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Sometimes life turns on a dime and bad things happen to good people.

Heart Felt Play Store temporary set back To reopen bigger and better

If you have been following No Non-cents Nanna for sometime you may know I have a once athletic son who is now severely disabled who I do nursing care for him in my home for many years.

Bad NEWS- Bad timing

Life happens and I am forced to make big life style changes for both of us.
AND… my 4 month old lap top has had issues form day one- besides me and my typos.
I am getting an new computer, and the current lap top is going to the factory- the transition and timing can not be worse…However painful changes most often proves to be good.

My son, a computer genius was my No Non-cents Nanna blog designer and admin. He was my back up for No Non-cents Nanna’s

Good news – grow with us.

I have invested 3 years into developing Heart Felt Play Store- a labor of love for the children. This is just a temporary hick-cup of life…the reality I write about.

I have new and stronger back up plan in the works for @heartfeltplayStore TBA. The store will re-open just before Christmas with a few wonderful changes.

Thank you for you patience = as we grow a very unique shopping experience for parents, teachers, day care providers. early child hood educators who are looking for fun stuff for kids with an educational twist with support from the CEO her self..
Please grow with us… we are getting stronger.
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Go Fund Me


Bring David Back to Iowa

Life turned on a dime for my son and I, again. We will need your loving support during this transition.

For reasons i can’t discuss my once athletic and brilliant son has very progressive MS- we have accepted it- Our goal is for him to have a quality life and be well cared for… stuff happened and I’m getting old…David Ellinger will be going into a nursing home with in a few days. His condition has deteriorated- but we can arrest the set back some- maintain his joints to prevent contractures somewhat and carefully prevent bedsores with great care and diligence of the properly trained staff who are willing to follow the best protocol for him.

I have lost the bulk of my income because we had no time to change the care program to his Medicaid funding. I have to donate most of my belongings and go back to Iowa with family with a suitcase and a few boxes. That’s it. ( I can’t discuss what happened. Medicaid is very strict.)
I had to close my eCommerce store- only temporarily…I’ m broke. I would be homeless except for loving sisters. I’m strong willed and I will survive.

I hope my friends in Washington, Iowa can direct me to an excellent nursing home near Washington, Iowa or Iowa City, Iowa where he can come home to Iowa.
I need about $8,000 for medical transport with a one over night stop 1/2 way from Colorado to Iowa. he does not travel well. I will go with the transport team as he has very specialized heath care needs.

Once we find the right place to accommodate a young man with progressive MS will transport in in a few months.

This Go FUND me to quickly raise money to hire a medical transportation already spoken to. They will have enough staff in a few months out to take him home from Colorado Springs to Iowa. I need your help…I hate leaving my dependent child behind.

Feel free to share if you feel you can.
Please help me take David home to Iowa. I will be in transit soon as I can no longer pay rent with my loss of income from doing his home care. He needs 3 caretakers. I’m too old to transfer him from his bed to his chair. A once trusted  care giver abandoned him with no warning. He has been stuck in bed for weeks with exception for with my daughter can get here. this kicked us off the program and left no time to make arrangements for another program…its complicated.

My computer is dying… bad timing for eCommerce store so near Christmas- I am losing $100’s of $ in sales right now because my computer shuts off and I’m getting ready to move plus doing his cares.  My son is my priority- the paper work is complicated and time consuming.
We need help to stay afloat. We need trusted care givers – so we are going back home to Iowa.

Thank you for the out pouring of love.
Malika Bourne
mother of David Ellinger34963100_1543527311516897_r.jpeg

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Created November 29, 2018
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