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More Good Reasons to do Finger Plays with Kids

Continuing on from my last few No Non-cents Nanna blog posts I have been sharing good reasons to do finger plays with the kids, besides the fact that kids love to chat those rhymming words and use their little fingers to make motions.



  • Using the fingers in finger plays help develop small motor muscles.



Does your child know this finger play:


author unknown

(You may substitue any color of balloon.)

I had a little red balloon

(Pretend to hold a balloon in between your two hands.)

And I blew, and I blew, and I blew.

(Pretend to blow up the balloon.)

And it grew, and it grew, and it grew.

(Spread your two hands further and further apart.)

I tossed it up in the air,

(Pretend to toss the balloon up with your two hands.)

And didn’t let it drop.

I bounced it on the ground,

(Pretend to bounce the balloon on the ground with your two hands.)

And didn’t let it drop.

I bounced it on the ground,

(Pretend to bounce the balloon on the ground with your two hands.)

And it went “Pop!”

(Clap your two hands together as you shout the word “Pop!”)



Finger Plays also encourage:

  • listening skills
  • large motor muscles like squating or jumping
  • counting back wards, too.


Five little popcorn seeds sitting in a pot

author unknown

(Children squat down low to the ground.)

Five little popcorn seeds sitting in a pot

One got hot and it went “Pop!”

Jump when they say, “Pop!”

Repeat with Four, three, two, one, and no more popcorn seeds sitting in the pot. For variation you may want to count all the children in the class room to start from that number instead of just 5.

Or, do the finger play in divided sets: for example if there are 20 children do 4 times in groups of 5.)


  • Note from No Non-cents Nanna:

LOL! I had a 4 year old student who  loved  was obessed with the next finger play, Johnny Works with One Hammer. After he and his parents returned on a road trip hi mother asked me if I had taought the kdis any other songs beside Johnny and the Hammers.  I replied, “Yes I had.”

Apparentenly, the boy only channted one song on the 2,000 mile trip.


At that point I realized I needed to type up all the songs and finger plays for the parents so they could “sing” along with their children.




author unknown

Johnny works with one hammer,

(1 hammer – 1 fist pounding on knee)

one hammer, one hammer
Johnny works with one hammer

Then he works with two

(2 hammers -=2 fists )

(3 hammers =2 fists and one foot pounding/ stomping.)

(4 hammers = 2 fists 2 feet)
(5 hammers = 2 fists, 2 feet and head)
-after 5 sing

Then he goes to sleep. Z-Z-Z-Z!

Note from No Non-cents Nanna:

( I always snore really loud at the end.

The kids howl with laughter as I pretended to sleep with my snore. Allowing myself to be somewhat vulnerable lets the children see that I am human; perhaps not so intimidating as a grown up.)


Felt pieces can enhance finger plays when organized in zip lock bags for “busy bags”; “magic bubble bags”  for sensory play. Check out my blog and or No Non-cents Nanna/ Colorado Springs Facebook page to inspire you to make your own or purchase No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store soon to re-open and announce GRAND OPENING on Shopify.

Sorry for the inconvience: Store is temporaily closed for “Spring Cleaning.” However, feel free to PM the No Non-cents Nanna on her FACEBOOK page for a orders and discount codes for the Grand re-Opening.



I would love to hear your endearing stories about kids and finger plays.



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