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Blephrospams Complicate No Non-cents Nanna with Functional Blindness

 I am posting some selfies of my face in the morning in attempt to show how I can't function consistently with blephrospams which make me funcitonaly blind.


For the record, I repeat myself; I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna. I am a self proclaimed Typo-Queen blogger with a take no crap attitude. (Not a journalist.)

I write about extended family health issues based on my experinces as a mother, a grandmother, old RN and I live with my adult son who suffers from MS.

Being functionally blind and living with my adult son who has optic neuritis related ot the multiple sclerosis makes him legally blind. Our unique visual impairments make day to day life challenging including but not limited to:

  1. can not drive a car
  2. may need assistance reading mail and other important papers
  3. affects safe mobility in and out of the home
  4. affect ability to concentrate and complete tasks in varying degrees
  5. make vulnerable to critisim by uninformed sighted persons

Currently David Ellinger , my son, and I are in a complicated battle with a Colorado Springs Home Healthcare Agency who has suspended services.We have complained of many issues for a number of months which the agency has felt "harrased" by me about. They have failed to act appropriately.

We are sadly aware that we are not hte only victims of bullying and neglect, as we see in our opinion. We feel that documenting on video our concerns will make it easier for all the state departments investigators who are beginning to invesitigate in our health crisis, may be able to get a better idea of what we deal with day to day.

Fortunatley, David and I have old blogs, and videos on-line to compare with. We alledge that we have gotten some degeree of descrimination from the Healthcare Agncy over our disabilites. At very minimum lack of rescept. I hope we can find some solutions to help educated people about visual impairment challenges. This post will not even come close to cover what is needed.


 At some point I started to take selfies when I got up to go to the bathrooom and go back to bed. NOT pretty, I know, but, I hope these photos say a thousand words that I don't have to worryany typos in. LOL!


In the selfie below, I got caught walking in the rain. Some drivers were goin out of their way to drive into the bike lane on Dublin street in Colorado Springs to deliberatley drown me with flood rain water. A nice woman stopped to dry me off witha towel and give me this hat. My face is in severe spasm. 

I am battleing with the city of Colorado Springs to put in a safe cross walk, repair sidewalks and enforce safe driving in my neighborhood.

Malika face spasms in the cold rain

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Fliberty-gibbit Talks about Infection Control with Pudding in a Video


 This month's posts are to raise awareness for all people who live in bodies that are failing. I want all families of loved ones in Nursing Homes, Home care; hospice etc to be aware of the strict need for good hand washing and infection control to avoid needless infections.

This post with 2 videos is a bumbling attempt to encourage you to read up on prevention and safety.

Stupid reason why DAvid wasnot sahved for weeks. Ask why!

Personally, my son and I have a crisis in progress because his Home Healthcare has been suspended. My attitude is at the heart of ColoradoSprings Home Healthcare agency's decision in a very complicated matter. I barked loudly about the poor infection control practices (and more) of some CNA's that were sent out.

(Our hearts are filled with unmeasureable gratitude for those wonderful laides who have cared for David with so much competance and kindness. We feel great concern for you that so many of co-workers and supervisiors failed you with choices we beleive are so wrong in so many ways.)

David and I want to reach out to those of you who are afraid to question the practices of healthcare workers like CNA's LPN's, RN's and doctors.

We all have a reponcibility to practice infection control in our daily lives.  

Over the last 2 year while David lived with me in Colorado I have witnessed horrible infection control practies by some of the people sent out by numerous agencies including the one who suspended David's services this week after a shoddy week of inadequate care.

For the record I had done all of David's cares for 3 years, some time back. I do many of his cares around at the clock, but I can't do the heavier things anymore.

(Sorry, I am reapeating myself in case new viewers don't know the basics. I simply do not have the phyical energy to do everything he needs without some help.)

In this un-rehearsed and on-pupose unorganized video we use pudding as pretend invisible germs to demonstrate how easy it is to contaminate things that should not be contaminated.

Oh, yeah,  I rant about very specific things that were the final blows of David's current urinary tract infection. This is the two of us as we are in real life, knowing full well, these posts and videos will be admisable in a future court of law.


Talking about infection control with pudding 

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna. Many of you who have help to make my son's neglected medical situation go viral know me as Mom or David Ellinger's mother.

A select few who I have told to cut the crap have other descriptive words to call me. Currently, I have a Colorado Springs Home Health Care Agency so disgrunteled with me that they susupended all 3 shifts 7 days a week for David Ellinger, my son.

FYI: Although DAvid is leaglly blind and para-palegic due to severe MS he build this website,;;; and Martial Arts for Mulitple Sclerosis or

He is also the creator and owner of

He is pretty smart guy whom I can't play at being the Typo-Queen as the Take-No-Crap Blogger that I am; No Non-cents Nanna

Above is another  20 minute video with my son and I totally un-organized as we contaminate a catheter bag with pudding. 

The photo of David's unshaved face was taken when he went to his last MRI. A CNA/housekeeper, we fired around Augsut 28th had not shaved him for weeks. There was an issue of not knowing where the new batteries. I will withhold that story for a while. 

Below is a video David just posted on Facebook.



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Sunday Morning Drama at Home of MS patient over Complaints of Pregnant CNA


 This post is part 2 to my last post: 

What Kind of Monster Tries to Force a Blind to Sign a Contract He Can NOT Read?

I set you up or just left you hanging. I wanted you to be in the dark as we were over a complicated weird situation with a pregnant CNA from a a Colorado Springs Nursing agency that we were have a no-workable relationship.

Here is a 2nd video my son, David Ellinger and recorded. Itis unrehearsed ad very unorgnaized,as most people's conversationsa e when they are trying to figure out What the heck happened? What do we do now?

Then I will reveal the issues of forcing and blind man ot sign a contract he can't read and ther conscequences. I ask you to think about what you would do in our situation.


After we taped these videos David revealed something that I think makes this 

MondayMorning drama / no bedtime tonight You tube video so od!

Why would and agency send outa 45 year old pregnant grandmother to care for a man who is para-palegic in the first place? Then raise a stink over un-lit smokes when she should nothave even been sent out in the first place. 

Hang with us because it turns for the worse. I apologize for never being able to be suscinct. 

We are curious how  normal people who react if your were in the shoes or butt in a wheelchair.

Sunday Morning Drama part 2

The next videos were recorded on Monday, the day after the above video.


Monday Morning Drama No Bedtime Tonight 

Monday Evening Delima

Monday Night Much to do with no answers 


We are confused as to what is really going on. We are in a diffucult situation iwth a Medicare replacement insurance paying for home health care not being provided. this is our opinion and from our view point. The jury is out. It iwll take months for the powers that be to sort out. We plan on taking this whole mess to see the JUDGE who ever that is.

Our feeling is that DAvid and I are strong, irritable, but we can raise our voices loud and storng. Other families may not be able to do so. Some have tried ot bully up and we have been invalidated.

Who wouldn't give up? We won't let it rest because we know or family is not the only family not been heard. So please bear with us and share so others get what they need in a timely manner. 

Thanks for your support. More to come...


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What Kind of Monster Tries to Force a Blind Man to Sign a Contract He Can NOT Read?

I wish my son's night mare was as simple as a Disney version of a fairy tale that ended as they say Happily ever after.

First off, I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna wicked witch of Colroado Springs mother of David Ellinger the victim. David and I have been slowly getting the story out about his MS, multple sclerosis and no nursing care assistance.

I have to be carefully I we don't want commit slander or liable or sway a future jury.  We are in dire straights as happens to other people with disabilities.

I have shortened details of a CNA charting for tasks not done and leaving kids in the car during her scheduled shifts with my son. (Gee, I actually typed that one just one sentence! If is my understanding she is still emplyeed with the agency and the agency has billed for her shifts in question.)

I also have published sort of general , no names, about CNA's with porr infection control (We were concerned about contimination of his catheter and yes, he was just diagnoised witha UTI we allegde from poor infection control.)

I am currious how non-involved people react to my hysterical version.

I am posting this on October 10, 2014.

On August 28, my son finally got the message accross to not be sending back a certain CNA/housekeeper. that was mess that did not go over well when my attroney had sent the agency a warning letter to stop trespassing on my personal items like my medication/ Synthroid bottles and my walker. (That another post  in this complicated mess. )

A few days later a trusted CNA took over the morning shifts 5 days a week. We had a wonderful gal on the PM shift 7 days a weeks.

Murphy's Law or something came into play and the AM shift replacement suddenly was no longer employed by said company. The Schedulers , who we have caught in lies and more, had to replace the CNA' for his AM and afternoon shifts.

The morning repalcement people were a problem. No one was informed that David is legally blind. Most had no idea when and why they should wash their hands, nor did they have the skills to perform David's needs that are on his written plan of care a legal document.

Enter a 45 year old pregnant lady who was very pleasant. She and David seemed to get along even though she did not have all the skills...

 ...she could be trained and she is a lovely lady.

When the mother/ grandmother who says she is 4 months pregnant returns a 2nd morning I met her. Indeed she was every bit as nice a David said she was. How exciting about the new baby to come!

Last Sunday morning after having a disaterous week of poor care (and that's not all that went wrong) this middle aged pregnant returns 20 minutes before the scheduler had told DAvid she was scheduled to come.

If you have stuck with my long crazy story I will guess you have gone back to re-read the age as 45 and the word grandmother. Nope, not a typo this time. And I did leave something out, only because I did not learn it until later.

You are pretty smart:Of course she has a high risk pregnancy.

Every morning when I get out of bed to go to the bathroom, I unlock the door for the CNA's and go back to bed as I have been up late, not only working but taking care of David through the night.

I am dead asleep when I hear my son yelling fro my help. I stumble inot his room to learn he is on the phone the a scheduler from the agency. Something is very wrong and I don't understand.

The problem has to do with the pregnant CNA walking out the door abandoning David's care over him smoking and endangering her unborn fetus.

  • David had nothing lit! Yes, his smokes wer on or near his bed. 
  • His room was not smokey other thatn the rank cigarette etc smoke taht seeps in otour closets from the upstairs neighbors. My clean clothes always reak of smoke. I don't smoke. Infact I am battleing a respiratoy infection and have been coughing form the heavey neighbor's smoking.
  • I went out of our apartment into the hall. Yep, it was smoke filled as it is on weekend mornings.
  • David has quit smoking many times this year. He is respectful of non-smokers. If he weren't he would have to deal with his mother. Get my drift?
  • We were baffeled at what the agency schedulat told David so we decided to video tape our quandry and discussion. be continued.

I know, know, you are wondering what the title has to do with this post: What Kind of Monster Tries to Force a Blind to Sign a Contract He Can NOT Read?

Well, you see, I am setting you up ofor what happens on Monday. This has everything to do with why David Ellinger, my son, is without care. the company wants him to sign a BEHAVIOR contact saying he won't smoke when aids are there. 

He refuses to sign any contact without authorized representation.

Would YOU sign something you can't read?

He is a part time smoker who has quit many times this year and does not smoke wihen the staff is in our home. (The CNA / housekeeper smoked on our patio when she was waiting 45 minutes for a load of laundry. What is wrong in this petty picture?)

to whom it may concern; here is one of several videos.


Note that I can't keep my eyes open due to blephrospasms.

Thank you to our loved ones who live too far away to come in to physically help out. Please share. We need help from the Governement who is getting billed and should not be...and all of the others in need to trusted health care that are in simliar bad situations.

The photo is of my youngest on a trip to Disney land years ago.

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Why Does Not One Person Seem to Care about Medicare Fraud and Child Endangerment in Colorado?


The No Non-cents Nanna is one exhausted mother caring single handed for her disabled son.

I am appealing to all 12,000 viewers on a typical weekend day to please share my pleas for compassion for powers-that-be who get us some real assistane to transfer this man, my son, from his wheelchair to his bed and back as a bare bones minimum.

David Ellinger in Wheelchair

This is my almost 41 year old son sitting in his new wheelchair in January 2014. It was brand new and I could see that it was unstable. It did tip over on a flat surface. (And that is another wild ride.)

It is now October 2014 with many issues still unresolved. He is much thinner now,and the defective wheelchair is the least of our unresovled worries.

  • We don't need advice. I am not stupid.
  • We don't need a nice quote to inspire us.
  • We need physical assistance from trained people who can safely do the daily cares for my son that wear me out to exhaustion.

We have had, yet another agency, since January 2014 that was to send CNA's 3 times a day for a total of 4 hours a day, 7 days pere week every week of every month. 

David has insurance via a Medicare replacement with Colorado Medicaid to pick up the slack.

He has extra considerations since he has significant visual impairment.

Here is the story about when things were turning bad:

One of the CNA's / housekeeper we really liked and trusted was self proclaimed to be OCD.

  • At some point that 25 year old was doing things she was not authorized to do to his supra-pubic catheter and not doing things she was suppposed to do to support his muscles and more.
  • In March she had been trained to assist David into a standing frame so he could stand for 30 to 45 minutes 3 to 5 times a week, as tolereated. She was neglegntly responcible for not strapping this para-palegic man in correctly. His right knee slipped causing him to scream in pain with a slow healing injury.
  • She was suppposed to apply leg splints, at bed time, that would help keep his legs from twisting.
I am not the supervising nurse at this Colorado Springs Nursing Agency. David never asked me to read the carbon copies of the CNA notes left each visit. I do not have Power of Attorney for him. I do many things for him around the clock that do not include looking over the CNA"s shoulders.

Things started changing with ths CNA inlcuding her not showing up for afternoon shifts. 
  • She complained of parents of a 13 year old Autistic boy who showed up in her parked car as she ran in to do David's shift. Well, that is when I was home to ask her why her car was running and who was in there. who knows what no went on when I was not home to witness.
  • She had to do her school work so her shift with David was shortened and I help her out. Only, her crisis' with her college professors never seemed to end.
  • She left her kids in the running car.  I found that out when her 4 year old came to the door calling for her mommy. She had to go potty.
  • Things were geting stuffed all over  the place. 
  • She told me I was "aggressive" when I told her I was not going to move my luggage and laundry as I was packing to got to Iowa for my class reuniona family matters/ businees trip. 
  • The morning of June 2, 2014 another CNA, an wonderful woman who was about to move out of state- alerted me to some charting irregularites made by the young mother who left kids in the car. We knew her solider husband was getting training out East.

On this morning, I had no time for crap. I was headed to Denver to Union Station. But, the shit was about to hit the fan when I saw out right Medicare Fraud!

The gal was charting things she had never done and I knew she lied without a doubt. I could not leave my son in her care.

Who knew what else she was lying about?

 The supervising RN just happen to come out.
The CNA was supposed to be here for a shift, but had not showed, yet.

I showed the RN the problems plus reported that the day before her 4 year old had left the 2 year old cardiac patient and a 13 year old autisitic boy in the car. The pre-schooler had to go potty failing to watch her brother and the client. (I worded it this way on-purpose. The mother, my son's CNA told her daughter to get back into the car to watch the boys.UH? I told her she had to deal with and the child need to use the bathroom.)

June 2: The CNA did show up late a few minutes after the RN left. Kids were in a truck with darkened windows. She ran in to get laundry money from my son then left quickly.

I was hauling my luggage to driveway at the time.
You may be thinking, "Why didn't you report her, Malika?"

I did report her to the 2 home health care agencies involved and child protective services. In fact the agency told us she was fired. 

David's shifts were covered and I left for about a week on my business and home town trip that included my class reunion nad my late father's estate matters that I had been putting off. I almost cancelled my trip, but I was assured David would be well cared for and he was.

No, that is not the end of this story. I find out that this CNA was still employed by the 2 home nursing care agencies involved.

What the _____? Yeah, we have child endangerment and Medicare fruad and who cares besides my son and I?

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