List of Things Kids Can Play Besides Video Games

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Yes, there are plenty more things for kids to do besides sitting on their behinds playing video games this Summer.

Why not teach your kids or grand kids the games you used to play? Spending time with learning to play real hard and get dirty will be one of the child’s favorite memories in the future.

There is a wonderful life out there to enjoy. Today, I found the Mother Load of all list of games with clickable links.

What can kids play in the Summertime besides VIDEO GAMES? Help me make the long list.



 Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

It’s August. Do you know what that means?

Yep the kids are bored to tears and you wish school started up again 3 weeks ago.

I was researching, as I often do, when I discovered the List of All Lists of games for kids and clickable links

What to Do with Kids  click HERE

You wont’t be disappointed. Try’em. You’ll love ’em.

  • I posted this on the social media I use asking for help to make this No Non-cents Nanna List. My followers came up with a grand total 41 ideas.
  • We can use all kinds of ideas for when the weather changes:
  1. When it is perfect outside
  2. When it is raining outsides
  3. When it is too hot outside
  4. Somethings that are FREE
  5. Somethings that are cheap
  6. Somethings you have to save up for.


My Facebook followers came up with the list below. good job!

  1. Swimming,
  2. biking,

    Science Experiment for fun.
    Add to our list of things to do besides video games?
  3. Kitchen science
  4. hiking,
  5. chores (lol)
  6. basketball,
  7. football
  8. skating,
  9. splash pad,
  10. Hop-Scotch
  11. kickball.

    Do you remember the rules to this game?
    What game is it?
  12. Tic-Tac-Toe
  13. LARP
  14. Play with your food: peanut butter play dough
  15. Make no-bake cookies

    Play with your food…make peanut butter play dough
  16. Read
  17. Paint Signs*
  18. Uno
  19. The Game of Life

    I played the guitar and piano. I worked my way through nurses training by giving music lessons.
  20. Ghost in the Graveyard
  21. Pull weeds or ride a bike or trike
  22. Play an instrument
  23. Dance

    That’s me, on my tricycle I name ‘Whirl Away”. I never dreamed of video games.
  24. Hula-Hoop
  25. Jump rope
  26. Hide and Seek
  27.  Four Square
  28. Kick the Can
  29.  Follow the Leader
  30.  Crack the Whip
  31. Tether ball
  32. Write a story
  33. Sing Silly Songs
  34. Read  Silversteins Where the Sidewalk Ends out loud.
  35. Draw a picture
  36. Hang man
  37. Throw gliders
  38. Splash your feet in water puddles
  39. Button Button who’s got the Button?
  40. Learn Limericks
  41. Duck Duck Goose

Facebook follower who have help make this list: thank you.

*14. was inspired by a Colorado Springs Networking Friend: Sign Painting Party is so unique I just had to share -with permission from JenSAYtions

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