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One BERRY Happy Baby Gets Messy!

New parents, expect your babies to get messy when they learn to feed themselves. Messy is a necessary part of growth and development. Learn to take messy all in stride.

No Non-cents Nanna’s youngest grandchild is cute as a bug eating berries, don’t you know! (Wearing the berries,too!)

Six years later this No Non-cents Nanna and the baby in the image are still getting messy and having fun.

This one BERRY happy baby! Image copyright Malika Bourne 2011

Babies explore their world by putting everything in their mouths. It is a healthy and natural part of growth and development all babies/children need to enjoy…

…so, lighten up, folks. Just hose ’em off at the sink! All kids can be washed up with water a few wash clothes.

Sure it was messy!

But, let me tell you this babe, now 6 years old, makes healthy eating choices.  If you follow No Non-cents Nanna blogs or explore No Non-cents Nanna’s  Heart Felt Play Store this baby is the model known as Sophie-Do-It.


Author of this No Non-cents Nanna blog is also the founder/ owner of No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store. Most blog post have clickable links to the on-line store catalog for related play things. ( Shameless self promotional advertisments.)

Copyright image by Malika Bourne 2011 One BERRY Happy Baby!

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