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List of Things Kids Can Play Besides Video Games

What can kids play in the Summertime besides VIDEO GAMES? Help me make the long list.

Yes, there are plenty more things for kids to do besides sitting on their behinds playing video games this Summer.

Least we grown-ups forget or need someone else to validate that there is a wonderful life out there to enjoy, I thought I would ask my followers to contribute to a list.

  • I am going to post this on the social media I use asking for help to make this No Non-cents Nanna List.
  • When answers come in, I will post only the answers, no names, unless you direct me to your blog that contributes to great Summertime activities.
  • Let’s see what ideas are listed most often.
  • We can use all kinds of ideas for when the weather changes:
  1. When it is perfect outside
  2. When it is raining outsides
  3. When it is too hot outside
  4. Somethings that are FREE
  5. Somethings that are cheap
  6. Somethings you have to save up for.


From FACEBOOK Followers: Click HERE

  1. Swimming,
  2. biking,
  3. hiking,
  4. chores (lol)
  5. basketball,
  6. football
  7. skating,
  8. splash pad,
  9. kickball.
  10. read
  11. LARP
  12. Chores
  13. Read
  14. Paint Signs*

It looks like Facebook followers are ahead 14 to 0

*14. was inspired by a Colorado Springs Networking Friend: Sign Painting Party is so unique I just had to share -with permission from JenSAYtions READ MORE


Behind the Scenes Look at Moving and Setting up My Online Store

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to “get rich quick” with an online store?

Me too!

But I am enjoying every little step I took to re-open shop at my new url location. And I did it! My new online shop is now open for business.  If you chose to visit and buy today Here is a 10% discount CODE for you: NNN10%

I will share in this post with you a few details from the admin side of my  This is not a tutorial. READ MORE


A Dozen Ideas to Make A Tee-shirt into An Animal and More

Do you need a cheap dress-up costume for a school skit or a birthday party activity that the kids will remember and wear long after the gift wrapping paper is thrown away”

Watch this short video below for some inspiring ways to use basic TEE-shirts a pair of animal ears a tail or maybe a visor with a cute animal face.

To Explore Heart Felt Play Store Click HERE to begin discovery all the fun stuff for kids you can’t find just anywhere or all in one place. READ MORE