shirt set sold on-line Heart Felt Play Store

Plain Pretty Pink Tee-shirt  and pig nose/ ears click HERE


Teen Turtle Tee-shirt

Start with a dark green tee-shirt and two shades of green felt.

Some people use a turkey roasting pan to spray paint. I’m too cheap. Besides, I know several boys who did not want to take off their teen turtle shirt so they slept int them. I don’ t know if that meet safety standards for sleep wear, tho’, but it sure beats sleeping on a turkey pan.


Front of a diy Teen Turtle Tee-shirt costume

How to Make a Turtle from a Tee-shirt

  • Cut the large size rectangle piece of light green felt foe the under side of the turtle like the image above for the six-pack
  • Use a light marker to draw on the six-pack But, you could use fabric glue. Be sure to set something heave like a few books on top white the glue dries.
  • I used my sewing machine to stitch the six pack on as I sewed the under belly on. You could hand stitch , too.

How to Make a Turtle Shell Back

How to make a Teen Turtle Tee-shirt back side of shell.

  • Use a dark green felt. I use the large sheets of felt some times.
  • Fold fabric in 1/2. so you have 2 layers. Do NOT cut on the fold
  • Cut with shears to make round or oval shape.
  • You can use fabric glue to adhere the back of the shell or you can sew. I use a  sewing machine but you can hand sew the back of the shell.
  • Use a light marker to create you design something like I did. make as simple or complex and you have time.
  • I used Puffy Paint to give the a raise texture look.

Remember DiY your own costumes saves money. Unless you have all the professional tools and skills your costumes will not look like the way more expensive costumes in the POP UP costume shops. the results do not have to look perfect.

Making your own costumes with the kids is a fun family activity memory maker.


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20 Ideas for Kid’s Tee-Shirts to Accessorize for Make and Take Arts and Crafts

Teachers, birthday party planning parents and small children’s theater costume coordinators at some time have experienced the frustration of gathering all the pieces parts for a particular theme and budget.

A tee-shirt craft will last far longer than the birthday cake or those annoying paper party blowers the kids love. This post will show you how to mix and match a tee-shirt with kids’ favorite accessories the Heart Felt Play Store way.

No Non-cents Nanna / Heart Felt Play Store meets up with That Science Fairy at Tantrums Resale, 511 No Union, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Update Here I am with the Science Fairy at a local Tantrums Resale POP UP with my version of a Construction Workers vest. I “embellished” with duct tape.

BTW: do you like That Science Fairy’s Lab Coat?

We have a STEM surprise coming…check back or email us to find out first.


Heart Felt Play Store Kids love the Fun Collection. Moms and teachers love the affordable prices for conveniently gathered collection of kids favorite theme


I know I really do not like running all over town nor do I enjoy mixing and matching craft items from 3 or 4 online stores.

Note: colors from multiple manufacturers and lots will never exactly match. But will coordinate well enough for the kids.

No Non-cents Nanna’s  Heart Felt Play Store new Tee-shirt Collection is a work in progress: changing often.. Check out and bookmark the Tee-Shirt DIY Party Pack Collection Page

Idea #1

Cut off neckline and hems with sewing shears. Cut jagged edges to look tattered for  Peter Pan of shipped wrecked pirate tee-shirt.

Pirate costume a plenty created for Heart Felt Play Store: Shipped wrecked sailor shirts are only one example of a kids party craft activity. parents should cut ragged edges with sewing shears-not the kids. See post for more inexpensive Tee-shirt craft ideas with add-on ears; tails; fabric markers and more ideas you can use.


Every One Can Purchase a Tee-shirt Locally, but….

Sure, there are plenty of party sections at your local discount store or party shop, but…you need affordable materials that are unique are your birthday boy or girl or a little Sunday School skit.

My favorite place for Shipped Wrecked sailor shirts is Dollar Tree for a $1.*

* But, alas, when I need & tee-shirts in size 6 to 8 hunter green shirts they are all sold out at Dollar Tree. I have had that happen. You get what you get! That is why I added basic plain Tee-shirts to my e-commerce store.

Prepare to Be Inspired…

I will be updating this post with more images…I cheated with my old images.

I would love to see images on what you came up with on Heart Felt Play Store Facebook page.

Do you need personal attention for a tee-shirt party theme craft? Email us at

Are you following my Pinterest’s boards such as Tee-shirts Tails and Other Accessories? click HERE to view.

Idea #2 Cookie cutters

Cookie cutters make wonderful stencils for an outline to color in with fabric markers or fabric paint. I usually trace the shape on cardboard from an empty cereal box. Then use my large sewing shears to cut out the shapes for tracing patterns for the kids.

Cookie cutters for play dough shapes or tracing template patterns


Start Creating with a Basic Tee-shirt

Apple Green Tee-shirt

Get inspired for kids party make and take craft with this light green basic tee-shirt. Create a dinosaur Tee-shirt; bug T-shirt and more just by adding a few accessories like fabric markers; dinosaur tails’ butterfly wings or masks from Heart Felt Play Store.  Click HERE to see current tee-shirt inventory at


New sewing Peter Pan tee-shirt. Add a felt hat.


    Idea #2 Turtle shirt with fabric glue or sewn on felt front and shell.

Easy DIY turtle T-shirt. DIY idea or custom from Heart Felt Play Store


      Idea #3

Add Wings to a basic color co-ordinated tee-shirt. Buy a pair of pterodactyl wings from Heart Felt Play Store or use: tissue paper; felt; cardboard’ or brown paper bag to make wings.


Pterodactyl wings yellow/ green have just flown into Heart Felt Play Store. Add a color co-ordinated t-shirt, temporary tattoos, and a few dinosaur eggs to hunt and you have a party for dinosaur-loving kids. See post for more than 20 make and take craft ideas with t-shirts


          Idea #4

Add a dinosaur mask and tail to a basic tee-shirt. The kids can add their own spots to their Tee-shirt with fabric paint or fabric markers.

BUMBER: The dinosaur tails have gone extinct from our supplier. We only a very few tails in stock. Grap those tails before they are gone…gone..gone..for good. Click HERE for the purple tail while you can.

  •  For fun add a dino dig kit.
  • For dinosaur drawing inspiration check out the Shine and Reveal book Who’s Bones are Those?

Note: 6/21/18 until 6/30/18( or while supply lasts) Dinosaur Shine and reveal books are The DEAL of the DAY for 50% off.

Idea #5

Make DIY bug masks from a paper plate or purchase foam bug mask kits from Heart Felt Play Store wile supply lsts.. ( Feel free to request via our CONTACT form on any Heart Felt Play Store Catalog page.

Allow the party guest or classmates to decorate their own basic tee-shirt in coordinating colors.

Heart Felt Play Store will have small sets of Fabric Markers published and ready for sale. Reserve yours today by sending us an email at I will personally send you a special discount code to use once I have completely moved and done all the techie stuff at the new online sales portal to Volusion.

Just for fun add bug temporary tattoos or stickers.

DIY self-adhesive foam bug masks.

RUST Tee-Shirt

3 ways to turn a basic rust colored tee-shirt into an affordable craft for a kids party. See post for shopping link to mix and match t-shirts and craft accessories conveniently from Heart Felt Play Store. Click HERE to view current Tee-shirt inventory.

Add a Monkey Visor to a Tee-shirt

Click HERE


Monkey Visor with Child's Tee-shirt

Idea #6

Parents/ teachers can use large shears to cut fringe on leather or buckskin colors of tee-shirts.

Sew or hot glue leaves to look like a tree or plant.


Woodsman shirts or fringed tee-shirt with the buckskin look No Non-cents Nanna Heart Felt Play store. Sew or glue on felt leaves or parent/ teacher can cut off neck binding then cut long fringe.


          Idea #7

Our rust colored tee-shirt at Heart Felt Play Store will coordinate with our rubber dog nose ( latex elastic string).

Dog Nose / Hound Dog Ears with Tee-shirt

Add paw print temporary tattoos to inspire paw print design on a tee-shirt.

For the full dog look at dog ears and dog collar (wrist bracelet- do NOT try to wear on neck.)


6 piece Doggy Bag
This cello doggy bag is full of fun stuff kids will love this unique puppy collection as a party favor or stocking stuffer.
Cello Doggy Bag ( Not sold on any other page)
Dog Nose only ( See catalog page for Short pointed Dog Ears and Nose set )
Puppy Note Pad (Colors vary) Also sold in sets of 4 on another catalog page
Dog Collar Bracelet (Colors vary) Also sold on another catalog page
Paw Print Tattoo
Bone shaped Eraser Perfect for dog games. 
Add a rust-colored tee-shirt and dog ears to be a hound dog.


Idea #7 1/2 

Dog ears and nose added to a rust-colored shirt.

           Idea #8

The Rust Tee-shirt co-ordinates with the horse bandana for a simple costume.

Horse Bandanas can make a fun and cheap Halloween costume or easy dramatic play dress-up box clothes. Heart Felt Play Store. Add a rust-colored T-shirt and yarn horsetail

  Idea # 9

Are you Chicken?    well, not exactly. This is a DIY ROOSTER Mask Kit that will coordinate with the rust Tee-shirt as well. If you are feeling bold and beautiful, hot glue the Rust colored Tee-shirt with feathers….a-a-a-a-CHOO!

Yes, this mask is in stock, but, may not be updated to publish in Heart Felt Play Store’s new catalog.   Feel free to request information by email:  The online new url will be opened by June 7th.

Make your own ROOSTER mask. You could make a turkey too. Add a rust colored shirt with a detachable feather collar. ttps://


RED Basic Tee-shirt

How many diy crafts activities can a kid party guest create from their own basic RED tee-shirt if you can buy a pre-packed kit of accessories; fabric markers, tails, ears and more from Heart Felt Play Store? See post of 20 ideas with 8 colors of T-shirts and accessories ideas.

What to you think about trimminga red tee-shirt with white fabric adn big buttons for the Santa in the Summer look>

      Idea #10

Add dinosaur wings, dinosaur gloves to a red tee-shirt

Bad news: The dinosaur tails and wings are discontinued by my suppliers. Only a very few left in stock. Grab the last of the dinosaurs tails and dragon wings before they go extinct.

Click HERE to for current dinosaur parts in stock.


Dragon parts for sale. Red dragon wings, red, dragon tail, red dragon gloves. free masks for a limited time. Also available in purple and green Add a red tee-shirt. Use fabric markers to personally spot the dinosaur.

Idea #11

Be a valentine/ ladybug by adding a pair of wings and antenna.

You can also use cardboard or felt for wings. Use fabric paint or fabric markers to spot the ladybug.

Surprise your little lady bug with this Red and black heart lady bug wing set for Valentine’s Day. Add wings to a red or black tee-shirt. or Spot a red tee-shirt with black fabric markers or fabric paint See post.


 BLACK Tee-shirt

take a Basic BLACK Tee-shirt; fabric markers; animal ears or tails the watch the kids create their own unique craft to wear. See post for more than 20 make and take craft ideas for children ages 5 to 10 enjoy when added to ears, tails and more.


    Idea #12

Add a bandana to a white or black tee-shirt. Wear around the neck or pull over your face. You can use fabric paint or glue on irregular shapes to look like cow markings.

Cow banda to carry in your pocket when you feel like dressing up like a cow or need to desperately need a handkerchief to blow your nose… Wear a basic black Or white Tee-shirt. Use a fabric marker or fabric paint to add the finishing touches to your cow.
or would you rather be a pig? Are pig ear and a pink tee shirt with a pig bandanna. Explore Heart Felt Play Store for more silly animal costume pieces parts

 Purple Tee-shirt

Give a kid a basic purple tee-shirt and some diy make and take package of decorating suppies adn what do you get? Something unique that a kids age 5 to 10 can wear. See post for 20 ideas for your child’s next bithday party

Idea #13

Who loves that Purple Dinosaur on the kid’s show? Well, here is basic purple tee-shirt for starters.

Idea #14

Be a talking flower. Wear a headband with your t-shirt. Decorate your shirt with leaves or additional flowers. You may come up smelling like a rose.

Get inspired No byNon-cents Nanna’s purple talking flower headband. ( I do have a few left in a box in the closet. Feel free to use email us to start a conversation if you are too busy to create your own headband.)

One-of-a-kind purple rose MadHatter inspired headband. Similar will be available before Mad Hatter Day Wear a purple tee-shirt. hot glue green leaves onto the shirt. then wear a diy flower headband just for fun. For more t-shirt accessorizing ideas see post


Bonus idea

Add a purple dinosaur tail to a purple tee-shirt. Green spots optional.

Stuffed dinosaurs tails to belt on then drag behind the kid’s behind for a dinosaur party; dress-up or school play. Add a basic purple or green tee-shirt. Use fabric markers or fabric paint to spot your own diy dinosaur shirt.
The Purple dinosaur tail with green dots is sold on this page. The No Non-cents Nanna had to separate the red dinosaur tail and green dinosaur tail then send them to their own pages.

Idea #15

Add balloons to a basic Tee-shirt.

Pastels on a light colored Tee-shirt can look like a bubble bath.

Purple balloons on a basic purple Tee-shirt can make you look like a bunch of grapes.

Use ballons to trun a basic tee-shirt into a bubble bath or a bunch of grapes


Basic Pink Tee-shirt

One pretty pink basic tee-shirt can become almost anything a girl age 5 to 10 can imagine when they have a pre-selected kit of make and take supplies. See post for 20 ideas a kid can make with little preparation on the parent’s or teachers part. See post for 20 ideas and where to buy

Idea #16

Wearing a basic pink, beige or chocolate Tee-shirt will be a good start for a hula skirt or a banana leaf skirt.

Wear a bikini top over the tee-shirt. Or do some artwork with fabric markers, fabric paint or cut out bra shaped felt sewn or glued on.c

In this image Sophie-Do-It models one of my old felt creations, the banana leaf skirt made from felt plus trim. ( I still have a few tucked away. But no longer am able to craft.)

Sophie-Do-It does her version of a Hawaiian hula in her tropical leaf hula-inspired apron skirt. Hand-crafted from felt and tulle in small sizes only. Handcrafted  for girls who love to watch Disney Moana movie over and over and dramatic play the tropical theme. Heart Felt Play Store. Add a pink t-shirt to wear under a bikini swimsuit top. Or parents can draw a bikini top on the T-shirt. then let the girls color the bra top any way they like.


Idea #17

Pink is the perfect color for a piglet.

Heart Felt Play Store has pig bandanas in stock that can pair up with a basic pink Tee-shirt

Note: at this time we only carry the child size 6 to 8.

Pig bandana for the times in your life when you want to be a pig. Add a basic pink tee-shirt from Heart Felt Play Store . See post for 20 ideas on how to accessorize a basic tee-shirt for a costume or craft activity are a barn yard birthday party for the kids


Idea #17 1/2

Add a pig snout and a headband pair of ears.

Would you rather be a pig?
2 piece Pig Costume Set.
Two piece set includes pig ears on a plastic headband and latex pig snout/ nose. OINK! OINK! Add a tee-shirt and a curly yarn tail to these pig accessories.


Idea #18

Yes you CAN allow your daughter to wear a tutu and pair of fairy wings with a basic Tee-shirt.

No need to decorate. But you can with washable dots glitter glue,

Now we have the wings and coordinating tulle skirts to dress like the fairy we girls have always imagined in this 6 piece set. 3 colors to choose from Heart Felt Play Store. Add a basic pink, blue or light green tee-shirt. And glitter glue and fabric paint designs.( Stock is limited.)

Basic Light Blue Tee-shirt

What can your child and a few birthday party guests do with a light blue tee-shirt and a budget freindly pre-packeged kit? See post for 20 ideas on how a basic tee-shirt can make your child next birthday party memorable with little mess.


Idea # 19

Add tiara to a basic tee-shirt and you will make almost any little princess wanna so very happy.

If you are not into handing over a bottle of washable glitter glue or fabric paint- in case you child wants to the the tee-shirt for 5 days in row, No Non-cents Nanna has an alternate idea…Check out the temporary washing star or heart tattoos in the Heart Felt Play Store catalog. ( Please bear with me as I edit the catalog and create new money saving add-on packages for the basic tee-shirt line.


2 piece Princess in Blue
Little girls will love to decorate their very own blue princess tiara to wear with this adorable light blue tulle skirt. Add a bas tice-shirt. Allow the girls to use fabric markers to drawn on their own jewels. Add glitter clue to make the jewelry on the shirt sparkle
Tulle skirt ties on at the waist with two 13 1/2 ” ties to accomodate 24″ to 36″ waist lines. Fits most child sizes. ( Add a 2nd tutu skirt for us Big Girls like mom and grandma who still play dress-up with the grandkids.)
The tulle skirt is 17 1/4″ long
This foam crown has pre-cut design ready to punch out then decorate. We suggest small stick-on jewels; glue and glitter; markers.


Idea #20

Use fabric marders or fabric paint for the older kids to color in fish shapes on an ocean blue tee-shirt.

Plastic fish are perfect for learning math concepts. Kids can pretend to fish on a their own tropical island adventure. ” encourages Heart Felt Play Store founder.
Add a light blue tee-shirt then allow the party guests to use fabric makers to color in their own fishes in the sea.


Basic Orange Tee-shirt

Idea #20

Add a pumpkin beanie to be a pumpkin. Or use yellow fabric paint to create a pumpkin face.

How many costume or party theme ideas can you use a basic orange for? See post for 20 ideas on how to use a basic T-shirt for a budget friendly craft activity for kids ages 5 to 10.

Idea #21

Make a safety vest by adding bright yellow duct tape.

Idea #22

Giraffe visor will top off a decrated tee-shirt. Just add giraffe spot iwth fabric marker or fabric paint. Parents may choose to hot glue on felt shapes for the long neck giraffee look on the basic tee-shirt.

Giraffe visor Heart Felt Play Store ZOO Animal Visor Giraffe. Add a yellow or orange tee-shirt. Use brown fabric markers to mark giraffe marks on the tee-shirt. See post for more 20 tee-shirt accessory ideas.

Idea #22 1/2

Tiger beanie for the tiger head. Use black fabric markers to draw on tiger stripes an orange tee-shirt.

Tiger Beanie from Heart Felt Play Store. Add an orange tee-shirt . Allow the children to use black fabric markers to draw on the tiger stripes.


Basic Grey Tee-shirt

A basic grey/ gray Tee-shirt is perfect for a grey cat body. Just add cat ears and eye brow pencil whiskers. But wait…there are 19 more basic T-shirt make and take craft ideas for kids ages 5 to 10 See post for over 20 ideas to create with re-packaged kits from Heart Felt Play Store


Idea #23

Grey is great for elephant. Add an elephant maks and baggy grey leggings.

Add a basic grey tee-shirt to elephant mask and baggy leggings. Elephant masks and grey leggings to
Heart Felt Play Store


Idea #24

You CHEETAH! Almost every girl wants to be a cat.

Heart Felt Play Store has a few cheetah sock in stock and some ahdn crafted ears. You can paint on cheetah spot to a basic tee-shirt.

Just for fun check out all the jungle animal ears and tails at Heart Felt Play Store.

Add-on washable temporay tattoos or stickers. (Current stock is in the process of editing for moving saving add-on bargain when  you purchase our basic tee-shirts. Please bear wih me, Malika Bourne, the No Non-cents Nanna as I work on updating Heart Felt Play Store. If you need something you do not see on the catalog please use the CONTACT FORM n any Heart Felt Play Store Catalog page. If you leave yoru phone # I will personally call you back with in 24 hours frma 719 phone phone area code.)


Novelty socks with coordinating head bands with animal ears to accessorie a basci grey t-shirt. Allow the kids to use fabric paint or fabric markers to added their own jungle animal spots.


Idea #24 1/2

Cat ears compliment a grey tee-shirt. Click HERE to purchase from Heart Felt Play store catalog.

Fuzzy grey car ears headbands compliment a basic grey tee-shirt for #girlsfashion statement

Basic Navy Blue Tee-shirt

No ide or funds to get a t-shirt printed for a good cause? Accessorize a kids basic t-shirt with a bandana for a good cause. See post for image of Autism Awareness bandanas

Idea # 25

Accessorize with a For a Good Bandana like this Autism Awareness Bandanda.

Autism Awarness Bandanna
Colorful Autism Awareness Bandanna The 20″ square poyester bandanna folds very nicley into a triangle bandanna to wear around the neck. Interlocking puzzle piece design in red, blue and yellow puzzle peices help raise awareness of autism. This awarness bandanna…


Check our our no budget quick video #1 over-view of Heart Felt Play Store products demonstrated by our own Sophie-Do-It in the post right below..

A Dozen Ideas to Make A Tee-shirt into An Animal and More

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My Bra Died- But, I Survived Respiratory Distress and Sepsis

The day my bra died: I had plans to enjoy watching my grand daughter’s skating lesson I had no idea my life would turn on a dime that Saturday. Respiratory distress can happen to any one, particularly the very young; those with chronic lung conditions and those over age 65. Today I was the one who had an life threatening event.

I felt awful when I woke up at 2 AM that day. But, I still was still trying to putter around. This blog shares some personal details about why ER staff had to cut off my clothes on a recent Saturday. I encourage you my readers to think about what IF you were in a similar medical crisis. What would you do?

I got citicaly ill so quickly. The ER staff had to cut my clothes off. This is waht was left of my best bra, new sweater jacket and tank top. But I survived acute respiratory distress with hypoxia.

I could not put my finger on it.I was thinking I had a repeat sinus infection. My face was cherry red. I had been complaining of aspiration all too often.

Since I don’t drive I called Dispatch, a local Mobile Urgent Care Provider in Colorado Springs. There were to arrive at my door around 12:30.

I was in acute repiratory distress. I could not utter a sound. I could not speak- sign of repiratory distress a 911 emergency.


I had prepared to pay my co-pay, show my insurance card, my medication list. my doctors’ names and my CODE STATUS as DNR etc  to the PA and Paramedic that were coming from Dispatch Mobile Urgent Care. I had written down my symptoms, which were not significant at all at the time.

I went to the bathroom before they arrived. Leaving the bathroom I heard them knock on the door. I tired to say, “Come in,” as I approached the door but no sound came out of mouth.

I was speechless.

As the two men walked into my home, I held my hands to my throat. ( Universal sign that a person can not breathe.)

I grabbed a pen and paper to write messages to the urgent care providers. I was not choking, but my air way had closed up: a life threatending event.( My images above are after-the fact.)

The universal sign for choking is hands clutched to the throat. If the person doesn’t give the signal, look for these indications:

  • Inability to talk
  • Difficulty breathing or noisy breathing
  • Squeaky sounds when trying to breathe
  • Cough, which may either be weak or forceful
  • Skin, lips and nails turning blue or dusky
  • Skin that is flushed, then turns pale or bluish in color
  • Loss of consciousness

Please read the full article from Mayo Clinic. Knowing what to do quickly may save a life. This article is anecdotal: not meant to be medical advice.

My throat had been spasming and losing my voice with increased frequency over that few weeks. I had been receiving medical care and under going tests…lots of tests… to determinine why I was loosing function on my right side. I knew all of this was related to what ever was going on with me. I was worried and wanted to prevent  aspiration pneumonia after inhaling liquids and food particals so often. ( Up coming post will share about my respiratory appointments at National Jewish Hospital in Denver.)

Aspiration pneumonia

Aspiration pneumonia occurs when you inhale food, drink, vomit or saliva into your lungs. Aspiration is more likely if something disturbs your normal gag reflex, such as a brain injury or swallowing problem, or excessive use of alcohol or drugs.


  • Bacteria in the bloodstream (bacteremia). Bacteria that enter the bloodstream from your lungs can spread the infection to other organs, potentially causing organ failure.
  • Difficulty breathing. If  pneumonia is severe  have chronic  lung diseases… you may have trouble breathing in enough oxygen…. hospitalized and use a breathing machine (ventilator) while your lung heals…

I am talking abut serious stuff here...Please read the entire article from Mayo Clinic to be better informed more of the potential compliction of aspiration pneumonia.

At this point when basic urgent medical care was at my door, my air way had shut off. I was suddenly in acute distress. I happened so fast.

  •  The two trained medical professionals knew by looking at me that I was in trouble.
  • While one took my vital signs the other one called 911 for emergency transport.

I was extremely week, but I wanted to gather my stuff…I’m no pansey! I have alwasy been the rescuer rather than the victim.

Within minutes my apartment was filled with people wearing big fire men coats and others wearing uniforms. ( I thought, I have dirty idsshes in the sink.) They got me on a gurney then took me thorugh the patio door to the parking lot where  a fire truck and ambulance were waiting. I heard my neighbors wishing me well.

In inside the ambulance, some one told me, “Malika open your eyes. come on…open your eyes.” I could understand the urgency in the voice.

I struggled to open an eye. ” Open your eyes…we may have to *tube her.” ( I was thinking that I wanted to tell them they my right eye lid muscles do not work. I have blephrospasms. Sometimes my eye lids clamped closed. Taht I why I am getting very specailize neuorlogical care.)

I felt some one pick up my left hand. I briefly open an eye that signal my rescuers I was still with them…sort of…

When I had my eye opened I sawa my left hand that they were starting on IV in was really, really , really BLUE. I wanted to point out that fact to the paramedics. I wanted say, ” My hand is blue.” But, I still could not speak.

Besides they had a O2 cannula in my nose then at some point a Bi-pap over my nose and mouth that forced air into me.

I only live 2 miles from the closest hospital. Normally it is a 10 to 15 minute taxi ride. I had no o of the trip other than the commands ” Malika! Open, your eyes for me…open your eyes.” I did not want to open my eyes, but some one inisitantly shaking my shoulder.

I remember the rush of cold air as gurny left the ambulance with me strapped to it.

Then voices again were telling me, MALIKA! Open your eyes…Get ready to tube her.” I knew what that meant. They were about to intubate me. I was so weak I did not care if they put an artificial airway or not. I opened my eyes to see at least a dozen people in a room waiting for me.

Tracheal intubation, usually simply referred to as intubation, is the placement of a flexible plastic tube into the trachea (windpipe) to maintain an open airway or to serve as a conduit through which to administer certain drugs. It is frequently performed in critically injured, ill, or anesthetized patients to facilitate ventilation of the lungs, including mechanical ventilation, and to prevent the possibility of asphyxiation or airway obstruction.


Recovery with CPAP and O2 post acute respiratory distress reenctly. My hair is n’t combed and I did not care. See post on my experince with severe respiratory infection and ER care

Life Saving Pioritities

“MALIKA, we are going to cut off you clothes to get an XRAY and get some IV lines and medication in you..”

I thought, “CRAP! That is my new sweater jacket. OMG! I am wearing my best bra..NO-O-O-O-O-O-O!” But I could not speak. I had no strength to resist the medically necessary action. AS an old RN, I knew they did what they had to do, but still…I just bought that nice sweater.

I had so many people working on me. I heard some one tell me they were doing an ABG (arterial blood gas). Some one else said, “I’m starting another line in your right hand.” ( Intravenous neede inserted into the vein to infuse fluids.)

I heard some one say, ” Her WBC is 27. lactate is 4.” I knew they were talking about my White Blood Cell Count YIKES! I had an infection! I knew what Lactate was in the ER, but still my brain thought of “lactating mothers”…I had worked in OB for years, but the terms meanings are not the same.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to infection causes injury to its own tissues and organs.[8] Common signs and symptoms include feverincreased heart rateincreased breathing rate, and confusion …..


Power and Control

The ER staff was in charge.

I could hear what was going on in the ambulance and the ER. I could not respond except to work hard to open a eye now and then. I appreciated everyone talking to me and telling me what they were doing.

I could NOTHING to help myself, yet, the staff who so professionally spoke to me telling me what they were doing made me feel safe and secure with some remaining elements of me still have some kind of power and control over my own life at a point when I desperately needed help.

IV pump machnes with tubes adn bags of lfuid hanging may look scary. But, gratefully people today can get fluid support and medically necessary medications very quckily via IV into a vein.

Thank You!

I want to say Thank you to the Colorado Springs Dispatch Mobile Urgent Care crew, AMR paramedics, and the Memorial Hospital Central ER staff who worked like a wheel oiled machine to save my life April 7, 2018.

I survived acute respiratory distsress and whopping infection; sepsis, because of the quick action of local Colorado Springs medical professionals.


Note: my disabled son wears a “I’ve fallen and can’t get up button for himself. Unfortunatley, that emergency call system is extremely unsatfisfactory in responce time. 5 to 10 minutes to answer if at all. If the urgent care team had not been in our home when my airway closed up the resoonce time would have been too late.

This blog post is plently long and I sitll want to typo a big thank you to Memorial Hospital Med Surg staff in Colorado Springs for their wonderful inpatitent care while I was hospitalized. ( Special thank you to Mary. You know who you are.)

That experience will be in a post following. I want to address a few more medical issues for my readers to begin thinking about for themselves.

Do you have your advanced medical directives in writing? My wish is for no extra ordinary heroic measures to keep me alive. My CODE status is DNR Do Not Resusuitate. See blog post for my why.


My Advance Medical Directives: DNR

No matter your age or medical history everyone needs to have an Advance Medical Directive in place. If you do not yet, my readers, please start talking about and writing out your emergency wishes for medical care TODAY!

I have papers plasterd on my refrigerator about  medications; my Advanced Directives; my doctors; my allergies and my individual medical conditions that will affect my care in the owrst case scenario..

IF and when a para medic or fire department answers a call they will look at the refigertor door to see if ther are any notes about medical directions. Dear readers, if you don’t already have important medical information on your refrigerator door for every member of your family, please do so before you go to bed tonight. That handy information may save a life.

What’s this about DNR?

Decades ago my sisters and I had soem serious discussions after our mother suffered her first strokes. Medical staff asked our father what he and mother would want to do if her heart stopped. Our parents really had never talked about. Our dad, quite frankly was totally clueless to anything medical. In fact few healthy people ever think about what IF an accident happens?

Intubating me while still alive with a heart beat would have been fine. But if my heart stopped, I do not want any heroic efforts beyond a little effort to make me come back to life then keep me in a state of ‘not really living’. I have chosen DNR to take the burden off of any staff and my family frm having to make a tough call and always wonder, ” Did I make enough effort? Did I make the right choice to stop CPR?”

My wish is to do what you can can…then let me go in peace. I can not make that decsison for you, dear readers. I want you to please think about the unthinkable. Have a plan of action so you don’t put any more stress on your family by having prepared no last wishes.

I know I was near death on April 7th. I was in no pain. NO white light. No guardina angel calling me home. I did hear the voices of people helping me and that gave me peaceful confidence when I could not care for myself…the white lights were medcially necesasry in the ER… they followed protocol to support my breathing properly. If my heart had stopped my DNR records on my medical chart ; my wallet and posted on my frig relieved rescuers of responcibility to do extra ordinary measures to keep my body alive, except fo organ transplant or for research donation.

I am still recovering from a nasty upper respiratory infection, but I really wanted to get my thoughts typo’ed asap.That is enough to think about for today.



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