3 Little Felt Kittens, a Bowl of Milk and Mouse

Can you fill in the blank for the nursery rhyme 3 Little Kittens?  Three Little Kittens Lost Their _____and they began to cry. Leave the correct word in the comment section for a Black Friday Blowout Discount code to use on No Non-cents Nanna Shopify store. Felt 3 Little Kittens $4.00   There is something in […]

Gifts for Young Children: Keep It Simple Silly!

With the holiday gift buying season upon us there is a temptation to buy bigger and better than young children really need. Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna advises parents and grandparents to KISS! KEEP IT SIMPLE!   Sure, all parents have the natural fantasy to give our children more than we had when were […]