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Parents What Are the Kids Reading?

My son loved books at age 2.

My son loved to read books at age 2.

Times have changes from my youth where we read books with paper pages.

We have so many movies and role play games… you know the new fangeled games we only fantasized about when we read good book.

BTW: reading TEXT messages don’t count.

Quoting my self:

“Aren’t we all so busy these days driving from one after school activity to another.



What Can YOU Make with Duct Tape that LOOKS Like Burlap?

DUCT TAPE burlap 20150908_141753

I can make a re-purposed vase from an Ovlatine jar and Duct Tape that looks like burlap

I don’t know about your dad and you ,but my dad made sure I never left home with out a ROLL of DUCT TAPE in my car.

Well, my late father was as smart as he was creative – and I got some of his genes. He would so proud to know  how creative I have gotten with really cool looking DUCT  TAPE.