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Facts of Life for Kids With Stickers

When kids ask about the Facts of Life they only want the basics on their age level… so chill out parents! Every living thing starts with a seed.

Start teaching the facts with stickers on the Life Cycle of the Plant;  the Life Cycle of the Butterfly; Life Cycle of the Chicken; Life cycle of the Frog.


Te facts of Life learning is at a kids level with Life Cycle of Plants stickers. Mix and Match learning for Heart Felt Play Store Collections. Sticker sheet sold individually.


Heart Felt Play Store sells stickers sheets individually so you don’t need to buy a dozen when you only want 1 or 2 . Mix and Match from Heart Felt Play Store Collections for more sensory play. Check out Summer time Bug Collection

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Life Cycle of the frogs stickers. Learn the facts of life with frog sticker sheet sold individually then mix and match fun learning play things from Heart Felt Play Store

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Stickers help learn the facts of life about the life cycle of the butterfly. Heart Felt Play Store sells individual sticker sheets – See Heart Felt Play Store for fun bug collections that help kids learn. Mix and match



Life Cycle of the Butterfly squishy toys Not for childern uner age 3. Stickers also available at Heart Felt Play Store in small quantities.


Talking about Birds or Bees here is an old video showing Heart Felt Play Store’s very own Sophie-Do-it and the early hand-crafted itmes like a felt BEE HIVE! Heart Felt Play Store has replace d the hand-crafted for the mroe consistent manufactured stuff for kids ages 3 to 10. But there are still  some hand-crafted in the back of the closet. Feel free to ask and make the BEST OFFER.

Life Cycle of the Chicken

Life cycle of the chicken stickers sheet sold on-line Heart Felt Play Store

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While we seem to be On the FARM check out this old Heart Felt Play Store video staring Sophi-Do-it . Note how Nanna does not tell the 5 year old how to play, but asks questions.

Heart Felt Child’s Play with Farm Animals


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