Heart Felt Play Store’s Red Letter Crisis Confession

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Heart Felt Play Store is in a “RED Letter’s ALL my fault!” Admit E commerce store owner, Malika Bourne. Tell ALL Post -the truth behind the RED LETTERS and the missing links…up oh!


AS I was about to spend 3 hours installing new and wonderful toys for kids on Heart Felt Play Store I read something HORRIBLE in red letters…then I read it 46 more times…


OOPS! I did it again..only worse that 10 typ-o  + on a blog post….no time to explain…I made a BIG BOO-BOO -HUGE- and deleted most of the prices on my first 83 Heart Felt Play Store Products..just when my customers were ready to go shopping for Halloween costumes parts…and the kids are making their Christmas Wish Lists.

Heart Felt Play Store owner confesses..OOPS! I did it again..but not a typ-o this time.


When I make a mistake I admit it and try to fix it as fast a I can- I’m the No Non-cents Nanna. who believes in communication.

So I have spent months re-building my eCommerce shop on a new eCommerce host. I got so far behind on correcting my bad links to the old shop..I was gaining my momentum back…oops! worse than one of my famous typographical errors…I was about to pat my self on the back…maybe I have all the old links re-directed -or not-embarrassing!

  •  all of my home -based inventory in order on
  • Getting local POP UPs on the calendar
  • My dishes in the dish-washer  soaking
  • And FINALLY conquered EXCEL format in order to export the best toys form Melissa & Doug..yeah..I had to learn new skill in order to the elves to get all the toy ready for Christmas…

Note: each of my catalog pages take me from start to finish no less than 4 hours to create…I do all by hand myself…I’m frugal.

….completing the Melissa & Doug that parents  are wondering where to find this years since Toy R _ closed…is a big deal for a small family business.

  • About to spend 3 or 4 hours late last night to get images and descriptions on all the drop ship toy pages…when..EEK! I saw RED!

Please bear with me as I work my heart out to fix the big BOO BOO.

Mistakes happen to everyone. I believe in honesty and transparency knowing full well that  my RED LETTER mistakes will do something not so jolly to my holiday sales….


to show support for Heart Felt Play Store during red letter disaster please check your favorites on our WISH LIST obligation.. Hope to be inorder by October 13th


...I could use some words of HOPE. Even tho; my store is a mess…could you encourage me that I do offer some fun stuff for kids with and education twist that you may WISH to buy from me when I get my ACT TOGETHER…no obligation

Checking your favorite on the WISH LIST at Heart Felt Play would make me feel like In Peter Pan when Tinker Belle was doing poorly, “I believe…I believe…I fairies.”

I love Tinker Belle…and I am too poop to pop but I will work my heart out to get it right……


PS To the mommy who told me “my Zipper was down” when she went my shamble of a store. BUG HUGS!

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