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COOL BEANS for YOUR Thoughts on Stocking Stuffers

Christmas, Christmas time is near-er than you think! CHEAP Stocking stuffiers with an educational twist for kids is our niche at Heart Felt Play Store…

Heart Felt Play Store catalog is always a work in progress…Help us grow!

No Non-cents Nanna is currently seeking YOUR thoughts onstocking stuffers for kdis to earn your personal Bonus BEANS

What will you fill your stockings with? Cyber Monday deal are already on No Non-cents Nanna’s mind for her Heart Felt PLAY Store. YOUR input is needed asap Mommies. -see post for info on earning COOL BEANS rewards

But, No Non-cents Nanna needs YOUR input with in the next few weeks…retailers must plan months ahead of upcoming holidays.  No Non-cents Nanna is no exception, especially when a prioity to keep products afforable for families like yours.

….interupting this post for an important decision made by Heart Felt Play Store owner.

Click HERE to read A Word A bout Toy Safety from Heart Felt Play Store


( OK! The top goal is for Heart Felt Play Store to make a profit, so we must budget as well.)

A BEAN for your thoughts:

Help No Non-cents Nanna prepare for the holiday season, by submitting your thoughts via the contact form on Heart Felt Play Store and earn more COOL BEANS rewards personally created for you by No Non-cents Nanna.

Did you know that No Non-cents Nanna keeps prices low/ cheap by using almost ZILTCH, NADA, ZIP, on advertising?


Because spending big bucks on advertising will raise your prices a LOT!. No Non-CENTS Nanna loves to be frugal.

Heart Felt Play Store has NO up-ety suits sitting at a conferance table making execuative decisions on purpose. In the past with her Nancy’s Fancy in the 1980’s her children were her product advisors and it worked well. Currently her youngest grand daugter Sophie-Do-It is Inspector #5. And No Non-cents Nanna wants to hear from YOU!

YOUR opinion is what matters at this one-grandma on-line store.

First step

  1. If you have not done so already, please go to the Heart Felt Play Store Front Page catalog. Look at the lower right for the COOL BEANS icon invitation. Click to join. You will review 100 points worth $1 off store product. ( NO cash value. Be sure to read the rules.)
  2. Any questions or BUGS found in our new 3rd party APP? Be sure to contact Heart Felt Play Store
  3. To earn more points simply follow directions on the BEANS page.
  4. Use the contact form on any catalog page. ( You may need to connect to No Non-cents Nanna’s Hert Felt Play Store on Facebook- you will earn BEANS for doing that as well. No Non-cents Nanna is still working on that with in the 3rd party adm.) Via Messenger you may submitt your ideas for stocking stuffers or even cheap Halloween costumes.

2nd step

Think about these questions. Then submit in your own word what your child’ stocking stuffer dreams and you budget wishes are.

  1. Do you prefer to dress up a stocking stuffer your self?..or..
  2. or… leave a stocking sutffer un-wrapped?…
  3. ..or…Would you prefer to have the store provide  festive packaging for small extra fee?
  4. What price range are you looking to spend per child ages 3 to 10?
  5. What are the trending themes your child age 3 to 10 is talking about? I have a crazy ideas..why not make a video of your child’s unrehearsed responces?

 Submit your thoughts for BEANS staring today until September 1.

If No Non-cents Nanna likes your ideas she will reward you with COOL BEANS.No SPAM accepted.

This message is from 

Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna

PS. Nanna is also looking for CHEAP Halloween Costumes ideas that will not only help promote the product from Heart Felt Play Store , but inspire our budget minded followers.

Cool Beans Rewards Program is NEW at Heart Felt Play Store

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