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What Questions Should you Know the Answer to BEFORE you make those Baskets for the Church Bazaar



I get a lot of enjoyment dreaming up things to create for a craft shows and or church bazzars. 

I have been stocking up on essential oils and little thing I find that are out of season or marked down.

Note my basket is not put together, yet. I have some things to check out before I try to make a sell goodies - even if I create something so adorable that every one will want to pay me lots of money for... and make me rich beyond my wildest......dreams $$$$$$$$$....ZZZZZZ...$$$$$$....ZZZZZ....

MBourne doTerra basket

Basket of my doTerra products. Image by Malika Bourne. All rights reserved.

Wake up Malika!

It is time to get back to reality. Ask the right questions first.

What things to find out before you put your craft baskets together?

  1. The price point the people in the local area will pay? Will I make or break even or make a profit that is worth the time and effort?
  2. License to sell and collect sales tax under what conditions?
  3. Permits and local restricitons required?
  4. Will a church allow non-releigous themes or not?
  5. What is the table fee?


 Cottage Food Laws in the United States

Below a link to Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic.

9 states do no allow home-made food to be sold in the market place. Check this link to see if the state you live in allows things like cookies, bread or cakes etc  to be sold made in you non-licences home kitchen.

Do you know what  a “Potentially Hazardous” Food is? You can also check it out a the link below before you make a lot of food you can't sell according to FDA Food Code 2009 § 1‐201.10..


Check out how much money can you make at these sales without getting into trouble? 

Some states have limts on how much total revenue a perosn can sell at the bizaare, road side stands, farmer's markets and the like. So before you and kids set up an old fashioned lemonade stand or you ladies decide to raise moeny for a good deed, check out what is allowed in your state and what is not. Even some cities and towns have restricitons.

(The link I share below may give a good idea of what states you need to get persmision from the correct department City Hall before you do anything.)

Organizing for an event.  Image by Malika Bourne. All rights reserved.

Label your products!

 According to the resource I have shared most states do require all products to labeled listing whihc may include but no limited to. Do not take my list as the law! My list is only to get you thinking if you really want to do a craft show or not. Below are just a few items that may be required by law to list.

  1. Ingredients
  2. Your contact information and where you made the goods to sell.
  3. Name of the product.
  4. Allergens in the product
  5. Weight or volume?
  6. You made be required to have a written statement that you have not been inspected or something like that.
  7. You may need to label flame retardant material, does it meet safety regulation for kids under age 3?
  8. YIKES! I think I may just stay home and make home made gifts.

 Keep records for your income taxes

I am serious on this one, too.

There is only so much that you can sell out of your garage or yard sale and craft shows before the tax man is knocking at your door telling you to cough up sales records and business expenses.

Personally I keep a box-bigger than bread box-to toss receipts into for my on-line doTerra business. I am so glad doTerra has sealed bottles and everything is labed correctly...

... but, that is another blog.

 Some states have a few bizarre laws so don't expect I covered every law which probably have very good reasons behind them at the time they were made. There may be a million and one variations on laws depending on your exact city and state or maybe country. So don't ask me, but DO ask the right authorities to b sure.

I'm not a law maker or a lawyer!

I'm just an old nanna writing a blog.

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, "Make good choices."

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Family Meeting Topic: Holiday Shopping Safety

I am a firm believer in the Family Meeting. I want to encourage you to schedule a family meeting this week on the topic of:

Holiday Safety

Family by Lici

  • Planning consistent meeting times with an up-beat postivie attitude will lead to all family members wanting to participate.
  • Consider the developmental ages of the children then adjust your approach accordingly.
  • Everyone, especially chidlren feel more safe and secure when they know what is expected of them in all situations.

Rules for holiday shopping:

State reasonable expectations for age of children.

  1. Do not take items out of a store unless paid and have a recieipt in hand.
  2. Stay within view of the adult. Adult will decide if the child hand needs to be held.
  3. Be pleasant and polite. orthe kids will go into Time Out no matter their age.... unless....
  4. ... someone might be trying to trick you. (Shout "You're NOT My MOM. You're NOT my DAD. Don't touch me.) You will need to pracatice this pretending ot be different characters. Make if fun, not so scary that your kids won't leave the house.)
  5. Kid's job is to stay safe NOT to take care of adults EVER even if a grown up asks for help. Instruct your child to shout CALL the POLICE if anyone aproaches them to help find a lost puppy in the Mall, or a lost baby. If someone is dressed like Santa Claus or an Elf  claiming to need help finding their lost reindeer yell LIAR! I DON"T KNOW YOU! STRANGER! DANGER! HELP! then is is OK to run away!
  6. Have a meeting place if you get seperated. Small children should STOP right where they are when they know they don't know where you are. DO NOT MOVE! DO NOT HIDE! All kids need an ID that states your name and cell phone number. Pin it inside ther coat. (Practice this including the fact that you have a name other than Mommy. )

This is enough for now. I will post more on another post.
Meanwhile, get your Family Meeting planned.

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying Make good choices.

I know you can add more to these suggestions I have started with. Shout out more safety ideas for shopping times.



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9-1-1 Cleaning for Thanksgiving With Non-toxic Lemon Oil


When preparing for  family gatherings like Thanksgiving Diner at your house messy things happen.

An hour before guests arrive is when you notice the grease and spots you never notice 364 other days of the year.

Don't let Murphy's Law make you panic before the happy event. 

I have  9-1-1 emergency solutions for you !


Image coutesty of doTerra

 Lemon essential oil to the rescue!

 Spray bottle of water with aobut 5 drops of lemon essentital oil. ( 1 to 2 cups of water)

  • Greasy range hood
  • table, countertops and other surfaces.

For some extra chemical-free de-greaser add tablespoon of vinegar

  •  Sticky goo like stickers, temporary tattoos and... YIKES! GUM IN the HAIR! (You don't have to cut hair or use peanut butter a guest may be allergic to.)
If this has never happened as the worse time , it will.


  • Shine up the furniture with lemon eo. It smells so fresh.

Add a few drops of lemon oil to olive oil for a non-toxic furniture polish.

Not only does Lemon oil leave a beautiful shine but it  prevents fine wood finishes from drying out.

  • Grandma's silverware you only use once a year... 

YIKES! It hasn't been out of the old box for 12 months!

Use Lemon essentail oil to  De-Smudge Your Stainless. 

Yep-Multi-use lemon oil 9-1-1 for cleaning stainless steel appliances, too.


  •  Clean Granite or Porous Stone. 

Do you have any idea what is living in the pores of your natural stone counters or floors?

Lemon oil deep lceans  into stone and leaves you with a lemon fresh aroma,rather than that fake lemon chemical smell that is not healthy.

Are you loving non-toxic ways of cleaning? Let me know you want more where this came from - a bottle of lemon essential oil.

Got questions? I am here to help. 719-291-4914

Ask me how you can purachese whe I believe are the best eo's at whole sale prices and monthly incentives. No only do I keep an active blog, I give personal mentorship on how to use essential oils for those who enroll under my name.

(DoTerra IPC's please feel free to PIN or Tweet from this blog.  Always refer  to your up-line for direct support My fee for personal mentoring is $250 which I waive for my enrolless.)



To purchase CPTGessential oils go to Malika Bourne doTerra for Lemon essential oil for you non-toxic house cleaning and more:


Welcome to my essential wellness store! Malika Bourne.
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intro kit

Image coutesty of doTerra

Check back  for 101 Uses for the Intro Kit: Peppermint

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. dōTERRA products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Pregnant or lactating women and persons with known medical conditions should consult a physician prior to the use of any dōTERRA product.

- See more at:

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Brand New Website Now LIVE: Come-As-You-Are to Promote Yourself


I have exciting news! YOU are invited to a Come-as-You-Are-Party on the Brand Spanking New Promtional web-site owned by The Edge-of-Eternity-Networks that bears my name...drum!

malikabournedotcom is so new that I am the first member.  As of 11/17/14 we have 7  members so far. That will be changing very quickly as a number of my good writer friends and essential oil team mates will be dropping what they are doing to get on over to to join.

11/20/14 Update: We now have 74  when I looked 10 minutes ago.  Stats button was added yesterday where you can click to see the number of unique hits to the site. (Not the page view total.)

Be the first 3 members to de-throne Malika from the front page. We can feature up to 5 on the front the page.We want our members show cased on the front page. Malika Bourne's information is for example. So far no members have submitted their information. That's OK to take you time.Keep in mind the site is attracting lots of attention already in less that week.

For those who are nervous about submtitting on a new website very detailed directions with images of what buttons to clik should be approved by ADMIN and published by NOON MST. I wrote them out last night.) is FREE site where you can get out of it what you put into it-YOURSELF!

So many of us writers, authors, blogger small biz people with a website get burried on the search engines. NO one knows we exist UNLESS they already know something about us.

Well, we can work together to change all that. is not all aobut me. It is about YOU and YOU and YOU who take a little effort to put YOUR best foot forward while allowing other people to get to know you through:

  • forums
  • simple surveys
  • sharing links
  • engaging with others
  • more...(see the site of my examples of what YOU, too can do.)

Check it OUT! I took a few photos as I watched the founder and owner of The Edge of Eternity Networks build  the site where  members may show case their best work and shout out links to the whole world!

  • There is no fee. 
  • We respect your privacy! 
  • No one earns any money directly off of the site. 
  • It is a free labor of love the brain child of my son David Ellinger.
  • All submissions are moderated by a historically tough moderator prior to publication of you best works. 
  • YOU sumbit your bio, introduction, links etc to the easy to type in format.
  • Admin and Malika help you social share from this coopertive effort.
  • Help other writers, author, bloggers, small biz social share , too. 
  • You will get out of the site what you submit into it.

(Your work does not have to be perfect; I am the typo queen and I still get to be a member! The owner and moderator is looking for the more  professional quality type and only pg appropriate content. All submssions will be checked for appropirateness. reserves the right to accept or reject.)

What can I expect to see on

  • Right now I am on display as a sample of what your pages could look like.
  • Surveys that you can answer or make you own. (Entertinament and ice breakers for site use only)
  • Forums will be forming this week. In fact I am collecting people interested in making gifts with essential oils etc. 
  • Show case all the sites a 'writer' participates on with all the links.
  • David Ellinger / The Edge of Eternity Networks will be hosting a forum on blog site building. He is the genius who built my blogs, here. I take responcibility for my own chronic typos-not his fault at all!
  • All FAQ and details are clearly spelled out. ADMIN is availabe to assist you with questions.
  • This is an opportunity to get the noticed on-line you deserve. You have nothing to loose by being a member with so much to gain by showcasing your self on

What ever you are wearing, drop what you are doing to Come-As-You -Are to  go check out

Answer a quick survey while you are exploring. I am still exploring the site my self. I have several forum started. You can view it. Join to particiapte. (No fee. We don't collect stats on your personal info, either.)


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Make Practical Gifts for the Whole Family with Healthy Benefits #2


 A wonderful tradition in our family is to make homemade goodies together as a family project. Not only is granola fun to make and sweet to eat it can be a learning experience, too.

An older child can easily prepare this on their own.

Even a small child can help scoop with a measuring cup and count. They can learn the conept of more or less.

Everyone enjoys the aromatic experince when using the essential oils in this recipe.

Tip: Less is more. Count the drops of essentail oils onto a clean spoon. It is way too impossible to retreive..oh, let me say 20 drops...when you only needed 3 drops. I would not get a 3 year the job of measuring the very concentrated drops. OOPS!

I only use doTerra essential oils. That is why I sell them as well.

Doesn't this recipe look delicious?

Shopping list for Cinnamon Almond GRANOLA


old fashioned oats

 shredded unsweetened coconut

 sliced almonds

 chia seeds

 flax seed meal


dried cherries

 dried cranberrie


 maple syrup

 coconut oil

 Cinnamon essential oil

- See more at:

To print the entire recipe and direction please click the link at the top of the post or copy and  paste the link below from doTerra blog.While you are there feel free to browse. You can click on the widget to view the whole blog as you wish.


Do you love Mason jars? Check out my list!


Want to set up your own wholesale account mentored under Malika Bourne?

Welcome to my essential wellness store! Malika Bourne.
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Feel free to click on the widget to explore my 100's of lists to be inspired to make your own lists, too.

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