No Non-cents Nanna Letter to Colorado Springs Child Care Providers

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Hey there Colorado Springs neighbors I am starting a new sensory play business!

The following letter of introduction will be emailed and dropped off at DayCare Business in my Colorado Springs neighborhood sharing a few of the services I have to offer busy day care providers and more.

More & More

Sensory Play Activities

Created by Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna

Email: or call 719-291-4914

At age 65, I am older wiser than I was when I could run faster and still sit on the floor during circle time!

Dear Busy Day Care Providers,

You are receiving this letter because I know how much you care about providing the most amazing safe learning experiences for your little charges on a little or no budget.

With over 40 years (plus) years of experience in the field of child growth and development I can honestly say, “I’ve been there and done that in the wee hours of morning and out of my own pocket.” ( I have degree in nursing and many years working with Head Start and more.)

And, that exactly why I want to tell you about my services I offer with my little Colorado Springs business.

  • I create and sell sensory play activities at affordable prices.

Currently I am focusing on felt finger play and busy bag items.

  • I have a stock pile of many teacher favorite seasonal crafts items. ( I buy in bulk so you don’t have to. I can do the leg work to gather up supplies, make the mess and great ideas for a themed lesson. To help the busy teacher look and feel organized.)
  1. Cleaned a heat treated pine cones for turkey or ever green tree making.
  2. Multicolor feathers and wiggle eyes.
  3. I have available typed lists of my own very favorite finger plays. ( Typed song sheet co come in handy when parents go on trips with the kids who only want to sing Johnny Works with One Hammer all the way from Iowa to Texas.)
  4. My established website and blog, No Non-cents Nanna, is now starting its 5th year. I write about nitty gritty advice to parents and baby-sitters.I am opening up forums for the community to discuss child care issues.

How many times have we as child care providers been faced with question on normal growth and development issues that we have been trained to know the answers to, but, feel like deer in head lights? ( WE don’t know where to run!)

Or, am I the only one who has ever felt in awkward positions about my responsible choices as the one in charge?

Personally, when I was much younger I wish I had a few resources to whip out to support what I knew was to be the most appropriate explanations to help other grown-ups make good choices from solid knowledge bases.

My blog provides opportunities to think about options we all face when caring for small children.

5. I am available to do guest story times for classes or parenting groups. ( I shine at teaching good hand washing, standing in line and encouraging group involvement.)

6. I do local Craft Shows with my sensory play items with possibilities of helping with fun-fund-raisers and more.

If you think I can be of assistance to you and your pre-school please don’t hesitate to call me to ask.

Feel free to explore my up-dated blog:

Http:// for sneak peaks on my new sensory play products and up coming events in the Colorado Springs area.

Thank you for your time.


Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna


PS: Upcoming posts on WHY Finger Plays are great learning experiences for young children.

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