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Mother of Disabled Man DEMANDS Accountability from Colorado Springs Home Health Care Agencies


 I, Malika Bourne chose to make my complaints about Colorado Springs Home Healthcare Agency public by publishing it on my blog without full names of those involved. The post will be time stamped.

Mother of Disabled Man DEMANDS Accountability from Colorado Springs Home Health Agency. This post is a copy of a letter to be sent ot the agency who "can  no longer meet his needs" The 41 year ld has debilitaitng #mulirplesclerosis. Quoitng aCNA "The hwole satf thinks you are mean." Do you think that is professional? Please share theplight od elderly adn siabled not gettign care satates are paying CNA and agencies to do without the employeess actully doing their jobs.

As of Tueday May 26 My disabled son will be without home care assistance other than my self. He need more help than I, at age 64, can give him day after day.

My son is NOT unique with his complaints and my concerns over issues in the health care system for elderly and disabled:AT RISK PERSONS.

Medicare and Medicaid are being billed for tasks that are not being done in the best interest of dependant adults all to often. Sometimes the caregivers are not even aware that omisison is legally neglect that affects  an elderly person or a disabled person's quality of life.

Urinary infections, bed sores and more complications of decreased actiivites can be prevented with a watchful eye and agressive action to treat. But if a CNA ignores it and fails to report broken areas of skin or "crankiness" and smelly urine to a qualified person the concequences can be life threatening.

This is not the first time we have gone public to raise awareness that loved ones who depend on assistance who may be at risk. This time we will go to the Capitol to get some better laws on the books that force better accountability from caregivers. Sure there are laws by why do agecies only get a slap on the wrist until it is too late?

Below is a letter to be sent out via email in the morning. Not all termonology or explaination will make sense to an untrained medical person. Some issues will be TMI, but that is life.

The judge and jury are still out.

Can we have a discussion and spread the word on some very personal care issues?

To whom it may concern:

 I am writing this on behalf of my 41 year old son David E___

Why am I writing this instead of him doing it himself is the key to this complaint.

  1. David has debilitating Multiple Sclerosis. He is rapidly detoriating due what I allegde as  contributing factors that include but not limited to the following!
  2. David is legally blind. His 2015 eye exam show his vison is 20/400 due to optic nueritis.
  3. David has a nuerogenic bowel and bladder. Does he or does he not have doctor's orders to address these skilled cares?
  4. David has chronic pain! Spams severely decrease his ability to function optimally, physically and mentally. This severe pain causes him to be more depressed and irritable, yet your agency complains he is Quote r"ude!" 
  5. David suffers from massive muscle spams. They are painful causing him irritability. That is not personal unless some one causes him greater harm. In that case it needs to stop. An agency elvaluation must be done to fix the problem. (Issues specifially with Irene were never resolved to our satisfaction . She seems to not listen to instuction but does things the way she wants. I have additional complaints about her  that include wasting over $7 worth of essential oils hand wash and  more.)
  6. While legally David is capable of speaking for himself YOUR agency as a whole have not responded  nor followed through in a professional manner to his needs nor accomodate with empathy considering the pain he is experiencing is a major contributing factors to his disagreeable attitude, choice of words, and firm tone. I feel you have retaliated by ABANDONING his care. (This a  TORT.)
  7. Below are significant factors that are contributing to his deterioration. Those listed are items ( not all will listed at this time) that should be addressed on the nursing care plan for which your agency is legally responsible to fulfill since you agreed to take on his case. You are being paid to do certain tasks that were not beng done. We want an accounting with in 7 days of ALL charges for each task that the state was billed.
  • Bowel Program including Dig Stim was NOT done. WHY?He was on a succesful bowel program for 2 years
Problems with negligence of not doing following through with the standard protocol:
  • Increase toxic load from a full bowel increase irritability of the patient
  • A full bowel will hold urine in the bladder. That is counter productive to having a surgically installed supra pubic catheter which is to help drain the bladder of urine that would otherwise be stagnet and lead to urinay tract infections.  UTI cause irritabilty!
  • Not having a regular morning bowel program causes "inconviences" and over stressing the budget.
David may or may not have a BM after he is up in his wheelcahir. He does no have the strenth to get on to a toilet or comode. Yes, he wears an adult diaper. How big a load do you think one adult diaper can hold? It is embarrasing. To ignore normal body funtions and force him to have _it happen is  demeaning for any adult to poop their pants.
  • Feces smell.
  • Feces from shoulder to toes is an unsanitary mess!

Caroleene was "trained' by nurse Mary. Caroleene NEVER ever successfully did the bowel program.

( We have isssues with Mary not knowing how to hook up a urinary bag then lie about it. I also have issues with her comining in ot our home with out knocking nor announcing her self. I was in the Living room one AM to see her wandering around our home. Her responce to me asking who see was and what she was doing here was, 'I thought you were sleeping. I didn't want to wake you up."
From what I observed of Mary, I did not think she was going to transition to the home care setting.)

Why was Nurse Mary in our home? Betty was David's nurse.
It is my understanding that this company's policy does not allow CNA's to give gylercine suppositories. There fore the RN's were coming in as they ''had time.'  "You don't understand. We are very busy. We have to come in when WE have the time."

RN's shoved a supposity in his rectum and walk out the door reguardless of whether or not any one would be there to clean it up. I may or may not be. No staff ever confered with me if I would be able to wipe his bottom and dispose of the feces.
  •  This poor communication and poor managment.
We may or may not have a choice as to when, where or how to clean him up post BM in the wheel chair. 
It is too taxing to put him in and out of bed extra times; but _hit is squished all over the chair and his clothes, anyway.
There is an option to lay the back his chair. He is forced to precariously turn to his side while soiled chucks and dirty diaper are removed. Would you like me to make a video to get you all to understand how difficult a task this is? We have told Ms Caroleene many, many times since October 2014. Accidents in the chair ARE an avoidable mistake!

Then I ,Mom, have to wash adult clothes out by hand and let then soak until I have the funds to do extra laudry. Currently our laundry room is on the 3rd floor. ( Don't be suggesting David get Housekeeping to help do laundry.)

When we go over budget on laundry that mean I don't pay a bill or I don't eat. In April and May the extra wastage of laundry from BM and excessive use of wash clothes and towels cost me over $60 over my budget.

Many times  David has no choice but to sit in *__IT that will casue skin break down.

We may be out on an appointment; I am not home; or I am too injured to even care for my self let alone spend 20 to 60 minutes dealing with pooh!
  • Sitting in a wheel chair or being stuck in bed leads to increased potential of skin break down, decreased pertsalis decreasedlung funciton...shall I go on? 
  • Add having to sit in BM siemotionally difficult.
  • David does have skin break down. Has this been reported by CNA's? What was the agency's written plan of action to protect his skin? I suggest there was NO plan ofaction with the excuse that you were "short staffed and this case was to be temporay. " I have found what the law says about not doing the care; neglect.
    • Not getting on the CDASS program has been the problem of the Helen Rocky Mountain Options for Long Term Care lack of getting her work done in a timely manner. She set this up with your agency. David never forced you to agree to his case.

2. Stander

  • PT evaluated David's needs. Standing in the standing frame allows gravity to help with bowel movements.
  • The standing frame use is an intrical part of his over all health. I, Mom, am no longer capable of safely getting him in thestnader all by myself.
  • WHy was David not put in the stander?
  • Check the times logged in and logged out. David needs 2 hours but was grateful for 90 minutes on the schedule so I did not have to strain myself to get him in and out of bed. (BTW after my shoulder injury February 23, 2015 - he had to stay in his chair all weekend or stay in bed as he only had a CNA 5 days a week for 90 minutes in teh morning.)


I have concerns as the length of time has not been adequte for ROM. Recently David informed me numerous times that Caroleene has stated in response to his complaints, "I'm not strong enough."

My concern is if this CNA can not do the ROM with out hurting her self or David OR she can not do the job that will do David any good, WHY was the supervisor NOT informed so the CNA could replaced?

Or, is there too much distraction from all the voice messages being left on CNA's phone during that a time sheis suppoese ot being doing ROM? From the lack of follow thorugh it looks liek she is rushing ot leave early druing her scheduled visit.

To clarifyOn the day swhen I am not out fro my appointments I had beenhearing her phone either rign or numbersou voice mails every day aroudn 10 AM It appaered to meshe was disteracted tho did not answer the phone most times. David informed me the voice mail sounds continuedeven when I was not home.

3. Scheduling Staff is not matching skills.

When asked  why CNA'S" did not have the skills to compentently do the careplan these are only 3  of the replies from staff:


"CNA's come in with their certificates in hand."

"You have to understand they need to be taught."

"you have to undersatnd we are short staffed."

As an RN for over 30 years whose strong point was teaching, I DO understand about teaching. Is the company  implying that they were intending to pay me or not to train their staff when I was too sick ot care for my self?

  • Schedule: David was grateful for the help he got. He was told Caroleene could not come until 9:30 am. He worked with it.  It was a problem since not being ready to go in the morning until 11:00 interfered with optimal time window he could be transported by Metro Transit to appointment s or in gernal getting out if the weather permitted.
  • David has had DR orders for him ot get out of the house daily due to his oldest diagnosis that existed prior to the MS diagnois. He has been almost a prisoner in his own home. It not easy for him to get out whenhis day starts so late; 11 AM
  • I had scheduled 2 business events way back in December. I paid for the non-refundable vendor booths. David was calling teh agency to check if someone was scheduled or not. At the last minute Sherrie informs David she had no one that has been out already to work so would send someone new. 
  • I said NO. 
  • I do not want a new person wandering around our home with out being oriented. I need to trust they would not hurt him nor would steal or not follow the careplan. (Irene was disasater. " You won't let Irene come out, so who else do I have to send?") May 16 I got up at 5 am to get David ready to go with me. We got picked up by Metro transit at 6:45 AM. I was exhausted by the time I got my table set up. I sent David home at Noon by Metro para transit van. At least I knew that I would not have to pack up and go home early because someone hurt him or used 1/2 bottle of foaming face wash on his bottom.Yes, someone apparently did. EO face wash cost $22 for a full bottle. Can't peopel rea labels?
  • "One day" when David had an eaelry morning dr appointmetn.  The scheduler called  to tell him that no one would come until 11 am to get him out of bed. Think about it. He would not be ready for the day until after NOON. Then the pm staff would come to put him in bed at 5:00 or 5:30. This incident made him upset and told Sherrie why it upset him. He said, " Any pshycriast will tell you it is not healthy  to saty in bead all ady (parapahrased.) Since you are the schedular if I deteriorate in any way based on___I will hold you personally responsible."   __She hung up. 
  • 2 hours later Nurse Sharon and Robert knocked on the door unannounced to deliver termination papers. Sharon said that Helen had been informed 2 hours before. Sharon was obivisouly upset. This was the first time she had met David and I in person. She was apparently was not aware that I have a degree in nursing: some of the statements and lack of knowledge on issues of infection control, bolwel program  and more from CNA's and other staff do not go over well with me. I can't help but wonder how many other clients are being intimated by similar statements meant to hush the clients when they express concerns. Does the law really allow agencies to ABANDOM care with the excuses, "We can no longer meet your needs."
What was done to EVEN try to meet David's basic bodiy function needs?

Helen did call later much later. She stated that the agency staff "complained they were afraid because David was taping/ recording  them doing thir work". (Or something to that effect.)
Who made up this lie?

If David were to record the CNA'S. keep in mind the Federal Wire Taping Laws and nanny cams. I see this kind of lie as harrasemnt that is unsetlteling to his already delicate condition.  Keep in mind DAvid had blood in his urine and was just completeing the dose of antibiotic for a UTI. Who causedit BYW?

Lack of knowledge of good infection control is chronic among CNA's in this area. This agency and other agencies who have been to our home have NEVER addressed the problem as I see fit. In return those in charge (with the exception of Beth) get defensive and lash back.
In my experience I did a lot of hand washing teaching where I worked. There are ways to help staff improve on infection control. Such as observing the CNA in that home setting by RN in an papropirate way to teach."Blaming" or "denying" the client's concerns is NOT accepetable as a solution.

  • Infections:
1) Psudomonus x2 this year.

2) David had puss filled sores all over his body. The popped fairly fast. ( I do have some photos.)
Who reported it? Do you know why those happened? 
May 12, I thinkaDAvid had an appointment with dr Alex. I was not informed of a sore on his leg that was there BEFRE the dr appoitnt. That night a CNA had undressed David when I walked into his room to see a large puss pocket the size of an orange seed on his inner left thigh. At that time David told me Caro commented it was a spider bite. David thought it was an in-grown hair but can't see that well.

Mid week the week before I had noted that David had dozens  puss filled  sores on his back. I  questioned it as maybe we needed to put a towel behind your back in case it was sweat I would watch it tho' I was not currently geting David in and out of bed.

Tuesday Am I called Min at dr Al's office to reprot the sore on his left leg AND the fact that he had little sores all over. I quetione staph tho we don't know wihtout a culture. Some where the order for a culture was not placed into Beth's box......
I have lots of photos inlcuding how the leg bag was not starped right.. I question why CNA's feel they have the training to dismiss open wounds or are carelessa bout how the leg bag will or will not drain right???

Later when I peiced together some evidence I realizied that someone used the CNA hand soap in his bath water.  (Ireane had used up over & worth of doTERRA foaming handwash on  pooping rags I told her to just leave me to do...What does the careplan say about David sensitivities? Is there even a PM careplan? Or have these new CNA's been even given an AM careplan?


Who reported his signs and symtpoms to the RN?
Why did nurse Betty never come out to get a urine culture? David was miserable. He was worse than cranky! Who can blame him?
February 23 about a month afeer we moved,  (Jauanry 17)I had no choice but take ua to the doctors. I am not allowed to drive. I took the city bus. I was an awful day with snow drifts piled up every where and ice in the streets .Mind you , the RN could have taken a UA in most of the previous week.

I had to cross West bound on Academy on foot to catch the next bus. A car made an illegal left turn as I was finishing crossing with my Pedistrain light. It caused me to fall on ice sustaining more that a just serious shoulder injury.
Urgent CARE doc said I could NOT use my arm at ALL for 3 days. As of May 25 my arm is still not healed.
 Gratefully, the agency sent out "ONLY for 3 days. THAT IS ALL!"
What? No plan for emergency?...

I then got bronchitis. Apparently it is OK for CNA to come to work with bronchitis how many times with out another CNA to back her up? (Oh, short staffed, I know. So, we are grateful)
My body fell like a row of dominoes. I was taken by ambualnce  x3 to ER after the fall. I have had ex-rays, CAT scans, EKG's and cardiac echograms. I see a chriopractors twice a week and I do phyical therapy for my shoulder -sitll not healed. Now I'm completing a 3 week cardiac monitor.
I'm am still not ok to heavy work.

I don't drive, so I drag home groceries.
What IF some one wastes a whole bottle of hand soap? What IF the AM CNA says nothing about something running out?  Is she is distracted and leave un-rinsed dried on food and metamucil on the counters not knowing if I am to be admited ot the hospital or not. (Right, she can't wash dishes.) It seems like it is ok to leave before completing all of the careplan tasks because we don't understand "Our  agency is short staffed."

To fuel my upset Caro was being nice and brought in DIAL hand soap. I sent it home. "Thaks but no thanks" Dial is very heavily perfumed. I tried it out to prove what i already knew. The snythetics were very strong for hours. The soap bothered David and myself- We are allergic to this junk in the over the counter soaps. We are careful about what we have in the house. I use essential oils for our over all health.

  • I have not said evey thing I have to say about why David and I have discussed that we want an accounting of the tasks the state has been billed for.
  • We want an accounting why the bowel program was never done; why the stander was never used and WHY CNA came in slopping handsanitizer and using regular hand soap in David?

Copies of this are scheuled ot be published on
Email to __ Home care Agency in Colorado Springs
email to Helen C at Rocky Mountain Options for Long Term Care and supervisiors

email to our state representitive Owen Hill
eamil to Pre-paid legal
email  to local and national news

(Typos from Malika Bourne are to be expected.)

Sincerly Malika Bourne mother of David E.
The folowing is not part of the email/letter to got the agncy and authorities to show our friends and fmaily that we are not making up rules, regualtion and laws. Yes, it needs works.
Supporting sources with urls below Malika has researched  full documents that are copy and pasted in a non-published draft. These are listed in no particular order and posted so you can do resasrch also form those links of keey wrods.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics directs the nurse to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient, to assume responsibility and accountability for individual nursing practice, to appropriately delegate tasks consistent with the nurses’ obligation to provide optimum patient care, and to establish, maintain, and improve health care environments and conditions of employment.- See more at:

Disabled patients. She described some of the ethical dilemmas that this population deals with and stated that this population has unique ethical concerns.  

Colorado Colo. Rev. Stat. § 26-3.1-101 MISTREATMENT: The act or omission which threatens the health, safety, or welfare of an at-risk adult, as such term is defined in subsection (1) of this section, or which exposes the adult to a situation or condition that poses an imminent risk of death, serious bodily injury, or bodily injury to the adult

MISAPPROPRIATION OF RESIDENT/PATIENT PROPERTY (2 elements needed)  Deliberate misplacing, exploiting, or wrongful use of a consumer’s/resident’s property Or A pattern of misplacing, exploiting, or wrongful use of a consumer’s/resident’s property And  Consumer/Resident consent not given If the allegation is made against the agency staff member, then it is reportable. If the consumer reports misappropriation by a family member to the agency, it would n....

"Neglect is defined as the refusal or failure to fulfill any part of a person’s obligations or duties to an elder. Neglect may also include failure of a person who has fiduciary responsibilities to provide care for an elder (e.g., pay for necessary home-care services) or the failure on the part of an in-home service provider to provide necessary care.

Neglect typically means the refusal or failure to provide an elderly person/vulnerable adult with such life necessities as food, water, clothing, shelter, personal hygiene, medicine, comfort, personal safety"


Multiple sclerosis - discharge

Daily bowel care program

When to Call the Doctor

Call your health care provider if you notice:

  • Pain in your belly that does not go away
  • Blood in your stool
  • You are spending a longer amount of time on bowel care
  • Your belly is very bloated or distended

Alternate Names

Incontinence - care; Dysfunctional bowel - care; Neurogenic bowel - care

 Nerves that help your bowels work smoothly can be damaged after a brain or spinal cord injury. People with multiple sclerosis also have problems with their bowels. Symptoms may include:

  • Constipation (hard bowel movements)
  • Diarrhea (loose bowel movements)
  • Loss of bowel control

A daily bowel care program can help you avoid embarrassment. Work with your health care provider.


3. Examples of appropriate "behavioral" intervention for a home health aide might include remembering to alert a client to a transition in tasks in a manner specified by family or behavioral professional, using non clinical calming techniques when client is visibly agitated, distracting client who is escalating or obsessing, taking advise from family or mental health professional and avoiding actions that are known to escalate client (such as disrupting routine, unnecessary rushing, etc).

Note: "unnecesary rushing" : Malika says CNA we have encounter may say, "I'm very fast and very good". to a point that is so, but they tend ot rush patients to do the task so they can get in and out and be paid for the "incident" But that quick job does not meet all of the patients needs that state  alocated for specific tasks such as a bowel program. Many aids are rushing the clients  so  they can do "incidents" with mulitple clients with mulitple agencies during the same time period. The law should be clarified to stop this practice.

FYI: essetial oils are considered over the counter comestic and food supliment NOT medications.


D. Physically Disabled or Blind Adult - includes all clients who meet the level of care screening guidelines for SNF or ICF care, and who are age 18 through 64.

Clients who are developmentally disabled or mentally ill, as defined in 8.401.18, shall not be included in the Physically Disabled or Blind target group, unless the person's need for long term care services is primarily due to physical impairments not caused by any diagnosis included in the definition of developmental disability or mental illness at 8.401.18, as determined by Utilization Review Contractor from the medical evidence.

17 Services in Home and Community Based Services programs established in accordance with federal waivers shall be provided to clients in accordance with the Utilization Review


Law clarificaiton of who can do bowel program and who will be trained for CNA care in home

Infection control standards

Plan of correction (A) An HCA shall submit to the department a written plan of correction detailing measures that will be taken by the agency to correct deficiencies found as a result of inspections and shall be submitted in the formand manner required by the department.

6.4 Consumer rights (A) Assurance of rights (1) The HCA shall establish and implement written policies and procedures regarding the rights of consumers and the implementation of these rights. A complete statement of these rights, including the right to file a complaint with the department, shall be distributed to all employees and contracted personnel upon hire. (2) At a minimum, the HCA’s policies and procedures shall specify that: (a) The consumer or authorized representative has the right to be informed of the consumer’s rights through an effective means of communication. (b) The consumer has the right to be assured that the HCA shall not condition the provision of care or otherwise discriminate against a consumer based upon personal, cultural or ethnic preference, disabilities or whether the consumer has an advance directive. (c) The HCA shall protect and promote the exercise of these rights.

 Exercise of rights and respect for property and person (1) The rights of the consumer may be exercised by the consumer or authorized representative without fear of retribution or retaliation.

(2) The consumer has the right to have his or her person and property treated with respect. The consumer has the right to be free from neglect, financial exploitation, verbal, physical and psychological abuse including humiliation, intimidation orpunishment. Was David punished with terminaiton because he called them on not doing the job?

(3) The consumer or authorized representative, upon request to the HCA, has the right to be informed of the full name, licensure status, staff position and employer of all persons with whom the consumer has contact and who is supplying, staffing or supervising care or services. The consumer has the right to be served by agency staff that is properly trained and competent to perform their duties.

(4) The consumer has the right to live free from involuntary confinement, and to be free from physical or chemical restraints as defined in 6 CCR 1011-1, Chapter II, Part 8. (5) The consumer or authorized representative has the right to express complaints verbally or in writing about services or care that is or is not furnished, or about the lack of respect for the consumer’s person or p...

5 Admissions (A) Agencies shall only accept consumers for care or services on the basis of a reasonable assurance that the needs of the consumer can be met adequately by the agency in the individual’s temporary or permanent home or place of residence. (1) There shall be initial documentation of the agreed upon days and times of services to be provided based upon the consumer’s needs that is updated at least annually. (B) If an agency receives a referral of a consumer who requires care or services that are not available at the time of referral, the agency shall advise the consumer’s primary care provider, if applicable, and the consumer or authorized representative of that fact. (1) The agency shall only admit the consumer if the primary care provider and the consumer or consumer’s repres


Discharge planning (A) There shall be a specific plan for discharge in the consumer record and there shall be ongoing discharge planning with the consumer. (B) If no improvement or no discharge is expected, the agency shall document in the consumer record this assessment. (C) The HCA shall assist each consumer or authorized representative to find an appropriate placement with another agency if the consumer continues to require care and/or services upon discharge. The HCA shall document due diligence in ensuring continuity of care upon discharge as necessary to protect the consumer’s safety and welfare.

10 Agency reporting requirements (A) Each HCA shall comply with the occurrence reporting requirements set forth in 6 CCR 1011, Chapter II, section 3.2.

(B) The agency shall investigate each reportable occurrence and institute appropriate measures to prevent similar future occurrences. (1) Documentation regarding the investigation, including the appropriate measures to be instituted, shall be made available to the department, upon request. (2) A report with the investigation findings shall be available for review by the department within five (5) working days of the occurrence.

(C) Nothing in this section 6.10 shall be construed to limit or modify any statutory or commonlaw right, privilege, confidentiality or immunity. (D) An HCA shall notify the department before it initiates discharge of any consumer who requires and desires continuing paid care or services where there are no known transfer arrangements to protect the consumer’s health, safety or welfare.

(1) Emergency discharges necessary to protect the safety and welfare of staff shall be reported to the department within 48 hours of the occurrence.

6.20 Consumer record content (A) All HCAs shall have a complete and accurate record for each consumer assessed, cared for, treated or served. The record shall contain sufficient information to identify the consumer; support the diagnosis or condition; justify the care, treatment, and/or services delivered; and promote continuity of care internally and externally, where applicable.

(1) Such records shall contain consumer-specific information as appropriate to the care, treatment or services provided including but not limited to: (a) Records of communications with the consumer or authorized representative regarding care, treatment and services, including documentation of phone calls and e-mails, and (b) Referrals to and names of known home care agen...

Code of Colorado Regulations 40 (e) If nurse aide services are provided to a consumer who is receiving inhome care by a health professional, the supervising health care professional, in accordance with the professional’s scope of practice and state and federal law, shall make an on-site supervisory visit to the consumer’s home no less frequently than every two (2) weeks to supervise the nurse aide.

Direct observation of care being provided by the nurse aide shall occur at least every 60 days. More frequent direct supervision shall occur if there are adverse changes in the consumer’s condition, complaints received associated with the provision of care by an aide, supervision requested by the nurse aide or consumer for specific issues or other matters concerning the provisions of care by the nurse aide.

(f) If nurse aide services are provided to a consumer who is not receiving inhome care by a health professional, a supervisory visit with the nurse aide present at the consumer’s home shall occur no less frequently than every 60 days. More frequent direct supervision shall occur if there are adverse changes in the consumer’s condition, complaints received associated with the provision of care by an aide, supervision requested by the nurse aide or consumer for specific issues, or other matters concerning the provisions of care by the nurse aide. 7.16 Nurse aide training and orientation

(A) The HCA shall ensure that skills learned or tested elsewhere can be transferred successfully to the care of the consumer in his/her place of residence. This review of skills could be done when the nurse installs an aide into a new consumer care situation, during a supervisory visit or as part of the annual performance review. A mannequin may not be used for this evaluation. (B) If the HCA’s admission policies and the case-mix of HCA consumers demand that the aide care for individuals whose personal care and basic nursing or therapy needs require more complex training than the minimum required in the regulation, the HCA shall document how these additional skills are taught and validated. (C) The HCA shall establish a process for standardized, step-by-step observation and evaluation of nurse aide competency in the following subject areas prior to the assignment of tasks requiring direct observation of items (3), (9), (10) and (11) of this paragraph (C). (1) Communications skills; (2) Observation, reporting and documentation of consumer status and the care or service furnished; (3) Reading and recording temperature, pulse and respiration; (4) Basic infection control procedures; (5) Basic elements of body functioning and changes in body function that shall be reported to an aide’s supervisor; (6) Maintenance of a clean, safe, and healthy environment; (7) Recognizing emergencies and knowledge of emergency procedures;


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How to Help a Disabled Person: A Mother's Unofficial List

When you love  someone with a chronic disabling disease most of us want to reach out to fix the problem and go on with their lives.

The Man in the Whellchair needs help. Mothers shares unofifical list of how in general to help a #disabled person.Where to start. Waht quesitons to ask

This post is open for any one who loves some on in need of home health care as I address the basics to my family and friends concerning the lack of home health care follow through for my disabled son.* Very specific issues are typed and ready to report.

The problem is  there is NOT one simple answer that fits-all person's disablities and needs. I came up with a general / partial list off the top of my head for those friends/ family  who don't know where to start to address getting help for my son. People od care. People we know do want to help, but have no idea what my son is going through.

This is not meant to replace official social services or govermental authorities information: only to get you started thinking that there is no simple answer nor a stop shop phone call that can be made to help a chronically ill person in need.

*Author of this post says: I have 30 some years as an RN working with families with a chronically ill or disabled loved one.and the fact that I live with my 41 year old son who has Multiple Sclerosis. Currently his condition is deteriorating. He is asking for help, but, few that know him have any idea of what he needs. Even with all of my experience I still find getting him help is overwhelming.

*I am aging my self with my own disabilties and not fully recovered from serious injuries. I can not continue to do all of his cares on a day after day after day basis with out help that acuatlly does all the tasks they are being paid for.

1. What is the condition/ diagnosis? Learn about that health issue:

  • Research the disease by name.
  • What body part(s )does this condition affect?
  • How does or will this condition affect the ability to perform basic tasks of daily living? Eating, sleeping, walking, toileting, bathing, shopping, reading directions, working...
  • What are the short term complications if nothing is done or something is done?
  • What is the long term out come of this condition(s)?
  • What might make the condition better or worse?
  • When to call the doctor and when to go call 9-1-1 or when to call the doctor?
  • What are the potential outcomes and preventative measures that may help?
  • What is a tyical reaction or behavior of most people with the same condition or disease?
  • What signs symptoms or behavior warrant stepping in to help or not help. Who has the legal authority and/or responcibilty to step in when and why?

2. What kinds of equipment/ devices  might help them to function better if any?

  • Where can this equipment be purchased?
  • Does it need a Doctor's order to purchase?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will insurance, if any, pay for it?
  • How will the person be trained to use it? 
  • Will outside help need to be trained to use the equipment, also?

3. Is there any medication, alterntive medicine, diet, or therapy that may help?

  • How will this medication or therapy be obtained?
  • Is the medication or therapy readily available, who can provide it and where?
  • How much will this cost? How will it be paid for?
  • Who will administer or prepare it?

4. What appropriate services are available in the community and state the person lives in?


What is needed at would they qualify for that?

Who will pay for these services?

Will these available services meet, appropiately, the specific needs of this person?

Are there enough compentent people to do these tasks?

  1. Age
  2. Specific kind(s) of disability or condition
  3. Degree of disability
  4. Living situation
  5. Income or lack of income required to qualify
  6. Will it be safe?
  7. Have they had the NORM assessment? What is that score that would determine the amount of assistnce needed?
  • Nursing home
  • Hospital
  • Assisted Living
  • Home Health Care Agency
  • Home care with or with out a family member or room mate?
  • Out patient or in patient rehabilitation
  • Insititution
  • Hospice
  • Daycare
  • CDASS My son is waiting and waiting to get on this program. He will hire and fire for him. The people he choses to work for him. It is a long process. in his case it has taken 3 years! (I'm not addressing why in this post except to say there is a problem with case worker.)
  • Colorado Colorado's Elderly, Blind and Disabled Medicaid Waiver pays for both personal care assistance at home as well as other supports to help individuals remain living at home.  These include modifications to improve the access and safety of the residence.  TheCDASS Program is an option for waiver participants which allows them to self-direct these services.

5. Assuming there are services and funds, what IF the needed are still NOT being met?

  • Ask specifically what needs are not met and why?
  • Is there an easy solution?
  • Can the problem be solved by calling someone?
  • How can a complaint be made to a facility or what agency? 
  • Do the laws need to be changed to force accountablity?


Here the biggest problem: determining who or what is in charge of this problem specifically in the county and state they live in and the living situation.  (Own home , assisted living; group home;  nursing home.) Who is responsible to manage this person' care?
  • Age: are they above or below age 18: who the legally in charge of the person?
  • Does the problem of the un-met needs fall under abuse or neglect?
  • Is this person an At Risk Citizen or not? aAr they more or less vulnerable then the average perosn who can speak for themselves or not? What makes and At Risk Citizen?
Adult Protective Services Colorado ( State we live in)Read the definition of At Risk I believe that since my son is parapalegic and legally blind this raises his vulnerablity.

Mistreatment Categories that may be reported:


Caretaker Neglect

Physical Abuse 

Sexual Abuse 


 Concerned persons will want to research the term ABANDONMENT BY THE NURSE OR HOME HEALTH AGENCY

"Colorado Colo. Rev. Stat. § 26-3.1-101 MISTREATMENT: The act or omission which threatens the health, safety, or welfare of an at-risk adult, as such term is defined in subsection (1) of this section, or which exposes the adult to a situation or condition that poses an imminent risk of death, serious bodily injury, or bodily injury to the adult.  "

In our personal situation we are well aware of my son being abandoned by a nursing agency that includes CNA being paid to perform tasks on the nusring care plan but not doing vitllay necessary tasks. This is still neglect.


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Cool Down for the Summer With Essential OIl Recipes: Bonus: Know the signs of dehydration


 On a hot summer day what do you find refreshing and cooling?

I love an ice cold lemonade and good book on a the porch swing. What is even better is to add 1 to 3 drops per 8 to 12 ounces of your favorite lemonade recipe. (See more recipes in post.)

Ice cold lemon aid is refershing on a hot usmmer day.  REad post fo rmore suggestions to cool off during summer with essential oisl recipes.

A big chunk of ice cold water mellon helps me for get the heat, too. We all have to stay adequately hydrated in warm weather

An ice cold slice of watermellon is refreshing on a hot summer day. Read the post for moreidieas to cool your  summertime time. Plus #Essential oils #reipes using #doTERRA eo's/ Dislcoure: #Malika #Bourne Weelness advocate 598018  recvies bonus and commission form doTERRA


Summer Recipes: Body Splashes that Keep You Cool

 #Recipes to cool off for the #Summer . #Recipes with #DoTERRA #Essentialoils Disclosure: #Malika #Bourne Wellness advocate of #DoTERRA receives bonus and commission from  #doTERRA See post sof reipces adn more


- See more at:


If the summer heat leaves you feeling tired and wilted, cool off and get refreshed with a homemade body splash.

  • Spritzing oneself with floral water (essential oil + water = floral water) has been a favorite cooling and uplifting method for hundreds of years. 
  • In fact, floral water has been used in bathing, religious rituals, and even medicine. 

Select an essential oil for its fragrance and benefits.


  1. Bergamot, 
  2. peppermint, 
  3. lemon,  
  4. lavender essential oils all make lovely fragrances for a body splash. 

To promote relaxation,

  • lavender essential oil. 

To promote a cooling sensation

, use peppermint.

To promote alertness and lift the mood,

  • bergamot 
  •  lemon essential oils.
Simply add a few drops of essential oil to distilled water in a spray bottle, shake, and spray all over the body (be careful to avoid the eyes). Store in the refrigerator and use often! 

- See more at:

Note from Malika: When you see the warningto avoid getting essential oils in the eyes, don't panic*. Just avoid rubbing your eyes as a number of essential oils do burn. If you do rub your eyes dilute with an oil like coconut or olive oil, NEVER water. Water will drive the burn in.

* Think about other things you don't  want to get into your eyes. If you were were chopping an onion, slicing a pickle or  dicing chili peppers you don't want to rub your eyes do you?   In fact, we have to avoid most foreign substances in the eyes.Use some common sense. Essential oils are very concentrated and don't belong on the eyeballs, but the requered warning doesn't mean they are are not safe when used as directed and wear they shoudlbe . Most of us touch out faces more than we know.

 #DIY #Sunscreen #recipes using #doTERRA CPTG essential oils.See psot for receips Disclosre: Malika Bourne Wellness advocate 598018 fo #ColoradoSprings recieves bonus and commission from doTERRA. #

Sun screen won't cool you off, but, I want to remind you to protect your skin from over exposure to the harm UV rays of the sun.

DIY: Ultra Moisturizing Natural Sunscreen


- See more at:

Summer is here which means a lot of time in the sun. Protect your skin this summer with this all natural DIY sunscreen made with essential oils.


This recipe is roughly around SPF 20* with the help of Helichrysum essential oil and zinc oxide.

  • Zinc oxide can absorb ultraviolet radiation of sun and protect the skin from sunburn and other damaging effects of UV radiation. 
  • Because it absorbs the broadest spectrum of ultraviolet radiation, the FDA has approved its use in sunscreen, lotions, creams, makeup, deodorant, soaps, and more.


1/2 cup olive oil


1/4 cup dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil


1/4 cup beeswax


2 tablespoons zinc oxide (you can purchase zinc oxide here as well as at some pharmacies)


1 teaspoon vitamin E


2 tablespoons shea butter


12 drops dōTERRA Helichrysum essential oil


Note: You can purchase beeswax and shea butter at most health food stores.



 Add everything except zinc oxide and Helichrysum essential oil in a medium sized glass mixing bowl...for complete direction, please... 

- See more at:


*Note: this recipe is not suitable for SPF protection during water-related activities.

- See more at:

the cut down on over exposre to the sun wear a big hat like the No Non-cents Nanna does. See post for more summertime cool odwn ideas inlcuding cool essential oisl recipes.

Note from Malika: It is also a good idea totween 10 am to 2pm and limit time in the sun especiallyand be sure to wear a big floppy hat when out in the sun.




If you are in a rush to head to the beach or pool, you can still make an effective sunscreen with fewer ingredients.


What you need:sunscreen

1 tube dōTERRA Spa Hand and Body Lotion

12 drops of  dōTERRA Helichrysum essential oil

2 tablespoons of zinc oxide

For complete directions- See more at:

Giving credit where credit is due:

These recipes were originally featured in dōTERRA’s Spring/Summer 2013 Summer Living Magazine.

- See more at:


Essential Recipe: Strawberry Citrus Slush with Essential Oils

- See more at:

2 cups fresh lemonade
1 cup frozen strawberries
Juice from 1 lemon
4 drops Lemon essential oil
4 drops Lime essential oil
3 cups ice
3 tablespoons white sugar or 1/2 teaspoon stevia.

Note: For a less tart version, omit the fresh lemon juice or add more sweetener. Play around and find what works best for you.

Makes 4 servings.

For complete directions- See more at:

Stay Hydrated and Healthy with Essential Oil-Flavored Water

It’s that time of year when we’ll be spending more time outdoors jogging, riding bikes, or just enjoying the sunshine. As the temperatures begin to rise along with our activity level, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated.

Drinking water is so important for good health. But let’s face it—sometimes plain old water just gets boring. Flavor your water with essential oils, and you’ve added great taste at ZERO calories!

Drink water to stay hydrated. Read post of sign s of dehyration adn what essential oisl to add to water for a refreshing flavor. #recipe , too to cool off .


Try these delicious recipes, provided by doTERRA's Facebook Fans:


1. Summer Smoothies or Popsicles

2 cups ice cubes
Stevia, Agave or honey to taste. (Agave tends to be our favorite) 
3-5 drops of oil 
(Ideas are:

  1. Wild Orange, 
  2. Tangerine, 
  3. Lemon, 
  4. Lemon 
  5. Lavender, 
  6. Peppermint (ONE DROP!) 
  7. Grapefruit…be creative!)

add about 3/4 cups water
Pour into paper cups (OR MAKE POPSICLES!) and enjoy!


2. Ginger Lemon Water

Add a drop of each, or make a pitcher full of delicious ginger lemon water.

Perfect after a run!


3. Orange Cinnamon Water

Add a drop of each wild Orange and or Cinnamon for a sweet treat!


4. Peppermint Water

Refreshing and minty! The perfect breath freshener.

- See more at:


Hydration Help: Cleanse, Detoxify, and Refresh by Adding Essential Oils to Your Drinking Water


It is no secret that drinking water is essential to your health.

  • Not only does it keep the body moving, it also helps the body to cleanse itself naturally by flushing out toxins.

Although most of us will agree staying hydrated is important, it can be difficult to consume the daily recommended amount (roughly 3.0 liters for men and 2.2 for women).

Malika's note: adjust the amount of water needed for infants and chidlren based on their size. I do not cover that in this post. Check with your child's doctor to deterimine how much fluids is right for your child.

As an old RN I would advise parents to watch the number of wet diapers a day to see if a nursing infant were getting enough breast milk. If a child is not peeing or has very dark urine  they need more liquids as a general rule. This statement should nto be taken as medical advice. Consult your doctor.


  • Because people are busy, and for some, water may seem boring. 
  • The sad reality is there are many people who drink soda instead of water, which can in turn lead to major health consequences, such as obesity, kidney damage, and elevated blood pressure.1

- See more at:

Without enough water, we experience dehydration 3

Symptoms of dehydration can include:

  • Thirst 
  • Dry skin F
  • atigue and weakness 
  • Increased body temperature 
  • Muscle cramping 
  • Headaches 
  • Nausea 
  • Darker-colored urine 
  • Dry mucous membranes (mouth, nose, eyes) - 

Severe dehydration can also include:

  • Muscle spasms 
  • Vomiting 
  • Dark urine 
  • Vision problems 
  • Loss of consciousness 
  • Kidney and liver failure
Try adding 1-2 drops of any citrus essential oil to your water will give you a wonderful flavor and help give you that extra mood and health boost.

Malika's Note: I copy and pasted highlights from doTERRA blog as most relavant to keeping cool in summer and why. I encourage you to read the full information as it is valuablem then pass it on to your loved ones.

The signs and symptoms listed above are not meant to treat or diagnois. If yoy live at high altitude like I do in Colorado Spings or plan to visit you need to pay particular attention to drinking plenty of fluids.

It is extremly important that every one be aware that dehydration is serious and even more so in infants,  children, elderly and frail individuals who may not be able to advocate for themselves. Seek medical attention without delay when you use these signs and symptoms.

Yes, I use and sell doTERRA CPTG essential oils and I chose doTERRA for a very good reason. DoTERRA essential oils are pure. They have no synthetics in them. Please do NOT subsitute any cheap brand of oils with these recipes. There may be a very good reason why other labels have a warning to not ingest their oils.  Always read and heed labels of every product you use.

dōTERRA essential oils can be purchased online or from any of our Independent Product Consultants. 

For Colorado Springs, Colorado neighbors you may call Malika Bourne # 598018 wellness advocate of doTERRA for CASH & CARRY retail stock of essential oils. 719-291-4914 

Pre-order and pre-pay prior to Malika's monthy LRP order for the best retail discount. Or you may join as a Wellness Advocate for wholesale prices. 

Also Malika wil lbe at a Colorado Springs Farmer's Market: time and location to be announced soon.

Check back or call Malika 719-291-4914

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. dōTERRA products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Pregnant or lactating women and persons with known medical conditions should consult a physician prior to the use of any dōTERRA product.

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Want More Atractive Fruit?: Tips to Dress up Garden Fresh and Water with Essential Oils


I love fresh fruits and vegetables, don't you, too? 

But, what happens when our fruit turns UGLY due to browning?  Kids turn their noses up at brown fruit.

So what a mother or a Nanna to do? DoTERRA CPTG essential oils is what I do! 

Essential #tips to more attractive #fruit. No NOn-cnets Nna sahres #tips form DoTERRA's blog Waht oild to use to keep fruit from getting UGLY! Disclsoure : #Malika #Bourne WA 598018 recieves bonus and commission from doTERRA

You will love these essential tips from doTERRA's blog posts.

Read 'em: try'em and Share these tips. 

 Disclosure: Malika Bourne Wellness Advocate #598018 of doTERRA  essential oils recieves bonus and commission from doTERRA.

Essential Tip: Fresh Fruit Spray

- See more at:

Make fruit more attractive to your picky eater by preventing them from turning brown.

  • Add 3-5 drops of dōTERRA lemon essential oil to a glass spray bottle (alone of with a small amount of filtered water) and shake.
  • Apply to fruit, such as apple or banana slices, and let sit for one minute, then rinse.This tip comes from our latest edition of dōTERRA Living Magazine (coming soon). 
  •  See more at:

Note from Malika: When I do Farmer's Market all day in Colorado Springs the fruits and veggies in my lunch box with have doTERRA essential oils on them. Read more, lots more, about Lemon

Check my blog updates for ethe exact time and location of the Farmer's market I will be selling my retail supply of doTERRA essential oils. TBA.

If your kids won't eat fruits adn veggies keep trying. I f you theyown' even try furit that has browned tyr sprtizing with doTErra lemon or ongaurd. REad te psot for more itips.

 Read Eat the Rainbow by Dr. Parker holds a PhD in Nutritional Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. - See more at:

Note from Malika: Fruit dip spoils us all but can make a picky eater find fresh fruits and veggies more appealing. (Use dips in moderation because of the extra calories)

Check out this fruit dip recipes using doTERRA essential oils:

Backpack Makeover

- See more at:

Recipe # 6.

Wild Orange Fruit Dip

2 (8 ounce) packages of cream cheese

1 cup vanilla yogurt

1/2 cup honey

2 drops dōTERRA Wild Orange essential oil

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy with fruit.

- See more at:

Article You are What you eat by dr Jessica L M Herzog, MCD #Recipe and tips on eating fruits adn veggies See post

You Are What You Eat by  Jessica L.M. Herzog, MD

 Malika note: Read what Dr Herzog says about eating a rainbow of fresh fruits and veggies: Kids love rainbows!


 Don’t Forget about Fruits and Veggies

 Try eating a rainbow of food every day to get the entire spectrum of antioxidants your body needs. It’s fun to have the kids build a rainbow platter out of brightly colored, sliced fruits and veggies. Remember, at least eight servings of fruits and vegetables per day, but more is better.

 Shakes are also a great way to add in (or hide) other supplements, oils, probiotics, herbs, and vitamins. Our whole family enjoys the Slim & Sassy TrimShake in the morning. We enjoy our green smoothie in the afternoon or evening with a few drops of Lemon essential oil.

- See more at:

Smoothies and Shakes

An easy and fun way to make veggies inviting is to make a green smoothie. Our favorite green smoothie is:

  • 2 cups organic baby kale 
  • 2 cups frozen organic berries
  •  1 large organic carrot Banana or pineapple to taste
  •  2–3 cups of water Blend on high until smooth.
  •  For additional sweetness, add a few drops of Stevia. 
  • Editor’s Tip: Add a drop of Wild Orange essential oil to jazz-up the flavor. 
  • - See more at:

Substitute Sugary Drinks with Essential Oil Flavored Water

  • We have found that any citrus oil works well, but do a taste test and find your favorite.

This is the perfect addition to any lunch even on the go.

It saves money and calories. My personal favorite is 5–6 drops of Grapefruit essential oil in 32oz of water.

  • My kids love their “lemonade”,

1–2 drops Lemon essential oil with 2–3 drops stevia.

- See more at:

...end quote.

Why drink water: Try adding a few dorp of doTERRA essential oisl to your glass of water. See psots for #tips. Disclosure: Malika Bourne #WellnessAdcovate 598018 recieves bonus and commission from #doTERRa

Note from Malika: The tips below on what doTERRA's essential you might like to try to drinking your water may be nice to rinse your fresh fruits and veggies in. Experiment then tell us about it.

Read the except below from doTERRA blog to learn more about some of the tradtional properties of doTERRA essential oils.

Please do NOT  go cheap and try to subsitute this information by buying other eo's . DoTERRA has no synthetics; they are pure oils. I can't say what other dollar brands have in them. Read the lables. Not all oils are equal.


Traditional properties of dōTERRA’s citrus oils:



  • Antibacterial
  • Antidepressant
  • Anti-fungal
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiseptic
  • Digestive
  • Disinfectant
  • Invigorating
  • Mood enhancing
  • Refreshing
  • Restorative
  • Stimulating


Tip: Make sure to use a glass bottle when drinking water with citrus essential oils. Citrus oils have compounds in them that dissolve petroleum products (also called “petro chemicals). They are perfectly safe for humans, but interact chemically with plastics and other petroleum-based in a way that breaks them down. It is definitely preferable to use glass or steel drinking vessels with oils, but plastic water bottles are fine if not reused.


Tip: Other essential oils that are enjoyable to drink with water include Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend, On Guard Protective Blend, and Zendocrine Detoxification Blend.

- See more at:

Tips to Help You Drink More Water:

  1. Have a glass of water with every snack and meal. 
  2. Add 1-2 drops of your favorite citrus essential oil to your water for a fresh and invigorating flavor. 
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Their high water content will add to your hydration. About 20% of our fluid intake comes from foods. 
  4. Keep a bottle of water with you in your car, at your desk, or in your bag. - See more at:

Non alcoholic Cranberry LIMe Springer recipe to cool off this summer. See post for #recipe Disclsoure #Malika #bourne wellness Advocat of #doTERrra  598018recieve bonsu and commission from doTERRA

Specialty drinks are an easy and delicious way to get into the holiday spirit.

This Non-Alcoholic Cranberry & Lime Spritzer is a festive, fun, and  delicious addition to complement any meal during the holidays. - See more at:


What You Need:

Cranberry juice
Sparkling water or lemon-lime soda
Ice cubes
Lime essential oil
Garnish: cranberries and limes

For directions- See more at:


dōTERRA essential oils can be purchased online from

For Malika's ColoradoSprings neighbors you may call Malika at 719-291-4914. Pre-pay your order on Malika's monthy order for the best retail discount on CASh  & CARRY: local only.


Meet Malika Bourne Wellness Advaocte at upcoming Farmer's Market in Colorado Springs in Jun thru' September. Sorry, I have to wait to announce wihich market(s) I will be showing my retail stock of doTERRA.

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. dōTERRA products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Pregnant or lactating women and persons with known medical conditions should consult a physician prior to the use of any dōTERRA product. 



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No Non-cents Nanna says Carefree Chiropractic is a Good Choice!


 This ol No Non-cents Nanna knows it is time to express some gratitutude to her chiropractors in a video!

After a number of falls and injuries Malika Bourne the No Non-cents nanna ( author of this blog) sought help from Carefree Chiropractic In Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Carefree Chiropractic  #ColoradoSprings INo NOn-cents Nanna' choices of #chiropractors

3365 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 572-0211


Malika Bourne was not compensated for this testimonial video.

When someone shares their skill will a postive result it should be shouted out to the world: 


I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, "make good choices!"

PS: Carefree Chiropractic office is wheelchair accessable!

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