No Non-cents Nanna’s Brings Babysitting Tricks of Trade out of Moth Balls

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This old No Non-cents Nanna know we all have to start somewhere when learning how to care for small children.

As a teen age babysitter my big survial tool was all the TRICKs and TREATSI had in my MAGIC BAG. Now I’m getting old with 6 grandkids- those tricks still work.


This old No Non-cents Nannasi full-of-it..Babsitting Tricks of the Trade. It is time to bring old #childcare #tips out of moth balls. Did you know the No Non-Cents Nanna is Vendor #5 at HIdden Treasure in Foutian, Colorado?


How would like to see more of No Non-cents Nanna’s tips and tricks of the trade for babysitting repurposed on this website?

Did you know that No Non-cents Nanna Bags are now becoming available at Hidden Treasure 719 Dale, Fountain Colorado? (More to come as you request.)

I will have No Non-cents Nanna crafts* and more for the kids during NO NON-CENTS HOUR* while mom and dad shop in Hidden Treasure.

  • ¬†Purchase of kit required
  • Group size is limited
  • Pre-arrange scedule only- sign up at check out counter
  • Age restrictions may apply
  • Parents must be peresent in store at all times. Parents are welome to join kids at the table.
  • No Non-cents Nanna rules apply. Her tips in little groups and classes do not replace Parenting Classes

Be sure to check out Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna Pinterest Board Hidden Treasure for sneak peak at Nanna’s plan for Vedor #5 and her classes. You will also bea ble to see our Our Hidden Treasure Family Album:¬†

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