50 DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas That Start with a Tee-shirt

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Before the Halloween Pop Up Shops open their doors in town to lure you in to horrifying prices let’s think about how to save money this years by making a DIY Halloween costume with your child. I will list    of my own ideas then share with you a list of craft supplies, trims and pieces parts to embellish your DIY costume along with your creativity.

Just for fun sit down with your child to make a list of ideas that they would like to dress up as for Halloween…yes I know they just went Back to School, but, this will be a fun conversation that will last for weeks to come.

DIY a tiger costume for Halloween with an orange tee-shirt and black duct tape. Add tiger ears or a tiger beanie


I have 8 colors of basic Tee-shirt in my e-commerce store catalog plus a fun variety of costumes pieces parts. How many ideas for tee-shirt costumes can we come up with? I will get us started thinking. then as more creative ideas come in I will add to this post. Click HERE to view all current inventory in Heart Felt Play Store Catalog pages with Craft Tee-shirts

Apple Green is the kids favorite color to make a Halloween creature:


Apple green tee-shirt make the perfect base for a money saving Halloween costume. Can you help me by listing you ideas for a Halloween costume using an apple green Tee-shirt?
  1. Very Hungry Caterpillar
  2. Green Dinosaur – click to see Heart Felt Play Store for Green Dinosaur Tail
  3. Little Green Apple or the stem of a flower
  4. Fish
  5. Stalk of Celery or Green Beans add green pool noodles
  6. Lettuce in a BLT sandwhich
  7. Peter Pan or Tinker Belle ( Heart Felt Play Store has green wings and green tutu
  8. Turtle
  9. Green Crayon
  10. The Grinch
Front of a diy Teen Turtle Tee-shirt costume

One Basic Red Tee-shirt = so many costume possibilities.

DIY Halloween costumes save money and is a fun family activity. How many ideas can you name that a RED Tee-shirt is needed for a costume?.
  1. Fire Fighter tee shirt
  2. Big Red Dog
  3. Hot Dog
  4. Valentine/ Heart
  5. Strawberry/ Cherry/ Watermelon
  6. Where’s Waldo add white duct tape stripes
  7. Red Pop-cycle
  8. Red Crayon
  9. Tomato in a BLT sandwhich
  10. Bottle of Red Nail Polish


One Black Tee-shirt with so many possibilities for Halloween costumes

DIY your kids Halloween costumes starting with a basic black tee-shirt. How many ideas can you add to my list of tee-shirt basic Halloween costumes ideas?


  1. Black Bat
  2. Skeleton make bones with white duct tape
  3. Black Dog
  4. Skunk -See Heart Felt Play Store for Furry clip on Skunk Tail
  5. Black Bug of spider
  6. Bumble Bee with yellow duct tape stripes
  7. Black Sky with stars and moon
  8. Black Cat or Panther
  9. Ninja
  10. Panda add a white felt chest Click HERE to view  Panda Beanie from Heart Felt Play Store

Panda Beanie for Kids Tee-shirt Set


Pumpkin Orange Tee-shirt is a must when Halloween is in the air.

DIY Halloween costumes with a pumpkin orange tee-shirt. Share your idea to make our list of costumes ideas grow
  1. Pumpkin
  2. Carrot
  3. Tiger/ Cat with black duct tape stripes. See image above. Click HERE for Ears, Nose and Tails in Heart Felt Play Store catalog
  4. Fall Leaf
  5. Fox -See Heart Felt Play Store for Furry Orange clip on Fox Tail
  6. Fred Flintstone
  7. Orange Crayon
  8. Orange Pop-cycle
  9. Prison Orange
  10. Construction Workers vest with yellow duct tape stripes. Heart Felt Play Store sells plastic construction worker party hats


The No Non-cents Nanna shows a creative idea to make a construction workers vest with and orange tee-shirt and duct tape= work in porgress

Click HERE to browse HeartFeltPlayStore.com

I am always open to ideas that kids come up with themselves. Feel free to post your kids’ ideas on my Facebook page. Click HERE to follow @HeartFeltPlayStore on Facebook and share you ideas for cheap tee-shirt costumes.

To brows and Follow 100’s of Halloween Costume Ideas for kids, couples and families on Heart Felt Play Store  Pinterest boards click HERE and Costumes You Can Make Yourself click HERE



One Shade of Gray Tee-shirt and so many ideas to make a Halloween costume

One Shade of Gray tee-shirt and so many ideas to make cheap Halloween costumes for the kids


  1. Gray cat with or with out stripes Add Gray Cat Ears from Heart Felt Play Store
  2. Grey Sky with clouds and rain drops
  3. Old Grey mare she ain’t what she used to be
  4. Grey’s Anatomy
  5.  Mouse -Click to see Heart Felt Play Store Mouse/ Elephant Ears
  6. Elephant -Click to see heart Felt Play Store for Elephant Visor and Elephant Beanie
  7. Shark
  8. Raccoon -see Heart Felt Play Store for Furry clip on Raccoon Tail
  9. Shades of Grey add grey paint sample strips
  10. Grey Dinosaur See Heart Felt Play Store for Molded Grey Dinosaur Hat


Cat-Ears Headband and Grey Tee-shirt Set



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