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Need Dragon Parts or Pterodactyl Wings?

Need DRAGON parts and Pterodactyl Wings Parts?

If you have been searching for  Dragon Parts or Pterodactyl Wings on Heart Felt Play Store.. we have good news… the last of our inventory of unique sets for all the dragon/ dinosaur pieces parts are now for sale at Tantrums in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The sad news is No Non-cents Nanna made a tough decision to close the on-line store due to family health issues. Gratefully, Tantrums in Colorado Springs has ageeded to help begin to sell out our remaining invevtory while supplies last..


What do you do with blue Pterodactyl wings? Wear ’em just for fun. Heart Felt Play Store #pterodactylwings
See post for availablity in COLORADO SPRINGS

Please note: Due to family health issues on-line Heart Felt Play Store closed permanently on-line. Remaining inventory is being sold off at local Colorado Springs kid consignment shop(s). All No Non-cents Nanna bog posts are in the proess of editing links that led you to Heart Felt Play Store on line.

Are your kids ready to fly like a Pterodactyl?

Heart Felt Play Store can help. We have Pterodactyl Wings in 3 colors. These will make a dyno-myte Christmas gift for the kids.

No Non-cents Nanna blog author is the owner of Heart Felt Play Store ( On-line store is now permanently closed due to family health issues.)

Dragon Wing


Gloves, Dragon/ Dinosaur Wings

3 piece set includes:

  1. One pair of dragon gloves: sold only in this set
  2. One pair of co-ordinating wings: sold only in this set


Choice of red, purple or green: each set is sold seperately.  Last dozen is for sale at Tantrums kids consignment, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Pterodactyl Wings

Pterodactly wings yellow/ green have just flown into Heart Felt Ply Store

Our pterodactyl wings have just flown in!

Choice of 3 colors: orange, blue, yellow/green


.. A limted amount of Pterodactyls have flown in..

  • polyester
  • 61″ x 29″
  • Strap on when ready to fly!

What do you do with blue Pterodactyl wings? Wear ’em just for fun. Heart Felt Play Store #pterodactylwings #pterodactylw

Blue and yellow/ green images to be published.


Prices are subject to change. Inventory is limited.

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