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Going on a Dinosaur Hunt at Heart Felt Play Store

Won’t you join us on a very short Dinosaur Hunt at Heart Felt Play Store?

Just for fun the No Non-cents Nanna explores the back yard with her compass and binoculars to make an amazing discovery hiding in the bushes: dinosaur tails. YIKES!  Enjoy the short video below.

If dinosaur tails weren’t a big enouhg find, now, No Non-cents Nanna has discovered freshly hatched Pterodactyl Wings and Dragon parts: Click the link  to share the new dinosaur discovery.


One Pair Pterodactyl Wings
Our pterodactyl wings have just flown in!
Choice of 3 colors: orange, blue, yellow/green polyester
61″ x 29″
Strap on when ready to fly!
Blue and yellow/ green images to be published.


More than purple dinosaur parts!

Heart Felt Play Stores unique collection of dragon/ dinosaur parts not only com ein purple, but red and red OH MY!

Dragon parts for sale. Red dragon wings, red, dragon tail, red dragon gloves. free masks for a limited time.


Kids love to learn with the dinosaur theme. Heart Felt Play Store is the place to go to order from a collection of dinosuar masks; dinosaur bone; dinostattoos, dinosaur stickers and more…when you want dinosaurs in smaller quantiites than a dozen or a gross.


Explore Heart Felt Play Store for more dinosaurs and other fun collections kids love.

Dinosaur tails, dinosaur masks; dinosaur excavation kits; jungle safari hats…and more…



Dinosaur Shine & Reveal interactive spiral activity book is fun for young prehistoric explorers in the classroom or at a dinosaur party.
Shine a light through the page to reveal a young “archeological’ discovery.


Purple dinosaur tail; dinosaur mask; excavation kit and interactive dinosaur book all in one mney saving package…
Purple dinosaur tail with green dots
Dinosaur Shine & Reveal interactive spiral activity book
Dinosaur Discovery Excavation Kit for Kids
One foam dinosaur mask in coordinating purple and green color.



Heart Felt Play Store Kids love the Fun Collection. Moms love the affordable prices for conviently gathered collection of kids favorite themes. Start earning COOL BEANS rewards now.

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