Confessions of Re-creater: Critter Caps Kids Love!

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No Non-cents Nanna is enjoying re-creating baseball caps into dinosaurs and other Critter Caps of the fun kind.


Please note: all No Non-cents Nanna blog posts are in process of being eidited due to closing of Heart Felt Play Son line.

I admit:

  • I was nervous about hot gluing the felt triangles and googly eyes onto the centers of the baseball caps. *Even nimble fingers can get burned. OUCH! The snaggle teeth were a piece of cake, though.
  • I was inspired with the courage to hot glue by a number of Pins on PInterest, but I did my own thing as far as design.
  • Yes, you can DIY yourself for much cheaper than I will charge at local Colorado Springs events and on my Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify, **but do you have the time? 

*If you are thinking about kids making this as a craft: I will discourage use of the hot glue gun. In years past I have gotten a few nasty burns with hot glue by dumb accident. Choose another media like paper or foam that regular glue can be used.


** I would love to specially re-create Critter Caps for your childen than you can purchase via my Heart Felt Play Store at only $3.99 each. But I confess,  that I am one of those folks who like to make many of my own things, too-’cause I can do it cheaper. So if you are thinking aobut making similar critter caps for a party of 10 guests I sahre a few thoughts with you below.


  1.  Make each one with variables so guest can distinguish theirs from each other hat. ( Each of my hand crafted items has some variances making each unique.)
  2. Alllow 30 minutes to re-create each cap. Yes, 30 minutes each! ( Save time by using an assembly line process.) Think about getting paid minimum wage salary. Personally, I charge from $6.00 to $15.00 per hour.
  3. Yes, you can buy a plain cap from one of my favorite cheap-o store, Dollar Tree. But there is a hitch. They only get the colors and sizes of products like base ball caps and T-shirts that the company sends them. Don’t expect to run into Dollar Tree last minute to buy 6 green caps and T-shirts.***


*** This may explain why Heart Felt Play Store only has 4 Green Dinosaur Critter Caps and one lavender SHARK! Critter Cap.

  • Since I am in the confession booth today, I admit I had been buying remnents for at Hancocks for $3 a yard. That really kept my prices more afforable for my customers. Unfortunately, Hancocks is going out of business. Take note: this will change prices for all crafters that will be passed on to customers.

Why do I only have a few small green Peter Pan type shirts made? ( Woodland shirts sch as “Peter Pan” will be published  on Heart Felt Play Store, once again.)

  • I am having a hard time getting the Dollar Store T-shirts in green. I really don’t want to on-line order T-shirts for $5 plus shipping for a child’s dress up/ costume. I want to keep prices afforadable for things we parents/grand parents know tha the kids will spill grape juice on or the dog will chew. You know what I mean?

Check out the butterfly puppets made from polka dot socks.

Lady bugs of a different color socks re-created by No Non-cents Nanna for Heart Felt Play Store

Lady bugs of a different color socks re-created by No Non-cents Nanna for Heart Felt Play Store

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