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BAH! HUM BUG! BED BUGS Home for Christmas?

Bed Bugs are gross nuisance to deal with even if you add a big red bow. What renters need to know about bed bugs

I know! I tend to be Dickens Scrooge for the holidays! This post is my holiday gift to you. I will share tips and links to  the best of the best information on Bed BUGS wrapped up with a big red bow…the pest issue will still be gross no matter how I wrap the facts on bed bugs.

While most Americans tend to focus on holiday cheer; parties; picking out the perfect Christmas present at the best price with free shipping     (oops! another post) and traveling  home for a White Christmas I lean towards stealing Christmas like Dr Suess’ Grinch with all my SAFETY and prevention posts. READ MORE


Alledged Sexual Assualts by Celebrities the Trending News

Sexaul harasement, unwanted touching, molestation of children, rapes are crimes. There is help for victims. Please call a crisis line to figure out how to be safe. Educate yourself and stay safe. Yu are not alone

Trending News on Alledged Sexual Assualts by Celebrities may make voyeurs of us all. But will we learn enough from those mistakes to break the cycle of abuse?

It is past time men and women should be educated properly on the trending news about SEXUAL ASSUALT. This post will share my opinion; some links to better inform victims and families that there are safe places to turn to when no one seems to be listening. The first Rape Crisis did not open until 1970.

Boy wiil boys is not a valid excuse. No means NO.

Counceling dealling with sexaul harrasement and sex crimes against children came later. READ MORE


Health Care Crisis

As long as people can stay healthy... US Law Makers are attempting to balance the budget with disasterous health care cuts…every one will be OK…as long as you don’t be getting injured, get a chronic disease, or age.

Don’t be a vulnerable citizens of the United States. Our healthcare back up system medicaid is getting cut by law makers. READ MORE