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How to Avoid Binge Eating:Wrap With Me Support


 In my last post " Wrap With Me Slim & Sassy" (unofficial support group)I promised to share with you what I feel is the best source of information on healthy weight loss. I am sharing today from DoTerra's blog becasue I use the products myself.

That's me, Malika Bourne in January 2014: Fat and Sassy!
 Check out the trustworthy information and a few of recipes that I am using ( when I don't cheat and drink a COKE).

WOW! I could have drunk a Trim Shake!

Resist the Binge: Feel Full and Satisfied with dōTERRA TrimShake



Do you ever feel unsatisfied or tired after a meal, or are hungry only moments after you last ate? Most of us can relate to that feeling and it can be very frustrating when you are trying to control what you consume.

Dr. Parker, Director of Research and Development at dōTERRA International, wrote in the Winter 2013 Living Magazine about what makes us feel unsatisfied or tired after a meal. He suggests that there are two aspects of eating that are important to how we feel after we eat. The first is satiety (how long the meal lasts before we are hungry again) and the second is how the food affects our blood stream in the few hours after a meal.

He suggests that in order to feel satisfied after a meal, we need the proper amount of protein and fat. If we eat a meal consisting mostly of carbohydrates, it leaves our stomach quickly, and can result in us feeling hungry sooner.

He also advises that “the best solution is to engage your muscles by taking a brisk walk, or otherwise forcing your muscle to use some of that new load of sugar it just received.”

Read the Full Article by Dr. Parker Here.

Dr. Parker recommends dōTERRA’s TrimShakes because they are a convenient and delicious way to get essential nutrients that a healthy meal would provide. With only 125 calories per serving, TrimShake can easily be used as a daily meal or snack replacement when trying to maintain healthy weight goals.

Facts About TrimShake:

  • dōTERRA’s Chocolate and Vanilla TrimShakes were designed to provide us the balance we need. They include the appropriate amount of fat to calorie ratio, which makes it a tastier treat as well.
  • TrimShakes have more protein than carbohydrates so that you’ll feel full longer.
  • They help to better manage blood sugar levels so you won’t have the munchies 30 minutes after you eat.
  • TrimShakes include Essentra® Trim, a concentrated extract from Ashwagandha, to help control cravings and manage the stress hormone, cortisol, which is associated with fat storage.

dōTERRA’s Chocolate or Vanilla TrimShake can be used in hundreds of different recipes. Watch this video where Daren Gates, 1st Place Winner of our 2012 Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Change Competition, shares his favorite TrimShake recipe.


TrimShakes are delicious if mixed simply with water or any other liquid of choice, but are also delicious when mixed with other ingredients. Here are some delicious and healthy recipes using dōTERRA’s Chocolate and Vanilla TrimShakes:

Chocolate TrimShake Recipes. Click Here to View More.

Chocolate Coconut Protein Shake


1 scoop Chocolate TrimShake

1 cup sugar-free coconut milk

1 Tbsp. unsweetened baking cocoa

1 Tbsp. unsweetened, shredded coconut

1/2 cup ice

blend until smooth

Triple Chocolate Protein Shake


2 scoops Chocolate TrimShake

1/2 avocado

1/2 banana

1 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

1 Tbsp. raw honey (optional)

handful of ice cubes

blend until smooth

Raspberry Chocolate Thick


1-2 scoops Chocolate TrimShake

6-8 oz. milk

6 ice cubes

8 raspberries

blend until smooth

Chocolate Strawberry Blast


1-2 scoops Chocolate TrimShake

6-8 oz. water

4-6 Ice Cubes

8 Strawberries

blend until smooth

Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffle


2 Scoops Chocolate TrimShake

1 tsp. creamy peanut butter

16 oz. nonfat milk

1/2 cup ice cubes

blend until smooth

Wild Chocolate Orange


1 scoop Chocolate TrimShake

1cup low-fat almond milk

2-3 drops dōTERRA Wild Orange essential oil

blend until smooth

Vanilla TrimShake Recipes. Click Here to View More.

Banana and Oats TrimShake


8 oz. skim milk

1 banana

1/2 cup oats

2 scoops Vanilla TrimShake

blend until smooth

Fruit Punch


1 scoop Vanilla TrimShake

1 cup low-fat almond milk

3-4 frozen whole strawberries

1 drop dōTERRA Lime essential oil

blend until smooth

Key Lime TrimShake


1 cup almond milk

1 Tbsp. lime juice

6 ice cubes

1-2 drops dōTERRA Lime essential oil

1 scoop Vanilla TrimShake

blend until smooth

Optional: garnish with whipped cream and crushed cookie or graham cracker crumbs with a twist of lime

Peach Smoothie


1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup nonfat plain or Greek yogurt

1 scoop Vanilla TrimShake

1/2 tsp. agave nectar

1/4 cup fresh peach, peeled, and chopped

1 drop dōTERRA Wild Orange essential oil

4 ice cubes

blend until smooth

Pumpkin Pie Shake


1 scoop Vanilla TrimShake

1 cup milk or water (liquid of choice)

1/2 cup pumpkin puree

1-2 drops dōTERRA Cinnamon essential oil

1 drop dōTERRA Cassia essential oil

1 Tbsp. nuts (walnuts or pecans)

1 cup ice

blend until smooth

Strawberry Banana Shake


1 cup milk or water (liquid of choice)

1 scoop Vanilla TrimShake

1/2 cup strawberries

1/2 cup banana

1 cup ice


- See more at:

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Explore TerraFit with Less Pudgey No Non-cents Nanna


 Before I turned 43 years old I was a skinny. I actually had a hard time keeping enough weight on for energy.

Well that is in the past. I am now 63 years old battling  gravitya nd gaining 2 pounds a years since I graduated high school. It is not about being fat in my senior years. I still have things to do, places to go and people to see. I need to feel energy!

LOL! Below is my back side trying to Zumba.

I have lost 12 pouds since that photo was taken in April. (See my Wrap With me Slim & Sassy post)

I work out at Curves for Women which I love, but, I have a challenge.  

I am not allowed to drive anymore. Therefore I walk a mile to the closet bus stop to catch a bus to go work out. I love walking, but the temperature has been over 90 degerees or it is storming.

I need to re-think my exercising routine to continue to get back to a healthy weight.

I am considering TerraFit!  Below in the short  introductory video.

Meet Allyse Sedivy...

I actually was introduced to TerraFit in April by Allyse Sedivy herself.

Yep, I was at their cabin for a retreat. I knew this was coming out. I hesitated...

I mean, like who wants to invest in a video tape when you can got out to exercise?

BUT,what IF you can't get out because of rain, ice and heat? Then go to plan B when plan A is not working for the over all good.

LOL! Must watch this video as it will inspire you to get up and move!

Camera Guys' TERRAFit Workout

 I iwll do it! Join me!

TERRAFit - Behind the Scenes 



Home > Books & Media > DVDs 
TERRAFit Work Out Video: Get Lean
Part Number ARC-TerraFit-GetLean
TERRAFit Work Out Video: Get Lean
Zoom    $79.99

I don't sell this, but My Oil Business does. Use the link right aboveto order your copy. Please tell them Malika Bourne told you about it.

Description: Quote:


Let's Get Lean

TERRAFit is an exercise program comparable to other exercise workouts that are available on DVD. This workout includes: High Intensity Interval Training, Lean Muscle Strength Training, High Intensity Cardio Training, Kick Boxing Training, along with working the ABS and Stretching.

This Program is set up to work for anyone and everyone, any age. The workouts can always be modified to be easier but to push you to your max to build muscles and burn fat and calories

TERRAFit was created by Jon D. Chase, a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (Personal Trainer) and Allyse Sedivy, one of Jon’s Trainee’s.

Some of the Benefits of TERRAFit:

-Maximum Results in Minimum Time -Stimulates Production of HGH
-Burn More Calories
-Lost Fat Not Muscle
-Love Your Heart
-Take it With You
-Join a TERRAFit 90 Day Challenge with a Team and Be Rewarded for Choosing to Be Healthy

More Details Coming Soon About the TERRAFit 90 Day Challenges - Starting Monthly in June


Check out this email I got!

What if I showed you how to achieve the fitness and appearance you’ve always wanted, without resorting to extreme diets and exercise programs. Imagine waking up in the morning and, looking in the mirror and being thrilled about the way you look. Imagine NOT having to hide under baggy clothes. Imagine your closet filled with clothes that show off the NEW YOU. Imagine, only 90 days from now, having the energy to go all-out from morning till night, having the strength to do all the things you’ve been putting off.

That is exactly what is happening with the TERRAfit 90-day Challenge. People all over the world are getting results like never before. Check out these successes - 

Join the Challenge at Dial 951-262-3794 Ext. 998 for more information. 

“I am so grateful to be a part of the TERRFit program. I am a senior citizen who has spent too much time enjoying retirement and didn’t realize the pounds were adding on quickly. Dieting has always been easy for me, but I was never able to get into the exercise part. This program provides both diet and exercise. TERRAFit has made me accountable. I love being a part of a team to share my struggles and successes. The pounds are starting to drop off. I am amazed how much stronger I have become. I would recommend this to everyone…if I can do it, so can you!” - K. Spanier

Even extreme athletes are loving TERRAfit.

“I have loved a number of aspects of Terrafit. I participate in marathons and triathlons. In the past I have been able to eat what I want and not gain much weight. The TERRAfit program has introduced to me the benefits of whole body health. I have been following the diet plan, drinking enough water, exercising with the videos, and using some great doterra products. I am slimming down, gaining muscle mass, and getting faster. Because of the accountability to my team, I am more driven to stick with the program. This program can benefit any type of athlete, from couch potato to extreme athlete.” – K. Pocock


Create your dream team at

You can view the contest rules at

Watch this video for more information about TERRAfit


Patrick & Allyse Sedivy
doTERRA Double Presidential Diamonds 
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Change Your Life with Essential Oils Risk Free With Malika Bourne doTerra




If you are  like me you love essential oils, but maybe you haven't tried doTERRA's essential oils.
  • Sometimes I know when you are using another brand of essential oils, it feels weird to try a new one, 
  • but I promise you, you will love them 
  • and if you do decide to get this, I will include a 6 week essential oil education course for free ($400 Value). 

 Hurry! This unbeatable offer ends this week! Call me now!

  • *If you would like to try doTERRA's essential oils in the MONTH of July 
  • and you purchase $100 in essential oils 
  • you get $50 free product. Ask for details
  • *The GreenLiving Ladies Team has addtional gifts when you join our team
  • *Plus ask me about the incentive to join gifts I will personally pick for you.

 * You will need to call me first so I am alerted that you will clicking on my Malika borne doTerra link to join under me on the Green Living Ladies team in order to qualify for the offer is have stated here. I reserve the right to refuse anyone who is attempting to scam.
When I got my own account with doTERRA a year ago, I never had an opportunity like that so I thought you would appreciate knowing. 

*Heck if you get the oils and you feel like they are not as I have presented, I will buy that back from you. *

Scheduled classes every Wednesday after noon  and evening.
I also host FREE classes by request.
Call me first so I can give the address and directions in Colorado Springs


Email me:


To explore doTerra's essential oil product line

Click on Malika Bourne doTerra website:


Don't live in my neighborhood? No problem!

I can send you links to videos that

you can watch in the privacy of you our home

when you wish.




Passport 2 Skincare Beauty & Relaxation Expo August 9th

I am gifting for the men and women drawing: foaming face wash
I am  making this interactive demonstrations to stimulate all of the senses.
~peppermint hand massage
~ geranium face wipes
~aroma therapy play dough
~Peppermint water bottle spray
~shot glasses of lemon or orange water
 ~ lavender rice packs (I have to sew)
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Aromatic Gift Giving in a Jar


Click on my doTerra website to get stated planning: 

Essential Gift Giving: Weddings and Bridal Showers


Many happy couples will be saying their “I do’s” this summer and odds are that most of us will be attending a wedding or two.

Why not use this opportunity to share the power of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade dōTERRA essential oils with the newlyweds in your life by gifting them this home care starter kit filled with natural homemade cleaning supplies?

All items in the gift basket have step-by-step tutorials on this blog. Click on the link in the item list to learn how to make them.

This Home Care Starter Kit Includes:

resize 1

Window Cleaner: 16 oz. Spray Bottle, 1 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup distilled water, 8 drops of any citrus oil of your choice

Wood Polish: 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup vinegar, 10 drops Wild Orange or Lemon essential oils

All Purpose Cleaner: 16 oz. glass spray bottle, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 3/4 cups water, 30 drops Lemon essential oil, 1 teaspoon borax

resize 4

Toilet Soft Scrub: 3/4 rounded cup baking soda, 1/4 cup liquid castile soap, 1 tablespoon water, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 5-10 drops Lemon essential oil

Mattress Cleaner: 1 cup baking soda, 10 drops Lavender essential oil

Air Freshener: 1/4 cup baking soda, 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oil

resize 6

Dryer Balls

resize 5

On Guard Cleaner Concentrate: Item No. 3814

On Guard Foaming Hand Wash with 2 Foaming Dispensers: Item No. 3807

resize 7

Make Sure to Include Essential Oils so They Can Make Their Own Cleaning Supplies:

Lemon Essential Oil: Item No. 3012

On Guard Essential Oil: Item No. 3110

Lavender Essential Oil: Item No. 3011

Wild Orange Essential Oil: Item No. 3017

resize 8

Assorted Cleaning Supplies:


Scrub Brush


Other Recommended Gift Ideas:

resize 7

Family Physical Kit: Item No. 3279

Introductory Kit: Item No. 3218

resize 2

dōTERRA essential oils can be purchased online   or from any of our Independent Product Consultants. 

- See more at:

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Is There Something Natural to Help Raise my Mood?


I don't deny that have had some moodiness in my lifetime.

Are you or a loved one experiencing crabiness like a grey cloud is hanging over your head?

 Ok, I it has been more than "some" moodiness at times in my life. I have an issue with depression, sleep issues, irritibility and all that goes along with mood disorders and emotional roller coasters on a vicious cycle.

This does not-ever mean that I am not loving and kind as I can be when my system is not out of balance. 

My sassiness as No Non-cents Nanna is a choice to get people's attention; not moodiness.

Fortunately, I have found doTerra essential oils.

The only side effects I have are are surprising good side effects from using one essential oil for one health problem that positively affects another health concern.

Below I am sharing another one of DoTerra's life changing posts about the blend o oils called Elevation. I pull out this particular oil blend when it begins to look like  my 40 year old boomer-rang son with MS are on each other's nerves.

WOW! Elevation plus taking LLV supplements have been the catalyst to that combines our oil and wter personlaities to helpus live with each other.

( MS is so very hard on the person who has it and the people who live with them and care for all of their personal needs: non-saints like me with mood issues.)

Yes, I still keep my scheduled doctor's appointments. Even my doctor has noticed that my outlook on life is more sunnier than ever. *

In addtion to the essential oils I read  positive and empowering books, too.

Are you ready to try something new because nothing has seemed to help so far? 

EO Spotlight: Elevation Joyful Blend


  • Elevation is the perfect blend for those moments when you need to be revitalized.
  • This exciting blend provides an invigorating combination of essential oils that can elevate your mood and increase your energy. 
  • Elevation combines the uplifting and euphoric floral scents of Lavandin, Lavender, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, and Osmanthus, Tangerine, Elemi, and Lemon Myrtle to create a unique blend that promotes a positive mood and energized mind and body.

Aromatic Description:Elevation Essential Oil

Floral, sweet, citrus

Primary Benefits:

Elevated mood and increases vitality

Energizing and refreshing aroma


Diffuse Elevation to promote feelings of self-worth, while also helping to lessen feelings of sadness and anxiety.

Diffuse Elevation in the mornings before waking kids to help start their day with a positive, uplifted mood.

Rub Elevation essential oil over your heart, temples, or wrists for an almost immediate mood booster.

After a long, stressful day, take a bath with a few drops of Elevation to help relieve anxiety and restore the mind and body.

dōTERRA essential oils can be purchased or from any of our Wellness Advocates. 

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. dōTERRA products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Pregnant or lactating women and persons with known medical conditions should consult a physician prior to the use of any dōTERRA product.

- See more at:

Leave a comment and share please.

Wouldn't you love a FREE diffuer? Enroll with doTerra under Malika Bourne IPC #598018 before July 31, 2014.

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