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Explore Heart Felt Play Store then Save at Checkout with Exclusive Discount

Heart Felt Play Store is growing and ready to ship kid’s favorite theme dramatic play items.

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Heart Felt Play Store Kids love the Fun Collection. Moms love the affordable prices for conviently gathered collection of kids favorite themes. Start earning COOL BEANS rewards now.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all About it!

August 12, 2017 ..interupting this post to announce…they have ARRIVED!

Black leggins for warmth or as part of a simple, cheap, boy/ girl Halloween costume like animal hooded capes.

Hooded Animal CAPES. Generic black leggings are already here to wear underneath a  pair of wings or cape

Cow hooded cape from Heart Felt Play Store; a cheap costume kids can wear legging underneath…HFPS aso see limted stock of leggings.

Pig hooded cape from Heart Felt Play Store; a cheap costume just give the kids some legging to wear under neath-also for sale Heart Felt Play Store

All Dramatic Play Costumes and props Collection Catalog page for more hooded capes: horse, cow, pig, lamb, lion, tiger, zebra, elephant. Also hats, visors and mask in farm and jungle-zoo theme.

Have you seen our ZOO animals hats and visor, yet? No Non-cents Nanan shows ’em all off.

Back to our post….

Who doesn’t want a big discount just for joining and tell your friends about Heart Felt Play Store?

Must read update Labor Day Weekend!

August 31, 2017 to September 7 2017. Click HERE to read and act now  the BIGGEST BEANS REWARDS of the Year * Labor DAY EXTRA Saving for one week only.

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  • Update with the COOL BEANS REWARDS program. Explore the Store then click the COOL BEANS button on any page.
  • Our unique inventory of kids favorite learning themes from Heart Felt Play Store is still limited but GROWING at this one grandma on-line operation. Order early to avoid disappointment on your special event day.
  • While most orders are processed and shipped with in 24 hours on weekdays and arrive at our customers door in 3 to 5 days. please allow up to 2 weeks just in case of Murphy’s Law.
  • Contact Malika Bourne owner 30 days in advance of your special date for larger quantiites for more than 3 to 6 in your party via convenient CONTACT FORM on evey catalog pages.


 Go directly to your chld’s favorite play theme collection:

Do No Pass GO!



Do you want to have a collection of DIY crafts for your 2 kids, but don’t want to buy a gross of everything? Check out Heart Felt Play store. Inventory is limited but growing like a small child.


DIY Craft Projects for Kids

Do-it-your-self craft kits are ready to go for craft time at home; at a birthday party or after school.

Most craft its are not for children under age 4.

DIY manufactured bracelets or necklaces: sewing set with large plastic needles; craft sticks; cookie cutters and more…


Where can I get just one or 3 pig noses or dog ears and nose for a play? Have you visited heart Felt Play Store on-line, yet?

Farm Animals

Farm animal things kids enjoy learning about, playing with or wearing.

Cow, pig; lamb; horse; duck; dog; cat; sheep.

foam visor: foam mask; bandanas; farm treat box; party favor; tails; ears’ stickers


Jungle Animal Collection 

Girls and boys love to pretend to be animals they learn about in pre-school and early elementary school.

This collection includes headband with ears and jungle animal print socks: cheetah; zebra; panther and maybe even a few crazy dinosaurs…

…watch us grow….stock is limited.

To see all of the current Heart Felt Play Store Collections:

click HERE

Welcome to Heart Felt Play Store. Merchandise is selected for fun filled play to enhance early childhood learning.
Founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne aka No Non-cents Nanna, uses her decades of experience with early childhood developement to collect products to sell for age appropriate play themes kids love at affordable prices for parents and teachers.

Did you know?: Heart Felt Play Store is NOT a toy store. Heart Felt Play Store conveniently offers timesaving help to parents and teachers by providing collections of kids favorite sensory learning themes.



Exclusive No Non-cents Nanna’s Discount COOL BEANS REWARDS for you!

  • Note; COOLS BEANS is a sales promotion created by an indendent APP.and installed on No Non-cents Nanna Shopify Store. There is no cash value. You get rewarded with BEANS to save up for awesome discounts just for referring the store and encouring your friends to purchase as well.Social sharing by happy customers helps keep prices down for every thing. No Non-cents Nanna thinks you deserve credit for your words of mouth advertising.
  • The amount of COOL BEANS Rewards are subject to change. Note: When your Cool Beanns account is inactive for 60 days 100 beans will be deducted from your account. Keep your account active with purchases from Heaert Felt Play Store.
  • Restrictions apply and are always determined by No Non-cents Nanna Rules. By using your Cool Beans at check out indicates you have read and agreed all rules and restrictions. Not sure? Start the conversation with the store owner y using the contact form.
  • Some restrictions include but are not limited to: Some products have a limit of 40% – 50% of the listed price are eligible . NO item in Heart Felt Play Store will be entirely free…You will need to pay for shipping and handling.The store would quickly go broke if we gave away too much. The owner of Heart Felt Play Store is for profit retail operation.
  • Heart Felt Play Store ships only to the United States unless prior arrangements are made by customer with owner Malika Bourne to request out of US shipping.
  • Our unique inventory of kids favorite learning themes is limited at this one grandma on-line operation. Order early.Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. ( Most orders have arrived when in 3-5 days…but don’t bank on tat short of time during some seasons.)
  • Contact Malika Bourne owner 30 days in advance of your special event to avoid last minute disapointments .

Happy shopping the Heart Felt play Store way!


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