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Need Dragon Parts or Pterodactyl Wings?

Final days to order your DRAGON parts and Pterodactyl Wings for Halloween…going…going…October 21, October 22, October 23. Last orders-while suppy lasts.*

If you have been searching for  Dragon Parts or Pterodactyl Wings Heart Felt Play Store now has unique sets for all the dragon/ dinosaur pieces parts you need.

*Final orders fro Halloween on any costumes parts ; animals ears animal noses and tails or dinosaur parts will be mailed USPS before 5pm MT time in Colorado Ocotber 23, 2017 to be delivered by October 27, 2017.

Dragon/ Dinosaur Set
Gloves, Dragon/ Dinosaur Wings and a TAIL! FREE shipping with this order. Heart Fellt Play Store


Are your kids ready to fly like a Pterodactyl? Heart Felt Play Store can help. We have Pterodactyl Wings in 3 colors, now.  Bear with No Non-cents Nanna, images of blue and yellow/green are still “develping,” as are 2 more colors of dragon wings. These will make a dyno-myte Christmas gift for the kids.

Product descriptions for Dragon set and Pterodactyl wings are published below. Click the links to go directly to Heart Felt Play Store catalog pages.

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Click HERE for Pinterest Inspiration on kid friendly dragons::Dragon Snacks Kids Love

Need DRAGON parts for Halloween?

Order no later than October 23, 2017. Heart Felt Play Store Inventory in limited. These products are expected to go VIRAL with BUYABLE Pins and sell out within minutes of virality from this on-line shop. Don’t procrastinate! If you’re late we can’t guarantee they will arrive for Halloween. Reserve yours TODAY for Christmas presents.



One Pair Pterodactyl Wings
Our pterodactyl wings have just flown in!
Choice of 3 colors: orange, blue, yellow/green polyester
61″ x 29″
Strap on when ready to fly!
Blue and yellow/ green images to be published.

No Non-cents Nanna blog author is the owner of Heart Felt Play Store a  Shopidy merchant.

Dragon/ Dinosaur Set


Dragon parts sold by the set Plush green or purple or red. #dragon wings. Heart Felt Play Store

Gloves, Dragon/ Dinosaur Wings and a TAIL! FREE shipping with this order.

FREE Mask ( Not a perfect match, but the kids won’t care. Dragon pieces parts were hunted an gathered by Heart Felt Play Store with you in mind.)

3 piece set includes:

  1. One pair of dragon gloves: sold only in this set
  2. One pair of co-ordinating wings: sold only in this set
  3. One dinosaur. dragon tail *
  4. FREE dinosaur mask in co-odinating colors for a limited time.


Dragon parts for sale. Red dragon wings, red, dragon tail, red dragon gloves. free masks for a limited time.

Choice of red, purple or green: each set is sold seperately. Exclusive combination is not sold any where else. Choose color variant. Each color matches the stuffed dinosaur tails also sold on other in our Heart Felt Play Store catalog pages as individual tail or and in excavation kits.

Check out the colors of dinosaur tails. (The colors aren’t a perfect match on these imported itmes.. No Non-cents Nanna suggests the dot sticker be added to make a tad better match on the free masks we are gifting you with this set.

First come first served on this item. Next expected re-stocking date on this item will not be until October 21. Start the conversatation by using the contact form before you get your heart set on a Halloween delivery. Pre-paid orders will EXPEDITE the process!

*View GREEN Dinosaur Tail sold seperately

   Purple Dinosaur Tail sold seperately

  Red Dinosaur Tail sold seperately


One Pair Pterodactyl Wings

Pterodactly wings yellow/ green have just flown into Heart Felt Ply Store

Our pterodactyl wings have just flown in!

Choice of 3 colors: orange, blue, yellow/green

For a limited time we are including one FREE dinosaur mask with co-ordinating colors. See our dinosuar mask set of 6. Wear with a pair of Pterodactyl wings or give to a guest to wear at your next dinosauar party.

.. A limted amount of Pterodactyls have flown in..ready for mailing October 12th from Heart Felt Play Store. If you want a pair for Halloween reserve yours TODAY! No later than October 12th.

  • polyester
  • 61″ x 29″
  • Strap on when ready to fly!

What do you do with blue Pterodactyl wings? Wear ’em just for fun. Heart Felt Play Store #pterodactylwings #pterodactylw

Blue and yellow/ green images to be published.

Shipping policy

  •  Generally orders arrive at customer’s door with in 3-5 business days, but, pleasae allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, so, order early just in case of Murphy’s Law or bad weather.*.Larger orders may qualify for faster shipping. All orders are mailed from the USPS from Colorado. An email will be sent with tracking # and ETA along with images of your order..
  •  I’m a Shopify merchant with Buyable Pins and I want a conversion tag. I’m not an advertiser.

It is anyone’s guess with Heart Felt Play Store’s Buyable Pins will go VIRAL! Seasonal Viral images can sell out in minutes so don’t procrastinate if your heart is set on something for an event.

Shipping policy:

Prices now include postage and handling fees. 

Orders over $39 are prices to offer FREE shipping.  Orders with several catalog pages products that meet the $39 criteria will be manually adjusted in your favor by Heart Felt Play Store owner. in the form of refund on shipping on a case by case basis depending on far too variables.. You keep all the BEANS! Look for an email.

It’s time to Explore the Store and start earning COOL BEANS!

  • Imported to our US wholeseller. Note: Heart Felt Play Store does NOT drop ship. Our inventory is limited, but we can re-stock and mail out with in 10 to 14 days in event of viral over-sale which can happen during certain  seasons scuh as Halloween.  Feel free to start the converstion with Heart Felt Play Store owner,

Click and read Heart Felt Play Store Customers Will Get Just Rewards in BEANS

Feel free to contact founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store for your questions or concerns by using the form below.

Prices are subject to change. Inventory is limited.

Heart Felt Play Store Catalog

Purple dinosaur tail; dinosaur mask; excavation kit and interactive dinosaur book all in one mney saving package…
Purple dinosaur tail with green dots
Dinosaur Shine & Reveal interactive spiral activity book
Dinosaur Discovery Excavation Kit for Kids
One foam dinosaur mask in coordinating purple and green color.

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