Celebrate Coloring Book Day In Color-ado Springs

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This very special event is over. Contact HeartFeltPlayStore@gmail.com with your ideas of family-friendly local event in Colorado Springs and you own home town.

Heart Felt Play Store and Tantrums Resale, 511 No Union, Colorado Springs, Colorado have teamed up to Celebrate Coloring Book Day In Color-ado Springs August 2nd, 2018 and you are invited to color in a coloring book with us.

All ages, children, parents, grand parents, teacher, local business people are invited to sit and color in coloring books provided for free by HeartFeltPlayStore.com

Tantrums Resale will have tables and chairs set up for our ‘colorful’ guests in Color-rado.



Celebrate Coloring Book Day in Color-ado Springs, Colorado august 2, 2018-see post for details



FREE to all ages.

Tantrums Resale is a business with nice, clean and affordable children’s clothes and toys. Please take a few minutes to explore the store.

Tantrums staff will be happy to be your personal shopper while you color. Tell them the sizes, boy/girl and items you are looking for.

Be sure to take a peek at HeartFeltPlayStore.com We love it when you share on your favorite social media site. Malika Bourne will give you a discount code to use on HeartFeltPlayStore.com.

Pay-it-forward donations will accepted to cover supplies. We would love to keep doing fee community activities.



We do ask that group of 4-5 or more to please call to reserve a time and place at the table so we may plan for you in advance.

Coloring books are limited to one per person. Our supply is limited.

For those on break from who are coming to relax and color, feel free to bring a sack lunch with you.


We do ask that every be on there best behavior.

Please carefully watch your children for their safety and care of the store merchandise.

Any one deemed to display non- appropriate behavior will be asked to promptly leave the store.



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