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Comment on A World Disconnected: In the Beginning by No Non-cents Nanna is Back – No Non-cents Nanna

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[…] ·Please note that I have added a new category to my No Non-cents Nanna newly restored blog: A World Disconnected. On those pages you will get to read my research. For those who sign up, you will get to interact […]

A World Disconnected: In the Beginning

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Hits: 30This No Non-cents Nanna post is the background for the beginning of my upcoming psychothriller A World Disconnected. Follow the inner workings of this author’s mind during the creating unwritten pages into A World Disconnected A World Disconnected is a to-be-published sequel to my first novel The Secrets of the Unwritten Book. The truth is rather on the crazy side. I will explain some of the many secrets behind that first novel and why I have to write a sequel to undo the damage of the first book. In the beginning, when I wrote the first edition of my novel, The Secrets of the Unwritten Book, I did it all wrong. So, I republished changing the title somewhat, and […]