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How Can We Help Colleagues With Disabilities to Participate in Meetings?

I think most people want to see a family member, a friend or a colleagues succeed in their work place. But what can we do to help a person with a disability succeed especially if you are the one who is in charge of setting up a meeting that will be inclusive to everyone with some kind of need?

The conference calling company Vast Conference asked those same questions in order to address the needs of as many people as possible. READ MORE


No More Free Rides

In Colorado Springs, Colorado it seems that too many people have figured out how to abuse the  public transit system with a disability card. I say NO MORE FREE RIDES  and I am disabled myself on a tight budget.

I don’t want the possibility of  hard working folks who depend on the city bus; the students, the eldely or the disabled to lose an afforadable means of transportation in our city because the cheaters have depleted the bus system’s funds. I don’t want good city employees to not get their paychecks on time or even lose a job because too many abuse the disability card. READ MORE


6 More Things You Never Thought About the Flu

To help you be better informed on more things you may have never thought of regarding influenza I put together 6 more basic answers to question on Influenza and more.

The Flu is not on most people minds too often, uless you are trying to not catch it from other people. I took the liberty of collecting great information and sharing very good links in this posts to get you started on question you can use the answeres to. READ MORE