Teach Your Kids to Sew This Spring Break

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Do you or your kids know how to sew on a button or mend a ripped hem on your skirt?

Can they thread a needle?

Perhaps you always wanted to learn to embroider a gift?

Well, stop putting off learning this basic skill. Plan to learn to sew this Spring Break, Summer vacation or Winter Break. How about after school instead of mindless vegging out with video game?

Sophie-Do-It learns to sew. 4 year old turned a heart shaped pillow cover right side out; filled with stuffing then sewed the opening close. Of course it looked like a 4 year old sewed the pillow…and No Non-cents Nanna is so proud!


Six years ago I taught my 11 year old grand daughter to sew so simple embroidery stitiches. She plans on being a surgeon one day. She has a head start on those stitching skills.

Have you always wanted to learn to embroider? Take a class with the No Non-cents Nanna at Creative Expression in Colorado springs. Class now forming for September. Make your own holiday gifts this year.

Have you always wanted to learn to embroider?

Here are a few suggestions where you can ask for resources for you local places to learn to sew:

  • Fabric Store
  • Michaels Crafts
  • Church group
  • Library
  • YMCA
  • You own grand mother
Learn to sew a pillow or a draw string bag at beginning sewing class at Creative Expressions Colorado Springs. Small fee. All ages

Learn to sew a pillow or a draw string bag

What shall I sew?

  1. buttons
  2. pillow
  3. rice pack
  4. place mat
  5. hem a shirt
  6. mend a hole in a sock
  7. Learn how to use a sewing machine
  8. Small kids can use large plastic needle on burlap. (Provided)
  9. Make a dinosaur shirt
  10. embroider a hankie for grandma
  11. poodle skirt
  12. Begin basic sewing skills witha lacing craft.



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