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Can You Help Re-home 2 Cats an Dog in New York/ New Jersey Area by Oct 10?

My son got a phone call from a dear friend who is despeartely seeking to save the lives of 2 cats and a dog in the New York / New Jersy area. Time is running out for these sweet babies. Can you, please help us find them homes by Tuesday October 10? The  basic information is posted below the cats and dog’s images.

dog needs re-home see post if you can help

Here is the scoop on hwy the animals need a new home adn how I found out.

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My son has a dear freind in the New York City area. She called a few days ago about a tragic health issue of some one she is sort of related. The wonder for some reason got very ill leaving the animlas neglected for a short time. The owner will not be able to ever to reterun home adn take for her loving pets again. The dog and 2 sibling cats are now in a shelter. Their time is running out before they are killed.

My son’s friend called feeling very desperrated to save these critters lives. My son and I live in Colorado and really can’t add any pets any way. This post is a desperate plea to find some one who can give the 2 cats and one dog a loving new home.

You can message me, Malika Bourne owner of Heart Felt Play Store on FAcebook, via Twitter or a message on this blog page. I will connect you to our friend in NYC. Of course I am taking a risk of spam and un wanted messages. I will be rude if I think you are not the kind of person I want to get with. Got my drift?

The cats are roughly 10. The young-looking one is actually a little over a year older. The older, young-looking one is a brown tabby. Gorgeous cat, named Cinnamon. She’s shy & bossy with humans she knows/other animals. The other is gray and white, has extra paws (adorable birth defect) and loves to be loved, named Lucky. Docile, friendly, unobtrusive. The dog, Mallomar, nicknamed Mally, is a black lab/newfoundland mix. Black, huge, friendly 130 lbs, roughly. All are good with multiple pet homes.
The dog can go solo, but the cats kinda need to be paired. …that’s all I’ve got.



Cat is need of re-home


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