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Kids Will Love Exclusive New T-shirt Designs coming to Heart Felt Play Store

Discontinued Black cat T-shirt, hand-crafted curly black cat tail with foam black and white cat mask for the kids dress-up closet. hand crated T-shirt will be repalced by a very nice printed cat T-shirt in several colors. See post for updates.

What will your chid wear with a pair of cat ears, dinosaur tail or cow bandanna or horse visor? How about an exclusive T-shirt from Heart Felt Play Store that is so new it is not off the silk screen press yet? You heard about the new T-shirt before any one else has.

Images available in early October. Grown up size T-shirts may be special ordered for a few extra dollars and a few extra days. allow up to 2 weeks, but may be less depending on the weather.

The kids are going to love the new exclusive T-shirts coming soon to No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store just in time for very affordable Halloween T-shirt / masks or ears and tails costumes. These T-shirts can be worn every day of the year between washings.  READ MORE


Cause AWARENESS for Kids is Encouraged by Heart Felt Play Store

Awareness for a good cause for kids stickers, bracelets, temporary tattoos, bandannas, pencils, keychains and more & more in small quantities. Perfect for lunch box notes, no sugar trick or treats, stocking stuffers… available in October 2017 from Heart Felt Play Store.

Owner of Heart Felt Play Store tells parents, “You can encourage your child to help others be aware of childhood causes with fun little token they will love to wear or use.”

Awareness stickers, temporary tattoos, bandannas, pencils, bracelets and more & more  will be added in October 2017 to the inventory of Heart Felt Play Store.

Parents and grandparents may not want to buy 3 dozen or a gross of token reminder for the children that good character is valable. The very small one grandma on-line store only sells in small quantities, unless requested. These fun awareness items would make a nice addition to your child’s teachers reward jar. READ MORE


A Big Jaw Breaker Changed My Life: Inspiring Story

The No Non-cents Nanna practiced as a RN for many years teaching young children and parents about safety. This was not my nurses cap, my got left in a locker then went missing. This nurses cap was on display in a Washington, Iowa store window a few years back when my home town celebrated our Centential. Washington Iowa, knew me as Nancy Bakehouse before I legally started using my pen-name Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna

I was always going to be a teacher. I it happens that I have always been a very good teacher since i was 7 or 8 when I taught one of my younger sisters, a twin, how to read when she was 3. But, when I was teenagere a few horrible things happened that influenced my decision to go to nurses training instead of going to college to become a teacher.

Oh, I stll get to teach like  a nurse would and have spent a life time doing preventative teaching as a blogger and as an on-line entrepeneur. Way back in the 1960’s who could have guessed thatt a jaw breaker would change my future? READ MORE