Going on a Dinosaur Hunt at Heart Felt Play Store

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Won’t you join us on a very short Dinosaur Hunt at Heart Felt Play Store?

Just for fun the No Non-cents Nanna explores the back yard with her compass and binoculars to make an amazing discovery hiding in the bushes: dinosaur tails. YIKES!  Enjoy the short video below.

Dragon/ Dinosaur Set
Gloves, Dragon/ Dinosaur Wings sold separately while supply lasts -see post

If dinosaur tails weren’t a big enough find, now, No Non-cents Nanna has discovered freshly hatched Pterodactyl Wings and Dragon parts: Click the link  to share the new dinosaur discovery that flew in …then few out…OH NO! Our Dinosaur parts are getting hard to find from our suppliers…making way for other toys…Click HERE to view what few dinosaur parts are still hanging the catalog around in our home based Heart Felt Play Store 

Don’t see want you want? Start the conversation by email

HeartFeltPlayStore@Gmail.com Subject; MORE Dinosaurs.

Almost NO More  purple dinosaur parts!


Stuffed Dinosaur tails Grab’em while you can…they are going ? away. -see post – how to find your dinosaur parts.

Click HERE to explore Heart Felt Play Store…grab a green dinosaur tail while you can…going..going… we can’t get them any more…Feel free to email us. Subiect: Where have all the Dinos Gone?: We will update you on our Dinosaur Hunt findings and promise not to sell your info.


Heart Felt Play Stores unique collection of dragon/ dinosaur parts not only came in purple, but red and red OH MY!


Dragon parts for sale. Red dragon wings, red, dragon tail, red dragon gloves. Very limited dinosaur parts left ALIVE from our supplier. Remaining dragon/ dinosaur parts now sold separately Also available in purple and green on HeartFeltPlayStore.com



Kids love to learn with the dinosaur theme. Heart Felt Play Store is the place to go to order from a collection of dinosaur masks; dinosaur bone; dinosaur tattoos, dinosaur stickers and more…when you want dinosaurs in smaller quantities than a dozen or a gross. see post for where to buy



HeartFeltPlayStore.com Explore Heart Felt Play Store for more dinosaurs and other fun collections kids love.

Dinosaur tails, dinosaur masks; dinosaur excavation kits; jungle safari hats…and more…

Note: HeartFeltPlayStore.com moved to a more secure location. Please click HERE to go to an active catalog link

Heart Felt Play Store does still have a supply of our best seller- we hoarded these dinosaur masks fora rainy day.

Our most popular dinosaur party favor s- the 6 piece dinosaur mask set at HeartFeltPlayStore.com




Dinosaur Shine / Reveal book for kids. See post for more details HeartFeltPlayStore .com

All good things must come to an end…one day…

The last of our hand-crafted dinosaur caps are on final close-out at Tantrums Resale In Colorado Springs, Colorado…very very cheap…along with other Heart Felt Play Store Final Mark-downs on Hand crafted. just in time for Halloween bargains.

Tantrums Resale is the Local Pop Up Spot for e-commerce shop HeartFeltPlayStore.com Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna often POPs In to read story to the kids or offer a free craft and more…

Tantrums Resale

511 N Union
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
Heart Felt Play Store dinosaur caps critter hand-crafted critter caps are now on final sell out at Tantrums in Colorado Springs


Heart Felt Play Store Promo Video- have you seen it yet?

In this video you will learn about No Non-cents Nanna WHY?

You will also get a sneak peak at Tantrums Resale kids modeling some of the HeartFeltPlayStore.com product on SALE.

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