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Colorado Springs Beauty Photographed by Malika Bourne

 They say a picuture says a 1,000 words. All this old No Non-cents Nanna could say was…

a picturesyas a 100 words! Malika bourne capture thisbeuty photo near Academy and Carefreein ColoradoSprings


Then I shot a photo.

Copyright image by Malika Bourne taken April 13, 2015 near Carefree/Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

There are so many naturally beautiful sites to see in Colorado Springs Colorado.

Come visit our city at over 6,000 feet high where the air is clear. Take walk enjoy the view:It’s FREE!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Rate this image below, please.

I love it when you share my copyrighted imges. Please PIN frm this blog allowin gme ot have the credi tI deserve for my work. TY! Malika

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