Halloween Candy’s Dandy- But it Will ROT Kids’ Teeth

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Candy is dandy…but, temporary tattoos won’t rot your kids’ teeth.
Heart Felt Play Store owner wishes kids a safe and healthy Halloween – that’s why our Trick or Treat to our local neighborhood kids will be 100’s or more temporary tattoos instead of candy. ( See below for some really big treats.)
Later on in this post I will share more ideas and links to Not Creepy and NO -Sugar alternatives ideas you can use whether you live in the Colorado Springs community near me or live elsewhere in the US.

There are non sugar alternative to Trick or Treat candy Heart Felt Play Store.com owner cares about kids health and safety. See post for Colorado Springs fun Fall events


Local Colorado Springs, Colorado

❤️❤️❤️❤️Heart Felt Play Store will be treating kids at Tantrums Resale Trunk or Treat, Plan to join the Connecting Communities event there. Be sure to tell your friends about other select community activities in Colorado Springs. 
  • Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 2 PM – 4 PM MDT
    Time is subject to change: double check on the day.
    The guest vendors of Tantrums will love to know how many Trunk or Treat-ers to expect so we don’t send away any child empty handed.
  • Tantrum’s Resale

    511 N Union, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
  • Hosted by Tantrum’s Resale
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Hoping your family has a safe and healthy Halloween. See post for NO Sugar Trick or Treats and not Creepy links to Halloween alternatives

Heads Up on Colorado Springs community fun my networking friends and I a brewing up for Halloween. Get connected.

I just happen to know the manager of the Dominoes Pizza on Circle in Colorado Springs… today he gave me 2 dozen gift certificates to hand out. More details later on my @HeartFeltPlayStore business page on Facebook. Be sure to FOLLOW for more Trick or Treat goodies I may get for you in Colorado Springs and the 5W’s.

Check out this Business ‘s Facebook Page Click HERE

Rampage Room LLC

3570 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917

Links to Safe and Healthy Halloween Tips in the United States

Be sure to thank the authors of these blogs and articles for the tips. Some may contain affiliate links.

BTW: No Non-cents Nanna shamelessly self promotes her own e-commerce store that sells fun stuff for kids with an educational twist. I love it when you Explore the Store- use our WISH List then come back when you are ready to buy.

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