3 Easy Peasy DIY Costume

Hits: 371Share:       Moms and Dad’s before you break the bank taking the kids to the creepy seasonal Halloween store… there is an affordable way to to costume the kids and have fun learning experience, too even if you are not too crafty.   The image above show DIY masks Heart Felt Play Store had on display locally. Silly Monsters Robots and BUGS come in DIY unassembled self adhesive kits. Just add a coordinaitng T-shirt.   DIY masks kits are colorful pre-cut foam. Peel and stick the decorative pieces. Not for children under age 3. Wear a color coordinating T-shirt decorated with a magic marker …tah dah you have a costume the kids made themselves. 20 Ideas for Kid’s Tee-Shirts to Accessorize … Continue reading 3 Easy Peasy DIY Costume