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Welcome to comes from the blogs and writings of Malika Bourne, the No Non-cents Nanna. Nanna provides practical tips and advice for family friendly lifestyle changes based on her own life experience as a mother, a grandmother, and over 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse (RN). is powered by The Edge of Eternity Networks.
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Going on a Dinosaur Hunt at Heart Felt Play Store

Kids love to learn with the dinosaur theme. Heart Felt Play Store is the place to go to order from a collection of dinosuar masks; dinosaur bone; dinostattoos, dinosaur stickers and more…when you want dinosaurs in smaller quantiites than a dozen or a gross.

Won’t you join us on a very short Dinosaur Hunt at Heart Felt Play Store?

Just for fun the No Non-cents Nanna explores the back yard with her compass and binoculars to make an amazing discovery hiding in the bushes. Enjoy the short video below.

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COOL BEANS for YOUR Thoughts on Stocking Stuffers

What will you fill your stockings with? Cyber Monday deal are already on No Non-cents Nanna’s mind for her Heart Felt PLAY Store. YOUR input is needed asap Mommies. -see post for info on earning COOL BEANS rewards

Christmas, Christmas time is near-er than you think! CHEAP Stocking stuffiers with an educational twist for kids is our niche at Heart Felt Play Store…

Heart Felt Play Store catalog is always a work in progress…Help us grow!

No Non-cents Nanna is currently seeking YOUR thoughts onstocking stuffers for kdis to earn your personal Bonus BEANS

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Farm Animal Visors for Little Kids Heads

Which farm animal visor will the kids choose to wear? Pig, Cow, Duck or Horse?

Heart Felt Play Store  presents the cartoon face animal visor. This foam visor will shade kids eyes of a small head  *during dramatic play on a “sunny farm day” to learn more about farm animals during interactive play. Final SELL OUT …going. going…almost gone.. but will take special ordes with pre-payment. Fit only small head 21inches READ MORE