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For Imaginative Kids Stuff Go to Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify

All children have an imagination that needs nurturing. having a dress-up clothes box is essential for early childhood play, but does not need to be fancy.

Often times we parents or grand parents want to provide the simple basics in a play box but don’t have the time to hunt all over town for our kids favorite theme in costumes and other dramatic play items. This is when No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify becomes the new “to go to” place to shop on-line…grow with us. This post is a sneak peak at Heart Felt Play Store Dramatic Play Costume Pieces Parts.


Heart Felt Play Store former display in Old City.
Easy order on-line.


Founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne aka No Non-cents Nanna (author of this old blog), uses her decades of experience with early childhood developement to collect products to sell for age appropriate play themes kids love at affordable prices for parents and teachers who don’t want to by a gross of elephant ears or even a dozen lady bugs…

Dinosaurs are roaring in No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store office. No warehouse. Hand packed for mailing from USPS with heartfelt care in Colorado Springs.

Owner of No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne, admits that her first year on Shopify has been a slow “learning experience” for her. “I spread myself too thin with local events I will no longer be appearing locally for kids craft time. Then it turns out that selling hand-crafted is not cost effective.”

The founder and creator of Heart Felt Play Store states, “By Fall 2017 the on-line shop will have a full store of individual and small quantity sets of dramatic and sensory play of great manufactured dramatic play items like the very popular foam dinosaur masks.” (see below) A limited varity of hand crafted will be available.

June 2017 “I have tons of fun stuff for kids packed in stacks of boxes in my little apartment  just waiting to be photographed and published in the Heart Felt Play store catalog. And, I do it all, except for computor techincal support from TEOE,com. and modeling: I get the grand daughters to do that for me. I love every aspect of my shope.”

Updated August 2017 “We moved our home and Heart Felt Play Store. Almst everything is in it’s place with new manufactured stocking stuffers and costumes pieces parts arriving weekly. Heart Felt Play Store is ready to Rock ‘n Roll!”

Foam dinosaur masks sold on No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify. 


Updated September 2, 2017

Question:What is black and white and red all over its neck?

Answer: A zebra with a red bandana around its neck.

Heart Felt Play Store has added ZEBRA masks, visors ears, ears adn tails adn even a zebra hooded cape. ( Hint: add black leggings also from Heart Felt Play Store)

Jungle Safari Animal Visor: Zebra click HERE

ZOO Animal Visor ELEPHANT: Elephant Click HERE 

Heart Felt Play Store

Foam ZEBERA visor for kids dramatic play or Halloween costume. Heart Felt Play Store where you can buy just one zebra, or other zoo animal visors and hats



Zebra ears and tails set is affordable dramatic play costumes doubles as not so creepy Halloween costume for all sizes young kids.Add a T-shirt with white or black stripes. Heart Felt Play Store

Click HERE for Zebra Ears and Tail Set 

ELEPHANT Ears or Mouse Ears Head Band Dress-up Clcik HERE to view catalog



Hooded ZEBRA cape fits most sizes of kids. Wear for Halloween then wear later for a dramatic play time-won’t out grow most kids. Buy zebra cape. Wear over a pair of black leggings adn T-shirt ( not included) Heart Felt Play Store on-line

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Click HERE for more details and purchase ZEBRA cape

Jungle Safari Hooded ELEPHANT Cape: Click HERE


Elephant Mask & Grey Leggings Set: Click HERE


Elephant masks and grey leggings to
Heart Felt Play Store

Dramatic Play Costumes and props

Dressing up for dramatic play is such an important part of early child hood learning.

Community Helpers: Farm; Pirate; Princess; Jungle Safari; Dinosuars are our specialty at Heart Felt Play Store.

New items added weekly to all collections. Watch us grow at Heart Felt Play Store!

Please read our Shipping Policy:

  • Tho’ most Heart Felt Play Store orders happily arrive within 3 to 5 days at our customers doors, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery in case of Murphy’s Law.
  • Mailed from USPS directly from Heart Felt Play Store in Colorado.
  • Add shippping and applicable taxes. FREE shipping for orders over $39.
  • Start earning COOL BEANS points today with your purchase.

Click HERE to view current/ growing  inventory of Dramatic Play Costume Pieces Parts


Out of Date but still inspiring….

“Currently, we are are working in some of the most popular kids collections: Princess Collection: Dinosuar Collection: Jungle Animal; Pets and more. We would LOVE to have YOUR input.*”

Mad Hatter Collection from Heart Felt Play Store is getting bigger.


Farm Animal collection on Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify.


Heart Felt Play Store Princess Collection has Rapunzel inspired long yarn headband wigs; and many more princess inspired items to come. Some are uniquely hand crafted for your little princess…

The End


* Notes from Nanna.

Now it’s your turn: YOUR input is needed! 

Let’s play store in Nanna’s pantry. Little Sophie is the inspiration for No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify.

Thanks to the imagination of Walt Disney, I, as a Baby Boomer have grown up with Princesses and Heroes. Now over the decades we big sisters, mothers and grandmothers have been able to watch those old animated movies and new movies with our children and grand children.

Of course there are plenty of official registered character costumes and games available in the big box stores and on-line. Wouldn’t be love to buy it ALL!? But, buying every registered character product leaves little to the imagination, and..

..simply not practical!

That is why this old grandmother focuses on the generic play things for kids like farm animals; jungle animals; dinosaurs etc. I also make those much sought after objects like “fidgets” as I call them. You know those little things kids and adults with special needs can use to fidget with to focus rather than chewing up their clothes or crying. I also put together sensory play bags.

YOUR input is needed! 

  • Feel free to use the new WISH LIST On Heart Felt Play Store, the kinds of things you would like to see No Non-cents Nanna gather up in collections to sell on-line that would be most helpful for early childhood education.
  • You are not obligated to purchase nor will I promise you the moon.
  • Shoudl your WISH be granted Heart Felt Play Store will email you back with a discount code to use at Heart Felt Play Store.

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Heart Felt Play Store is no longer sold locally in Colorado Springs.

All orders will be shipped to any where in the US,

No local pick-up. All Colorado orders will have applicable taxes to each order.

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