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Why Giving Tuesday and NO Black Friday for this Store?

I don’t know about you, but I get hyper-excited about Black Friday/ Cyber Monday frenzy altho’ I have never ever stood in line on Black Friday, nor shopped the biggest shopping day of the year. I always sleep in AND I plan on sleeping in again this year.

This year, 2017 as No Non-cents Nanna’s on-line Heart Felt Play Store is approaching it’s 2nd Black Friday/ Cyber Monday it is decided to temporarily close shop for Black Friday. READ MORE


Fairy Wings and other Whimsical Things for Girls

In 1953 when I was 3  my grandmother bought me a Tinker Belle mask to wear for our hometown Halloween parade. I was convinced that I had the best Halloween costume EVER! and I was the ONLy one to be Tinke Belle. At age 3, little did I know that most of the other little girls in the US who had watched Disney’s Peter Pan movie, wanted to dress-up like Tinker Belle as well. Since then I think many woman began to love the mythical fairy. At age 67, I’m still not sure if Tinker Belle was a fairy or a pixie, but, dressing up with sheer wings is fun, no matter. READ MORE


Need Dragon Parts or Pterodactyl Wings?

If you have been searching for  Dragon Parts or Pterodactyl Wings Heart Felt Play Store now has unique sets for all the dragon/ dinosaur pieces parts you need.

Need DRAGON parts for Halloween? Order no later than October 14, 2017. Heart Felt Play Store Inventory in limited. These products are expected to go VIRAL with BUYABLE Pins and sell out within minutes of virality from this on-line shop. Don’t procrastinate! If you’re late we can’t guarantee they will arrive for Halloween. Reserve your TODAY for Christmas presents. READ MORE