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Welcome Back Heart Felt Play Store

Welcome Back Heart Felt Play Store

Back in November when nearly every family in the US had their credit cards in hands ready for Black Friday shopping on-line, I Malika Bourne, the owner of No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store had to make some difficult decisions that included closing the on-line store on Shopify. At the time I thought the on-line store closing would be permanent. READ MORE


How Can the Elderly, Disabled or Teens Get from Here to There When They Do Not Drive?

Have you thought about how people get to the grocery store or to an appointment when they can’t or should not drive themselves?

I think getting from here to there is too often taken for granted in the US currently. Transportation can be a bit challenging for people who have diminished mobility or decreased vision.

Driving a car spells INDEPENDENCE for most Americans in this day and age. Have you considered offering to run erands for an elderly neighbor or someone who doesn’t drive due to a disability? READ MORE


So You Want to Get Rich Selling On-line: News You Can Use!

2017 was a block buster year for on-line sales. More folks want a piece of the on-line sales action.

Maybe you or a friend are dreaming of getting rich by selling a “unique” home-made cottage industry product on-line. Why not jump in head first to start selling? I have some simpified NEWS for YOU if you want it.

It seem like everyone wants to get on the “get rich quick” on-line sales band wagon. My friends and acquaintances dreaming of starting new business want to know, ” How is a business newbie to  get a competitive  edge?  A website, right? Who builds your websites? Will you introduce me to your web site designer? Since I’m a friend, ask him to put up the site for FREE.” READ MORE