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3 Easy Peasy DIY Costume Ideas from Heart Felt Play Store

Moms and Dad’s before you break the bank taking the kids to the creepy seasonal Halloween store…

there is an affordable way to to costume the kids and have fun learning experience, too even if you are not too crafty.

Heart Felt greetings, I’m No Non-cents Nanna the founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store. the blog started  out  giving you and the kids 3 fun ideas for silly monsters, robots, giraffe and even a turtle costume..npw updated with more 101 Affordable Dramatic Play Cpstumes and Props from Heart Felt Play Store more  inspiring for you when you click HERE or  the post link below.


DIY Monster or Robot foam masks for affordable fall pre-Halloween party craft. Limited stock Heart Felt Play Store.-add to wish list today.


The image above show DIY masks Heart Felt Play Store had on display locally.

Not available in the catalog today? No problem..use the contact form to request..expect delivery within 2 weeks.

  • DIY masks  kits are colorful pre-cut foam. Peel and stick the decorative pieces. Not for children under age 3.
  • Wear a color coordinating T-shirt decorated with a magic marker ...tah dah you have a costume the kids made themselves.

( Note: Make an time and money on tail end of local displayed inventory. Heart Felt Play Store has 1 set of robots masks : 1 set of monsters masks ; 1 set of zoo animals masks that are already put together for locally dispaly… selling very cheap to a lucky classroom. Aslo have a few alrady made T-shirts with masks from display. ….going…going…Please use CONTACT FORM on Heart Felt Play Store catalog to bid on before September 15…

Do you Like My Hats?


Easy peasy giraffe costume for kids to wear all year around long after Halloween.

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Grab a T-shirt of 2 from Dollar Tree that co-ordinates with masks, headband  ears and tail sets from Heart Felt Play Store- on-line.

Don’t want to buy a gross or even a dozen lion, tigers or bears?

Yes, Heart Felt Play Store sells most head bands and masks in small sets of 2, 3, 4, 6 depending on the collection. Many masks and headbands or tails are sold individually from a limited stock to keep prices low as possible for your budget. Feel free to ask using the CONTACT FORM on any catlog page.


Turtle Shirt you can make yourself or request custom order from Heart Felt Play Store:

Easy DIY turtle T-shirt. DIY idea or custom from Heart Felt Play Store



Bonus idea to copy.

Here is an old video Sophie-Do-it and I the No Non-cents me, had made a silly video showing off the foam horse visor ( small heads) and my hand-crafted horse tail that you can make very simply as well.

. Hand-crafted is being phased out and replaced with the manufactured animals tails. There are a few hand-crafted itemes stuffed in the back of the closet…now, if you ask Nanna very sweetly, hand-crafted  will be dug out and sold for Best Offer…

101 Affordable Dramatic Play Costumes and Props for Kids

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