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Hunt Dinosaurs of the Fun Kind

Older kids still love Easter Eggs Hunts. But they may not go for the fluffy chicks and bunnies any more. But they will love to hunt for dinosaurs!

We parents may not want to give the kids candy. Let the kids hunt for DINOSAURS of the FUN KIND!

Dinosaurs are not only fun but EDUCATIONAL.

Update: dinosaur excavation kits coming to Heart Felt Play Store in August. Manufactured dinosaur tails now in limited stock.


Dinosaur skeltons are a great addition to some sensory play boxes. Makes a fun dinosaur party favor

The above image is a set of 6 different 5 1/2″ dinosaurs skeletons right down to the bare bones. To view in Heart Felt Play Store Catalog click HERE 

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Do the Dinosaur Thing with the Kids:

Dinosaur themes are fastinating for pre-K children and elementary shool ages to study.

  • Earn a dinosaur as a reward:

What kid would not want to collect a whole bag of dino bones as a reward for a job well done?

  • Give plastic dinosarus as a Party Favor. They last longer than a piecce of cake.
  • Paleontology play: freeze in ice for a frozen Tundra; burry in clean sand or potting soil to excavate this 6 piece set.
  • Cake decoration
  • Comparisons: compare to see what is different about each of the 6 dinosaur skeletons.
  • Identify the skeletons with pictures of the “Big Lizards” with their skin on.
  • Make a mobile for room decore.


Easter Egg Hunt of the Dinosaur Kind:

Older kids still love the Easter Egg Hunt Events, but have outgrown the warm and fuzzy chicie or cotton bunny.

Give ’em dinosaurs in some eggs and they spell the names quicker can you spell Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Wikipedia defintion, too.

How is that for getting excited about learning?


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Dinosaur Sensory Play Box from Heart Felt Play Store

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