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No Non-cent Nanna’s Online Store to Re-freshed After Spring Cleaning

No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store has now been “refreshed” with a new catalog look; and ready with some exciting and new items for the kids in Spring 2017.

Heart Felt Play Store Closed during relocation until July 4, 2017

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Keep reading for then new product announcements kids will love plus 4 discount codes to choose from when you shop Heart Felt Play store’s on-line catalog that includes, pets; princesses; jungle animals and tropical island treasures



Welcome to Heart Felt Play Store. Merchandise is selected for fun filled play to enhance early childhood learning.
Founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne aka No Non-cents Nanna, uses her decades of experience with early childhood developement to collect products to sell for age appropriate play themes kids love at affordable prices for parents and teachers.

Simply click on the title(s) below that interests you to go directly to the catalog pages with each collections.

Princess Collection

Little girls love to dress-up like princess, future queens: crowns, hats, wigs, capes, jewelry:

Heart Felt Play Store shows off the Princess Collection Springs 2017.. with more tiras and fru fru to come.

The Princess Collection encourages the use of imagination with colors, textures of fabric; simplicity and bling.


Pet Inspired Collection

Heart Felt Play Store’s new Pet Inspired Collection will grow on us. Inspired by Amber Service-dog-in-training

Jungle Animal Collection

Girls and boys love to pretend to be animals they learn about in pre-school and early elementary school.

This collection includes headband with ears and jungle animal print socks: cheetah; zebra; panther and maybe even a few crazy dinosaurs.

Jungle Animal Collection
Girls and boys love to pretend to be animals they learn about in pre-school and early elementary school.
This collection includes headband with ears and jungle animal print socks: cheetah; zebra; panther and maybe even a few crazy dinosaurs.

Out with Old and in with New at Heart Felt Play Store:

I, No Non-cents Nanna have been working on more dramatic play; small motor manipulative; sensory play items with kid favorite themes. Some Items SOLD OUT.

Product I did not get sold locally that were display models are being sold off piece by piece in what I dubbed as:

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WORN by a DUMMY Inventory Sell-off SALE!

Take advantage of the savings!

My 40 inch Sophie-Do-It dolls modeled my dress-up-clothes in a local Colorado Springs retail shoppe like you see below.

Dinosaur pieces parts like dinosaur tails, dinosaur mitts, are hand made. Popular Foam dinossuar mask is manufactured. Heart Felt Play Store


DIY Craft Projects for Kids

Published soon…..

Do-it-your-self craft kits are ready to go for craft time at home; at a birthday party or after school.

Most craft its are not for children under age 4.

DIY manufactured bracelets or necklaces: sewing set with large palstic needles; craft sticks; cookie cutters and more…


Sensory Play Sets


Tropical Island Collection for Kids

The Hawiian Tropical Island theme may encourage kids to learn about a different climate and geography from where they live.

Coming in April 2017…

There are so many opportunities for sensory play bags for boys and girls with items like : sea shell; plastic or cloth fish; beads and flowers to string and more…

Little girls will love hula skirt inspired felt leaves aprons and the felt flower head garlands.

Heart Felt Play Store is updating and bring back the Lilo and Stitch and Tropical Island inspired dres-up clothes along with updated sensory play to meet the demand for Moana inspired theme for this collection.


Stock up on Heart Felt Play Store Discount Codes

You, my followers  get to see the sneak peaks on this blog, along with some fabulous discounts to use on Heart Felt Play Store

Feel free to PM me, No Non-cents Nanna on Facebook, so I can alert you of my Heart Felt Play Store Facebook Events.

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I appreciate your patience while I Spring Clean, so, here are a few of my current discount CODES. You can only use one with an order, so choose the CODE carefully.

Feel free to hoard these codes or share with friends and family.

Be-a-Pirate  for 20% off of the collection Pirates, Castles and Hidden Treasures

6DinoTalesFREESHIP   for Free shipping to Anywhere up to $20.00

Pirate Ship FREE  for Free shipping to United States up to $5.00

WornByDummyNNN  for 20% off orders equal or above $50.00

Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna


December 2015 I was so excited to open my Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify, which is going so well, by the way.

In June 2016 I rented my little Heart Felt Play Store inside of an anchor store in Colorado Springs. I did pretty well with kids stuff that you can’t find any where else. I also offered craft classes for children.

But, as a full time caregiver for an adult son, and being 66 years old, I was spread too thin. I closed up my rented space to stay home to catch up on snoozing a while before re-freshing and re- focusing on my on-line store at home with my feet propped up…

..wait a second…we are now blessed with a new service-dog-in-training, Amber, who keeps me happily busy mopping the floor between times in the Lazy Boy, and publishing new stuff for kids in my Heart Fetl Play Store Catalog.