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5 Creative Gift Giving Ideas to Make a Big Statement

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Giving a  box of chocolates or 3 dozens roses are wonderful romantic gestures to some one special a dynamic gift.

But, what IF, you are the kind of guy or gal that thinks out of the engagement ring box box when giving a gift in a grand fashion – that’s doesn’t involve something as clunky as a really big tire or a s practical as a washing machine. I was thinking of Melissa & Doug large plush animals thru’ Heart Felt Play Store.



I’m thinking of something big under the Christmas tree this year…no it’s not a washing machine…what is it?


Picture somethings big under the Christmas tree….

When I was washing cloth diapers at the laundry mat, a washing machine under the Christmas tree would have been a fabulous gift!  But, I was thinking of something more romantic….and it is not as big as a washer or dryer.

Gifts for him? Gifts for her? Gift for some lucky kids? Here are 5 creative ideas.

Thinking of out of the engagement ring box ways to say ‘I love you” in a BIG way? -Heart Felt Play Store has some big warm and fuzzy ideas that will have people talking about. for long time. – see post


Well, my grandson has an idea of how to present a gal with a big ring…Ladies pay attention!

Your man may love to have a tire tire under the tree with you  and some mistletoe toe.  Thanks kiddo, but, Nanna doesn’t sell tires. We sell fun stuff for kids and kids at heart with an educational twist

5 Creative ideas to WOW some one special!

I don;t sell tires, but, I DO have Melissa & Doug large plush animals in my Heart Felt Play Store catalog that will be beautiful  room decor accents and great conversation pieces for years to come.

Enough of my silliness…let’s see pictures of the big plush animals.

No Non-cents Nanna eCommerce Heart Felt Play Store sells beautifully designed and constructed large plush animals.

Not guaranteed to be in stock- order asap before they sell out.

Melissa & Doug fine toys when ordered thru’ Heart Felt Play Store are drop shipped from a warehouse inside the United States. No need to worry about a gift coming on a slow boat from China…arriving late….Usually processed in 2 to 3 business days of less at this time before Black Friday.* ( Price is firm – will not drop for Black Friday nor cyber Monday.)


White Tiger

White Tiger - Large Plush


Can you envision this elegant white tiger with a big red bow around it’s neck with a diamond ring entwined with a sprig of mistletoe?

White Tiger Plush

  • lifelike Siberian tiger is hand-crafted and nearly life size
  • 4.5 lbs.Item Dimensions:9.5 L
    19.0 W
    23.0 H
  • Shipping Dimensions:9.5 L
    19.0 W
    23.0 H
  • Dramatic, realistic markings
  • Soft polyester fabric
  • Free shipping to you.


Kangaroo & Joey - Plush


Would a mother kangaroo and a Joey under the Christmas tree create a memorial moment when you want to declare “What a wonderful to say “I love you- we’re having a baby!”

Kangaroo and Joey- Plush
Kangaroo mom is 34 inches high x 31 inches long x 17 inches wide;
Joey, baby is 11 inches high

  • Lifelike details, including pouch and removable baby (joey)
  • Plush body looks just like a real kangaroo
  • Melissa & Doug
  • Free shipping to you.


Baby, it’s cold outside!

Attach tickets to this polar bear in an igloo cooler with the a love note that says,

“Baby it’s cold outside…so pack your bikini. We’re headed to the Bahamas!

White Glacier Polar Bear Plush


White Glacier Polar Bear Plush

Glacier Polar Bear Plush

  • This white polar bear is impressive size (nearly three feet long and standing 20 inches tall!)
  • Attention to realistic details–felt claws, padded huge paws, a soft, black nose, and a lovable expression
  • Free shipping
  • Drop shipped form Utah. Delivered UPS
  • Order thru’ Heart Felt Play Store HERE


Who’s the King of this Jungle?

Can you feel the love tonight with she or he sees this big jungle beast under the Christmas tree? ( Gr-r-r-reat gift for valentines day as well.)


Lion King Sized Plush


King Sized Lion Plush

  • Large plush Toy LION is the king of your child’ jungle. Beautifully detailed and lifelike manufacture by Melissa & Doug

Impress the love or your life with this beautifully crafted stuffed king of the jungle lion toy lying around under your Christmas tree. Attach tickets to a jungle safari in this lion’s mouth or event tickets to Disney Land and explore the jungle on the Jungle safari ride.

  • Free shipping to you.
  • Drop shipped from the United States when you order thru’ Heart Felt Play Store. click HERE to order asap before the Christmas rush. Not guaranteed to be in stock.
  • ( Price is firm- no Black Friday nor Cyber Monday price slashing. We are  picking the the shipping on this lion plush.)


Plans for a cruise?

Here’s a novel way to gift cruise tickets…with this sharks tooth grin.

Do you think you could hide this large plush shark under the bed or in the bath tub?


Shark Plush




  • Lifelike plush toy with beautiful markings and realistic shark details
  • Realistic markings but it won’t bite!
  • Soft polyester fabric
  • 40″ x 14″ x 15″
  • 3 yrs +


Come back to see us at No Non-cents Nanna’s blog real soon…our Heart Felt Play Store Catalog is stuffed with plush animals, wooden toys, toys, games and puzzles with more being added every week.

We highly suggest you purchase early  the unique items Christmas gift giving that generally are not on the discount stores shelves every week – stuff like large plush animals manufactured by Melissa & Doug.

Drop ship items ordered thru’ Heart Felt Play Store are not eligible for CASH & CARRY discounts at most local Colorado Springs POP Ups. Follow our Facebook page for limited times offers for local customers and our on-line customers in the United States.

Heart Felt Play Store will be at Tantrums Small Business Saturday, November 24 – Stocking Stuff-ers.
Cash & Carry discount for apx 17 % off
Don’t forget- Heart Felt Play Store will celebrate Black Friday at the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs

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Heart Felt Play Store will be there with stocking stuff-ers for kids… Mom & Dad I can be sneaky… so the kids don-t see you buy anything… just let me know how I can help you…CASH& CARRY discount about 17% vs eCommerce portal with plastic cards.

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