Mystery Image: Kids Guessing Game #1

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This post is the first in a series of guessing games: Mystery Image. Yes, it is kid friendly. Some mystery images are easy while others may be more difficult. The answers to my puzzle will be revealed later on.

Sometimes we need more information ( the full picture) to make a good choice.

1. Name this animal. What part of the animal do you see?

Can you guess what this mystery image is?


2. Do you know what kind of animal this is? What part do you see?

Mystery image: Do you know what animal this is?


3. Do you know what animal this is?

Can you identify this mystery image?


4. Can you guess what animal it is in this image?

Mystery image; What is it?


5. Can you guess what this is? The answer may surprise you.

What do you think this is? Is this mystery too easy or too hard?

6. M-m-m? Whatever can this be?

Can you solve this mystery? What is this?


7. Can you identify this image?

Can you identify this mystery image? -see post for answer.


The full image of our mystery image puzzle pieces is below. Will you sneak a peek?

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Mystery Image Game answer: Old Dog Sleeping


Mystery Image Answer: Amber service-dog-in- training played so hard that she yawned in the image above
Mystery Image Answer” Bakehouse family burro. The author of the blog is the little girl in front of the burro’s nose.






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