Felt Dinosuars are Alive and Well: Finger Plays and Games

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Dinosuars names may be so hard to pronouce and spell, unless you are a kid.

Children are inspired to when they play with dinosuar stuff like these  dinosaur skeletons.

This post shares a few simple games and finger plays PLUS Dinosaur DIg Pinterest boards which has the links to over 1,000 dinosaur ideas.

Dinosaur skeltons are a great addition to some sensory play boxes. Makes a fun dinosaur party favor

Hot Lava Game:


Silly-saurus socks for dinosaur dramatic play. inspired by Heart Felt Play Store


Tell kid to get dressed in their dinosaur socks to escape the “hot lava” . Most dawdelers will dress faster than pre-historic dinosaurs ever moved so they can get into the game.

Dinosaur Trees:

This old No Non-cents Nanna has always found the fact that kid who who won’t eat brocoli until someone says that dinosaurs eat brocoli.

Then brocoli becomes a favorite food.

Go figure.


Hatch your own 2″ plastic dinosaur toy from a pretend prehistoric plastic egg hunt game.

Buy dinosaur eggs filled with mini dinosaurs. Cliick HERE

WOW! Heart Felt Play Store’s Dinosaur Collection has grown since this post was first published.

Click HERE to view the all the current Dinsoaurs in September 2017.

Dinosaur eggs are perfect pafty favor at a dinosaur parties. Dino eggs make great scavenger hunts games, too. this style will be modernized with a new style soon o Heart Felt Play Store

Lyrics to Dinosuar Finger Plays:

Five Enormous Dinosaurs

Five enormous dinosaurs, letting out a roar,

One went away and then there were four.

Four enormous dinosaurs, munching on a tree,

One went away and then there were three.

Three enormous dinosaurs didn’t know what to do,

One went away and then there were two.

Two enormous dinosaurs having lots of fun,

One went away and then there was one.

One enormous dinosaur afraid to be a hero,

He (she) went away and then there were zero.


Dinosaur Masks add to the Dinosaur Dramtic Play Experience.

Foam dinosaur masks add to the DinosaurDig experince. See Heart Felt Play Store for collection of Dinosaur party favors kids love.
Foam dinosaur masks add to the DinosaurDig experince. See Heart Felt Play Store for collection of Dinosaur party favors kids love.

( This finger play ends with the word zero which is as important a number as 1, 2, or 3…)
Dinosaurs Stomp!

Dinosaurs lived long ago.

Some walked (stomp in place)

Some swam (pretend to swim)

Some flew, you know! (flap arms at sides)

Some were big (hold hands high)

Some were small (hold hands low)

Some were gigantic–(stretch arms out wide)

V-e-r-y tall! (stretch arms up high)

This is great for using large motor muscles in a fun way for kids.


Note from No Non-cents Nanna:

Pre-school kids couldn’t wait to do the DINOSUAR unit in my classes.

I involved the kids in the process of building a volcano starting with tearing up newspaper.

On the last day I promised that the volcano would erupt in Dinosuar Land.

My secret ingredients were vinegar and bakng soda.( You know about that chemical reaction, right?)

One child got to pour baking soda into the volcano with great anitcipation, but  nothing happend.

…and there sits the vinegar looking like water…without fan fare and a heavy sigh I allow someone to pour “it” into the volcano…

FIZ. FIZ. FIZ!!!!!

The kids scream with delight as I looked so shocked when I ask, “What did you DO_O_O_O?!”

My dinosuar unit was alway so much fun when I taught pre-school.


Now, it’s your turn:

Share the lyrics to your favorite dinosuar finger play.


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