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How My Psychic ‘Friend’ Convinced Me of the ‘Truth’ part 2

Hits: 1This post is part two of How ‘My’ Psychic ‘Friend’ Convinced Me of the ‘Truth’ by Malika Bourne. A decade ago, I sheepishly admit that I lacked the skills to grasp the concept that some people are so sociopathic that most of what is uttered out of their mouths is a lie with the […]

Comment on Comment on How Did Christian Tabernacle of Washington, Iowa Go from Christian Church to Cult? Part one by Iowa Girl Sees Home Town Terrorized by Youth Group – No Non-cents Nanna by How ‘My’ Psychic ‘Friend’ Convinced Me of the ‘Truth’ part 1 | No Non-cents Nanna

[…] home church turned into a toxic cult that I left 40 years ago. But that is another story. Click HERE later to read that […] Source: Nannas Essential Oil Wellness Blog Hits: 9