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Farm Animal Theme Inspiration for Kids Play: Resource

Kids love learning about Farm animals.

For those who, like myself, who love to teach the 3 to 8 years olds know that the barnyard animals provide so much fun inspiration to share. Below is a list of links to images Heart Felt Play Store Collection for sale with the  Farm Animal/ Barnyard Theme. ( Currently Images are blank ..incoming…!!!!! August 15, 2017

or Farm Animals.


For busy parents, grand parents, babysitters or pre-Kindergarten teachers it takes a great deal more time to gather up basic  ideas and materials to present a few minute learning experience for short attention spans. Our goal is for that information to last a life time.

See heart Felt Play store for a growing assortment of animal stickers in kid sized packages. Foam Farm stickers for kids. Order eaeraly- inventory is limited.

In decades past, besides my own imagination or what my father taught me, my only resource for patterns and fingerplays was the public  library.  The library is still awesome and so are book stores. Now we have Pinterest where No Non-cents Nanna happily pins On the Farm Theme images and activites-an awesome resource for you!

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Duck visor for kids. 21″ for small kids heads. Heart Felt Play Store will do special for htis duck visor ( also horse and cow)

Now we all seem to own computers, but its till takes time to figure out key words to locate where to find an object that might support your theme activities.

This is where the No Non-cents Nanna’s blog and Heart Felt Play Store Collections comes to help you.

Halloween Costumes for Doube Duty:

New Hooded Animal Capes for all year around pay and to cover up when Trick or Treat night is coo out side.

Pig hooded cape from Heart Felt Play Store; a cheap costume just give the kids some legging to wear under neath-also for sale Heart Felt Play Store

Lamb, Hosre, zebra, Lion, Tiger,  Giraffee… also at Heart Felt Play Store Farm Animal Collection




Cow hooded cape from Heart Felt Play Store; a cheap costume kids can wear legging underneath…HFPS aso see imted stock of leggings.

To enhance the value of the fun learning experinces No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Stores sells online at affordable prices at my Heart Felt Play Store. Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. Inventory is limited to save us all money.

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20160409 160050 hdr 2 thumb
Farm Animal Masks: Color Yourself
Dog short ear nose set heart felt play store thumb
Dress-up Dog Ears and Nose: short pointed ears
20170227 171139 hdr thumb
Dress-up Dog Ears and Nose: Hound Dog Set
Heart felt play store cat maks and t shirt. last one thumb
Dress-up Black Cat T-shirt and foam Mask set
20170227 163853 hdr thumb
On the Farm Pig Noses: set of 3
20160110 174618 2 thumb
Lady Bug DIY Bracelet Craft
20160405 150728 3 thumb
Farm Animal Visor: Duck
20160406 144507 2 thumb
Farm Animal Foam Visor: Pig
20160405 150638 3 thumb
Farm Animal Foam Visor: Horse
20160405 150618 4 thumb
Farm Animal Foam Visor: COW


20160406 144926 2 thumb
Farm Animal Cow Face Bandana
20160406 145031 2 thumb
Farm Animals: Horse Bandana
Farm animal stickers f7debccc68ddb733582652da2adba931 thumb
Farm Animal Self Adhesive Shapes
20160406 151101 2 thumb
Farm Theme Red Barn Favor Box
20160406 145542 2 thumb
Farm Animal Pig Snout Bandana

I, No Non-cents Nanna, will continue to share from my wealth of knowledge, tips about related developmentally appropriate  ideas to inspire parents and teacers of the young  American children learn through play with connecting links to save your time.


Online Resources 

Songs and Poems about Farm Animals:

  4.  My favorite resource.


DIY Arts and Crafts about Farm Animals:



Dramatic Play:

  3.  AWESOME Images for ideas!


Small Motor Muscle for Farm Animal Theme:

  3. *see note below

Science on the Farm:



Farm Math:



Farm Large Motor Games:

  3.  Great generic list can be adapted to farm.

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* Notes from No Non-cents Nanna:

I get so excited about planning fine motor and sensory play activities. And, then again, I want to issue a few words of caution to you about safety.

  • Be careful with small objects around children even those under age 3. Small toys, beans and beads etc can be CHOKING HAZARDS even with kids old enough to know better under good supervision.
  • Avoid dried kidney beans around small children. Uncooked dried kidney beans are poisonous!
  • Perhaps your kids no longer have the need to explore with their mouths. You may not be concerned about choking hazards. However, some kids will stick a small object any where they can! Ears, eyes and noses can really readily get foreign object stuffed inside. For example; dried beans will swell in a nostril. Glitter thrown like Fairy Dust can end up in the eyes.
  • Personally, I adopted the policy of not using food to make art projects unless it was intended to be eaten after wards. Many of the families I worked with living with not enough money to buy decent food. I did not want to give the children the idea that it was OK to waste food. (Stringing Cheerios for necklace can still be eaten for snack is appropriate..) To send home art made with popcorn may encourage rodents or bugs to eat in the home. Please think carefully about using food for art etc.
  • Be cautious about recycling  styrofoam raw meat trays. Can you be so sure all the bacteria is gone? I doubt it.
  • Please, don’t do art art for the children so it will look like a masterpiece to the parents, so they may see the progress theri child makes. Allow children to make their own choices about where to put this or that color and so forth. Then ask questions about the big yellow circle or tiny red square they put in the lower right corner.
  • Give a few minutes warning that it will be CLEAN UP TIME. When It is CLEAN UP TIME be sure the kids know where to stash the activity properly.
  • Please be sure the thank the website owners of the links  I shared above.

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I want to hear from you, your opinion and,experience with barnyard animals.

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna encouragin gyou to make good choices.