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Before You Buy the Take Your Dog Anywhere Card Read this First

Amber service dog in training will train for another 18 to 24 months before she is a full service dog. At 8 months she is comforatable around her mans’ wheelchair as it is an extention of the disabled man she is training to assist.

When ever people see our Amber service-dog-in-training even strangers are quick to give us unsolictited advice. “You gotta get registered to get that card so you can take your dog any where. The card is even laminated!”

My son’s response is “Bullshit! There is no legal registration for service dogs. Have you read what the ADA website says about service dogs?”

This post will share my opinion about those on-line company’s selling service dog vests and those take your dog anywhere laminted cards.

If you chose to not read my story, please scroll to the bottom to where is read SKIP to HERE. READ MORE


You Got Snail Mail Kids from Heart Felt Play Store

You Got Snail Mai Kids is flash back to the past when kids got letters and cards from Grandma. Now parents can buyt the service that includes stickers or temporary tattoos from Heart Felt Play Store -see post for details

Flash Back to to Past when getting mail was still fun. Mom and Dad, do you remember when Grandma used to mail a birthday card or a letter addressed to you?

Keep reading about a new service from Heart Felt Play Store: You Got Snail Mail Kids!

This post is a near duplicate of catalog description on Heart Felt Play Store catalog page.

Kids need to experience the fun of opening mail addressed to them. Parents, wouldn’t you like to get mail that is not a bill? YOU GOT SNAIL MAIL is what you have been waiting for. READ MORE


Heart Felt Play Store Customers Will Get Just Rewards in BEANS

heart Felt Play Store foudner and owner No NOn-cents Nanna is DIFFERNT. She rewards you with BEANS! -see post for your jsus rewards details.

Heart Felt Play Store is DIFFERENT from the other on-line stores. Customer are treated like family and get rewarded with COOL BEANS by founder and owner Malika Bourne aka the No Non-cents Nanna!

Keep reading to learn a few of the No Non-cents Nanna Cool BEAN Rules and why Heart Felt Play Store is so different..

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